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We are off to Rhodes in the morning, Anna and I are freshly shaved. The bags are packed. We have no plans, but lots of condoms. The pregnancy test was negative, but Anna missed her period, will test again if she has not had her period on holiday. 

Here we are, too late for dinner but we were not hungry. A quick look to see who is around and messages,  we may have to settle for the sunshine, not that there is any, it's done nothing but rain since we arrived. 


Much better than the forecast,  so we went shopping for a few essentials and went for a swim. We got chatting with a woman by the pool and we got a message from 30 miles away, a man who wanted bareback,  don't think so.


A walk along the beach to the little tourist harbour and back to the hotel for breakfast. We went walking in town, and Anna picked a lovely summer dress.

There were a few contacts on the site, which Anna did not fancy. 


We took our walk, had breakfast and waited for the boat hire to open and motored around to the nudist bay. By the time we got there there was a good number spread out. We dropped anker and Anna stripped off as I put a bottle of white wine over the side on a string.

When I turned back Anna was standing at the front of the boat looking at the swimmers, a few were looking back. I stripped off as Anna started to talk to a couple treading water. I made sure the ladder was down and entered the water. 

I swam around the couple and found Anna sat on the edge of the boat with her legs open, showing everything she could without pulling her pussy open. Her hands were resting on the edge of the boat with her second and third fingers on both hands apart, she wanted this man. From what I had seen I was very happy to play with them.

"Are you swingers?" I asked.

"It's been known." The man answered. 

"That's Anna, I'm Tony."

Anna pushed off the boat and dropped into the sea, then resurfaced. 

"I'm Carol." The woman informed us, still treading water.

"Sam" the man said simply then added as Anna started to swim towards him. "Very impressive Anna."

"We have lunch when you are ready." Anna informed our new friends. 

"That sounds good." Carol replied. 

We swam around each other then climbed aboard. 

"We are not well organised." Anna announced handing our guests plates as I pulled the wine out of the sea.

"Not bad, nice and cold, you will have to share a mug." I told them.

"We are used to sharing." Sam informed us.

"Glad to hear that." Anna offered. "We love to share."

"We do." I confirmed. 

Carol felt Sam's cock and took some bread and olives. 

We shared our lunch and wine. 

We tidied up and Anna asked if she could try the sausage. "I will not bite, but would like to swallow."

Sam took hold of his stiff cock and opened his legs. Anna knelt and started to work.  

I moved beside Carol and cupped her breast. We watched Anna sucking cock. Carol started wanking me. I kissed her and she responded. 

Sam came and Anna swallowed, licking up everything she could. 

Carol pushed me away and started sucking my cock.

"That's my girl." Sam encouraged.

I sat there enjoying Carol. "Do you want Sam's cock in you Anna?" I asked for Sam's benefit.

"Can I fuck him?" Anna knew the answer.

Sam looked excited.

"Shall we get your gear and go back to our hotel?"

Carol made a positive noise and Sam asked if we could get the boat closer to the beach.

"When Carol gets her mouth full." I managed to say before I spurted.

"You got him off, Tony does not cum like that often." Anna congratulated Carol.

We took the boat closer, loaded their gear and started back towards the hotel. I pulled my shorts on as we cleared the bay. The others remained naked until we started back towards shore and our hotel.

In our room we stripped again and Anna took hold of Sam's cock dragging him towards the bed.

"Your turn to eat me." Anna instructed laying on the bed and opening her legs.

Sam enthusiastically followed his orders. I followed his example eating Carol, tasting her salty body. She came once and I threw a cascade of condoms over the bed and pulled one on. I pushed into Carol.

"Aaahhh, that is good." I informed everyone and the slippery warmth of her pussy engulfed my cock.

"Is that good Tony?" Anna asked.


"Give me a rubber." Sam demanded.

Soon Sam was fucking Anna along side us. They were both competing to demonstrate their enjoyment.

I did not hold off long enough and filled the condom. I pulled out and finger fucked Carol to her own fulfillment, then pulled another condom on and fucked her again holding off long enough for her to cum.

Sam pulled out soft and Anna kissed Carol and they locked in 69.

"You have a good fucker there." Sam told me what I already knew, not that I would put it that way.

"So you are coming back?" I asked.

"We are meeting another couple tomorrow."

"We could ask them if we could make it a party? Ken is bi." Carol commented, getting her phone out and sending a text.

Soon we were logged on with cameras open. Ken was naked on camera, but so were we.

'Are you Bi?' He typed.

'We both are.' Anna answered.

'Good see you at ten.'

'What about your wife?'

'She will fuck who I tell her. Tony and Sam will get their cocks in her.' 

"That's not as bad as it sounds." Carol explained.

"Really?" Anna asked.

"She only goes with men, I have spoken to her. She says no when she wants to." Carol informed Anna.

"Are we meeting at your place or theirs?" I asked.

"Our place." 

We closed the site and fucked our own wives, who turned on each other as Sam and I watched before they left.


We took a walk, had breakfast and went back to our room to shower and shave.

We walked the three blocks to Carol's hotel. We were just thinking the new couple were not going to turn up when they did.

I would like to say everyone had a great time, but our enjoyment was limited. 

Ken had cum and was moving from Anna to Carol as I entered his wife,  Betty. By the time his wife had cum and I filled my condom He had finished with Carol. Sam took my position between Betty's legs. 

I started to fuck Anna, partly to keep Ken from her and partly to give Sam time to fuck Betty.

Anna took her turn with Carol and Ken took hold of my cock, which was as far as bi ment for him. Sam continued to fuck Betty.

"They have tight cunts." Ken informed me.

Only because of the way you went at them I thought, but did not say.

Anna returned to me and I asked her. "Shall we get out of here?"

"Yes please."

"Sorry to have to rush away." I informed everyone. 

"Are you OK?" I asked Anna.

"Betty was lovely, Ken was a bit thoughtless."

"I noticed."

"Would you like a swim?"

"Yes I would."


We had a quiet day, walking and swimming. 

After yesterday's disappointments we never felt like playing with others.


We met Sam and Carol for some fun without the others.


We had to go home so we walked, hung around the hotel and waited for the bus.

Anna has still not had her period. 

Written by Tony

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