Written by cuteitalian

15 Jun 2013

My name is Francesco, i'm 34 and I'm from Italy.

I've always been told to be a good looking guy, 5,9ft tall, 76 kg, athletic and in to sports, very health and quite happy with my life.

Last summer , due the economy slowing down i had few weeks of holiday form my job so i thought was time to do something i always dreamed of.

I like sailing and enjoy naturism, so why not to find some friends to share the same passion in a holiday of nudism and sea?

Trough a dedicated website and forum i contacted a naturist couple , William and Lauren who owns a sailing boat, they seemed to be very happy to have an extra hand onboard to help hem with the moorings and all the navigation duties, and as Lauren said she was more than happy to have a new crew member to help her out.

I flew to Greece and we met in an island, where they usually keep their yacht in the winter months.

They were very welcoming to me, and since the first smile i felt very comfortable, like if we were long time friends.

Immediately I was given a cabin in the front part of the boat and just the time to put my bag in the locker they called me on deck, we were going to sail.

All was very fast and quick and once we were out at sea i realized that i was with two strangers in the middle of the sea, for one moment i worried but as soon as looked a them i felt reassured and relaxed, i felt they were very nice people to be with and i was happy to be there.

William was 55 Years old, almost retired. Blondish hair and tanned skin, athletic and fit for his age, an inch taller than me and very relaxed.

Lauren was 53, very blonde hair, 5,5 ft tall and very nice looking figure. an incredible smile, with a beautiful mouth and lips, her eyes blue and clear and from under her t shirt, i could seer a remarkable sized breast..

I thought that she was very attractive and very sexy.

We sailed few hours until we reached a nice little bay, then we dropped the anchor and tied with a rope to a tree on the shore.

The water was so transparent that i could see the fishes coming under the boat and the shells laying in the bottom of the sea, i was captured by this vision as i heard two splashes behind me, they already jumped in the water!

I knew they swim with no clothes on, so i also took mines off and jumped too.

That was a good way to break the ice and see each other naked.

Everything was perfect, the temperature of the sea, the place, the colors of the nature, and also my new friends were so nice!

I swam a bit longer than them and then i came back on the boat, Lauren was below deck to prepare some lunch and William was still drying himself on deck.

At a glance i noticed that , as i thought, he had no tan lines on his body and i imagined that his wife would be the same…My eyes fell lower on his intimate parts, he was shaved down there…and his cock and balls were very big and thick, bigger than me!

I imagined how that would look like when excited but i didn't want to show him that i was curious about his manhood so i moved away.

We had some delicious Greek salad for lunch and then i went down for a restoring siesta, while Lauren went on deck to get some sun and Will laid on the cockpit shade reading a book.

One hour or so later i woke up, i was having some strange dreams in my bunk and i washed my face couple of times , then i walked out of my cabin .

As i stepped out i stopped.

Will was standing on the third step of the ladder, looking forward on deck, with his elbows on the companionway hatch.

I could see the part of his body from his feet until his abdomen and knowing he could not see me, i slowly walked forward to see from closer what catched my attention earlyer that day.

His cock was not erected, but was no softer either…he was not cut but his head was showing almost completely..it was much bigger and nicely shaped than i thought it was and seemed that was about to became fully erected…

Maybe he was getting excited while looking at his wife on deck?

My curiosity led me closer, now i was standing few inches from his mature big cock, i was nervous and tempted, my heart beating was making a deep sound and something inside was pushing me like if there was a magnet on his cock and another one in my mouth.

I started biting my lips, and opened my mouth two or three times and almost did it, but i didn't dare to close my lips around his head.

I think he felt the heat of my breath around his cock as it grew more and started pointing forward…straight

I didn't know what to do, I was completely excited now and in a state of total confusion..

One moment i was asking myself what to do and the following moment i realized that my mouth was open and filled with a hard big cock.

It was a strange feeling, i don't know how to describe it but i know i was very much excited.

At first i felt his cock almost jump out of my mouth but in a moment was back and firm, he didn't expect that but he was very fast to realize what was going on..

I kept sucking and sometimes touch and admire at his big mature cock, looked like it was coming out of a comics book, so perfectly shaped and sized.

The movements became slowly quicker and more intense, i slowed down a bit couple of times but as i felt the excitement growing more and more, his cock was getting harder at every blow and started pulsating in my mouth…before i realized it he was having an orgasm and i felt his cum exploding in my mouth ,with long shots..i kept sucking as i also came with him..

It was a very freeing feeling of pleasure but i was a bit shocked about what happened.

Moments after i went to clean myself and went back on deck, he was swimming and i also went in the sea….

None of us mentioned what happened that afternoon and it seemed natural that way.

I was somehow ashamed of my action and thought that for him it could had been the same.

The last two days i had been thinking about that experience and everytime i was getting horny by thinking at it, so after lunch i decided to sit in the Cockpit with him under the shade and read my book

Will was reading a magazine and i was reading my book, covered by my sunglasses my eyes were curious to get a vision of his big cock again, but was completely behind his magazine and i couldn't see anything.

Lauren was lying on deck in the front of the boat, getting her body a nice tan while listening her ipod, and i could hear sometimes her voice singing nicely and sweetly.

After half hour or so Will lifted the magazine and kept reading, now hiding completely his face from my view but uncovering his great cock in a full erection.

This time it looked even bigger and thicker,I was shocked, I didn't know i could be attracted in that way by a man's sex but i was hypnotized by this vision of his powerful erection.

He lowered the magazine just to uncover his eyes, and with a glance he indicated in direction of his cock, he was openly inviting me to repeat the experience..

Hexitant for a moment i looked forward to see what Lauren was doing, but she seemed to sleep, Will face was again hidden by the magazine and his gorgeous cock was pointing hard in my direction.

I laid on my knees and start masturbating him , slowly, and this time i sucked his cock more slowly and more intensely. I thought that i would choke when i pushed his cock too deep in my mouth and my throat, but i kept trying to eat more than i could with his great pleasure.

This time i felt in time that he was about to come, so i start stroking his cock and sucking his big balls and shaft until i felt his hot cum flow on to my cheeks and lips and his hand pushing gently my head and caressing it..until his cock started to soften..

As the last time i also came at the same time he did, to me was all so new but so exciting..

The confusion was startin to clear out, now it was clear that this kind of game was a real turn on for both Will and me but Ii was not sure what would had happened if Lauren realized that his husband was playing with their crew member…