Written by Stan112

21 Feb 2009

Tommy had had Tessa on the boil for a while now. He had been fucking her on and off for two years. Loosely mates, but primarily a fuck.

He called me this week and told me he was bringing Tessa up for a spit-roast.

I'd never seen her, so he gave me a brief outline; 48, brunette, hairy gash. Gushes, a lot. Tommy asked her about her gushing, she shrugged and said put down plenty of towels.

When Tommy and Tessa arrived, she was clearly merry.

Brandie makes her naughty, Tommy had told me.

I fixed drinks and we chatted. Tommy invited Tessa to dance and they got up.

I should say now, that I have hit upon an excellent mash-up. Play your tunes through Winamp but in the background have media player playing porn. Work with the levels so the music is just at the fore. You should now get just the identifiable, exclamations, mixed, mostly seamlessly, with whatever music you've got for your session.

So Tommy and Tessa are slowly grinding, I take my cue and dance up behind Tessa.

Tommy is kissing her and I hold her hips and grind against her arse.

A pre-orgasmic scream grabs our attention through the flow of the music. Collectively dismissed as part of the music.

I smile to myself and begin caressing her arse. Tommy seems to be working her very large tits while still dancing. I slid my hand under her short skirt – a thong on an ample and welcoming arse and, to my pleasure, hold-ups.

Tommy is inside her blouse and at her bra. I go up the inside and unclip it from behind. We're working well as a team.

Tessa is continuing to move to the music, the almost subliminal porno under beat lending itself so well to the mood.

Tessa’s very large tits are now out and her bra and blouse soon discarded. I kiss her neck and roam my hands all over her appreciative arse. Tommy moves Tessa to the large sofa. He sits her down in the centre and joins her on her left. I sit to her right.

She's lightly tanned and a reasonable size 14. With at least E cup tits. Which I begin to suck on while Tommy sucks the other. Tessa is already starting to writhe and growls softly. Both my and Tommy's hand lift her skirt and stroke and teas between her open legs. Her thong offers scant barrier. We lift Tessa’s arse and pull the thong off. The synchronisation is working well, as we all came to the conclusion together and it happened seamlessly.

Our hands went straight back to her hairy pussy. I kissed her and gently massaged her tits, teasing on her fat, brown nipples, moving my other hand to allow Tommy to work fully on her wet fanny.

Tessa urged us both to get our cocks out for her. We happily obliged.

It was the first time I had seen Tommy's prick. He looked fairly hard, was thick and about 7 inches. And black. It was different to in porno. Good different. Happily again, it wasn't a monster and I didn't feel especially inadequate.

I had a semi on, which went straight into Tessa's mouth, where it hardened to perfection. Tommy meanwhile had moved his mouth down to her pussy.

Tessa was giving me generous, tongue-swirling head, while stroking my balls with the palm of her hand. Moaning through her slurps. Her orgasm was fast approaching though. Another porn scream punctuates the music and it seems to spur us all on.

I pulled away from her mouth and got a big towel. Manoeuvred everyone to make sure it was under Tessa. I went straight back to her mouth. Tommy returned to Tessa's clit, he was finger-fucking her while he tongued her up.

She took my cock out of her mouth and screamed. I looked down and she jetted out a double spasm of cum. Onto Tommy but mostly on to the towel.

Tommy growled, a high sexual growl, got straight up and buried his cock into her. She giggled, a little surprised at the directness. Tommy kissed her, his face freshly covered in her cum. She lapped it up.

I sat back and massaged my cock for a bit watching them fuck. Tommy withdrew and got Tessa onto all fours and I began pumping Tessa's face again while Tommy ploughed his fat black cock into her welcoming hairy pink pussy.

I'm now face-fucking Tessa and she is moaning through the fucking and the salacious dirtiness of it all with the sexy sound track and porno sound affects adding to our own lewd and lascivious play.

