Written by cuteitalian

25 Aug 2013

This holiday was going in an unexpected direction, but still I was very curious about what would happen next.

I was prepared to swim and walk naked in company of other people, this is something i did before on naturist beaches, but I was not familiar with this kind of situation.

I was very intrigued by the recent exciting discovery and at the same time I started to feel uncomfortable with Lauren, as I thought that was not fair what happened behind her back.

I was sitting on the pulpit of the boat, looking at the anchor chain going down, deep in to the crystal clear water, while drawing on the sandy bottom strange geometries….I was wondering about the events of the last days and did not hear her stepping on deck.

Suddenly I felt her warm, round and big breasts pressing on my back and her sweet perfume pervaded my senses, she placed her face side to mine , looking in the same direction.

I could feel her happy smile and friendly energy : " What are you doing all alone here? Have you found a hidden treasure down there and you want to keep the secret all for you?"

Was she joking about the fact that i spent the last hour looking at the bottom of the sea or maybe she knew about my recent discovery...with her husband??

" The water is so clear, i think that i even if i wanted to, i could not keep it secret for long " i promptly answered with a smile

" I would not keep it secret either, a big treasure has a real value only if shared…and i would be very happy to share it with a good friend "

She blinked at me and said " And I'm quite sure that you would be happy if I shared it!”

She gave me a little kiss on the side of my lips and then jumped in the water.

She was very fascinating woman, sensual and sweet at the same time. Her body was athletic and firm, she was really an incredibly sexy woman

My cock reacted immediately to her kiss, so i also jumped into the sea and followed her around the side of the boat.

We were laughing and playing, she was now openly easing me, inviting me to get closer to kiss her and then suddenly she would dive before i could reach her.

Then she would do it again, and so on...we played like two teenagers for a while until finally i reached her and blocked her at the boat steps before she could climb back onboard.

We kissed each other , before with curiosity and then with passion, everything was so natural.

Soon i started kissing her neck and tried to reach her breasts but i could not kiss them underwater, so she climbed on a step and offered me her mature breasts.

They were quite big and round, the nipples were round too and light brown color, they reacted quickly to my kisses and soft bites with her good pleasure.

Then she climbed two steps more and sat on the swimming platform.

I feared that she wanted to stop, but on the contrary she spread her legs wide open and started exhibiting her pussy while looking at my eyes with a firm glance.

She did not changed her expression, she was firmly looking at me and then at her pussy.

I remembered that William acted exactly in the same way the day before, so it was open clear : she wanted me to kiss her pussy well and please her.

I did not wait, I sticked my tongue on top of her shaved pussy and I felt immediately the contrast between the salt water on her lips and the sweet juices that she was already starting to drip.

I licked her slowly at first, her clit was erected and very sensitive as the tongue hit him repeatedly and constantly.

I inserted a finger into her pussy while with my mouth i was sucking her clitoris , and started pleasing her, finding her more sensitive spots, going slowly deeper with my fingers, that now were two, at every moan.

She asked me for a kiss so to taste her own juices, then satisfied, she looked in my eyes and pulled my head back down on her pussy, moaning and exhaling deeply from the pleasure.

I thought that she wanted another kiss after few moments, when she lifted again my head with her hand, but what i encountered in front of me this time were not her lips.

What I found few inches from my face was William's cock, fully erected and pointing in my direction.

They were kissing and she was masturbating him with her left hand while with her right hand she caressed my face, then she tried to fit his big head in her mouth and sucked it three or four times.

His cock was very thick and his balls were very big and nicely shaped, I was feeling very horny by looking at she playing with him.

She kept masturbating and alternatively sucking until she wanted to suck mine too.

I jumped on the swim platform and stand up, she was sitting between me and her husband and started immediately sucking both of us, caressing our cocks and balls and slowly sucking us, until she rubbed our heads together, licking with her tongue both of our cocks.

Then she told me to sit near her, which I did, and with no hesitation she sat on top of me, spreading her legs wide open and offering me a beautiful vision of her breasts and pussy, She started kissing me with passion while slowly sitting on my cock which slided into her soft and wet pussy.

She started moaning with pleasure while slowly moving quicker and deeper on top of me, then closed her eyes and hold tight on me, her arms around my neck.

I closed my eyes for few seconds, trying to gain some control on my excitement and when I opened them again the only thing I could see was this big mushroom shaped head of his cock in front of me, dripping some light transparent pre-cum..

I instinctively opened my mouth and used all my tongue, like a spoon , under the head with his great pleasure; then after licking all around I wrapped my lips on his head and started sucking his steel hard cock and head.

Lauren was moving faster on top of me and she began kissing my neck, then her lips came closer to mines and started using her tongue on my lips and his cock.

She wanted to share her “treasure” with me and we both started sucking avidly, we joined our mouths and he started to move his cock in between our dripping lips, he was fucking our mouths.

Lauren pussy was contracting faster and more intensely until she did not control anymore her sucking and screamed in a very intense orgasm on top of me..after few moments she came down on me and used her mouth on my cock while I was doing the same with William..

It didn't last long until I felt he was about to cum and I did not stop, I rather kept moving my head faster and deeper until I felt his cock sliding out of my mouth.

As I wondered why he did stop, I felt and saw the first of a series of long shots of hot cum exploding over my lips and mouth...while I came at the very same time into her mouth.

I was almost trembling and shaking for the pleasure and excitement and Lauren told me “ You are the friend we want to share the treasure with”

Some moments later we slowly came back to “reality” and we all swam in to the clear fresh water.

A very nice bond was starting to create, we were all happy and looking forward to what would happen next...