Tessa now cums, over and over. Sometimes she pulls off Tommy and drops me from her mouth as the orgasm rips through her. Others, she just tremors violently as I hold her head and pump my cock between the lips of this delightfully slutty woman.

Tommy tightens his body, primevaly grunts, pulls his happy face and collapses against her back. I continue, but slow, pumping Tessa's mouth. Tommy sits in recovery.

I turn Tessa around to start fucking her myself. Tommy comments on sloppy seconds. Brazenly I tell him I love sloppy seconds. Tessa agrees and says so does she.

Her thatch is a sodden mass. Must say I prefer a shaven haven, but.. The porn grooves are a slow mellow groove and I match it in my strokes. Her pussy is slack, unsurprisingly after having a thick Nubian cock in it. My cock mixes, wonderfully, with their juices in her love tunnel. I concentrate on aiming my strokes toward the front of her cunt, going for precision rather than depth. It soon pays dividends as the umpteenth splattering of Tessa's hot viscous fluid splashes against my nuts-in torseau and is echoed by a similar scream from the pornogram.

It's all too much for me and I ram my cock hard into Tessa, proclaiming what a dirty, dirty slut she was. "Om-nom-nom" was her answer. "Go on girl!" Tommy told her.

Spent, I lay her on her for a while, just to the point where it became personal, and got off.

Tommy was definitely enjoying Tessa's attention and was laying back, eyes closed. I looked at Tessa's gaping red gash. Some of my recently deposited cum was dribbling lazily from her. Although more likely a hedonistic mix of all three of ours.

I rested for a while and watched them. Went to fix some drinks. When I came back they were in a 69, Tessa screaming to Tommy’s obviously expert tonguing. Tommy's cock moving around trying to pump back into Tessa's mouth. He gets up, and quite proper, full-on, porno style, kneels up and starts fucking her face. She even looks across at me as she starts to go to town on Tommy's cock.

I love to look into a woman's eyes when she has a cock in her mouth, usually mine, but this was differently delicious. She beckons me over and I curl around her so she can get at my cock with her hands. I slide my hand onto her thigh. She opens her legs, directing my attentions there. Lazily I stroke her puffed lips. A trickle of our cream seeps from them and moistens my strokes.

Continuing our porno odyssey, Tommy pulls out of Tessa's mouth, wanks and spurts two healthy blobs of jizz onto Tessa's face, some hitting her mouth, but it didn't look like it was a deliberate target. For posterity I picked up my phone.

I asked Tessa to smile and hold Tommy's cock. Click. I then picked up Tommy's I-phone and did the same.

I wish I'd had a Viagra. Well we all played for at least another two hours. Tommy and I alternately and together fucking, sucking and being sucked by the apparently insatiable Tessa. I came all over her face and tits. I say all over, there was a bit on both. But somehow having a money shot seemed more fitting. More photos, he's a good fella is Tommy. Colours were better in the other one. We even at one stage did the totally clichéd, incredibly crass and juvenile High-5 as we spit-roast Tessa.

If you listen to Welcome to the Jungle, about 1:40 in there is some porn groove. Imagine a whole evening of that. It was a marvellous accompaniment to a totally hot night.

As we lay in the afterglow, it lasted a mere moment and normality descended. Tessa slowly gathered her clothes around her. Her holdups had stayed on surprisingly well, and nylon clad legs had certainly enhanced the sensual pleasure and thankfully there was no stubble poking through. Ooh, could you imagine.

The bubble popped. Tessa asked for a glass of water and asked Tommy if they could make a move as she had to get home. I got Tessa her water and asked her (childishly) if she'd had a good time. She nodded and smiled a little shyly, in a contrasting but totally understandable way. It had been quite intimate, however I make it sound.

Tommy and I agreed to catch up later and as she left, Tessa bid me goodbye with "..must do it again sometime" and a smile. "Would you..?" "I asked.

"Yeah, I think I would." She closed the car door and Tommy waved goodbye.

We all knew that we would never ever meet again.