Written by Erasmus

16 Feb 2010

I was in two minds about it really - I mean, who wants to meet people they went to school with anyway ? That was quite a long time ago, and let's face it, we were just kids. I decided that I didn't really fancy a 'School Reunion' much and gracefully declined the offer on the website. Maybe I would read about it at some later date.

I thought nothing more of it until I received an email a few day later from someone who had said they were going and why wasn't I ? I recognised the name, it was someone who had been in my class. I explained that work was busy, lots of travel, and generally made an excuse not to go. He repled the same morning and said that as I had told the group where I was working, we could meet for a coffee one lunchtime. Hell, why not, he used to be a bit of a laugh and it wouldn't hurt for half an hour or so, so we duly arranged to meet at a cafe in town.

Simon was already there when I got there, and was sitting next to a stunning blonde woman who looked strangely familiar.

"Hi" he said - you haven't changed much.

"Neither have you" I replied.

"You probably remember Linzi too ?" he asked.

Then the penny dropped - my God ! She had really changed (for the better). This was the girl that was really smart, but a bit of a loner in school - surely this wasn't the same person ? Simon asked what I wanted and went to go and get me an espresso, whilst Linzi smiled demurely and said "I wondered what you'd look like when Simon said you were meeting, I hope you don't mind me tagging along ?"

Mind ? Geez, I couldn't take my eyes off her .... she was dressed in fairly smart 'office' type clothing, white blouse, dark skirt, tights or stockings and patent leather heels - not outrageously high, but acceptable in the office. Yet.... somehow it looked sexy as hell on her.

She said something and I realised I had been staring !

"I'm sorry, what was that ?" I asked.

"Are you OK, you've gone quiet ?"

"Erm, no, erm yes, yes I'm fine, I was just reminiscing" (lying badly and feeling myself blushing slightly too)

Simon returned with my coffee and sat back down next to her on the two-seater.

I sat the other side of the table and stirred sugar into my coffee whilst trying to understand how the ugly duckling we used to call 'Loopy-Linz' had turned into a swan.

We chatted about some of the stuff we did at school, and the teachers we remembered and were just generally talking about the good old days, when I realised someone had brushed against my leg, twice. I didn't pay any attention to it until it happenend a third and fourth time, and realised it was Linzi. I got an electric tingle from it but thought it was just innocent, and so just enjoyed the moment to myself. When it happened again, and this time more obviously NOT an accident, I started to get tingles of excitement.

I turned the conversation to how they came to be in the coffee bar and Simon explained that they had been 'quite close friends' for about a year. Wow - he was really punching above his weight for sure ! And yet..... all the time we were sat talking, she continued to move her legs against mine under the table - I was loving it.

"Anyone want another ?" Simon asked and we both replied yes and before I could offer to pay, he jumped up and went to get them. I was tempted to say something, but for some reason just didn't want to - maybe it was the fear that she would stop if I mentioned it, so I said nothing. What I hadn't counted on was her leaning forward and saying

"You were enjoying that weren't you ?"

What could I say ?

"We-ell, yes, I was" I stammered.

She just kaughed and said "You really haven't changed that much have you ?"

"What do you mean ?"

"You were quite shy at school, I remember"

I didn't even know she had taken any notice in me, but then I never really paid any attention to her at the time, so I just never realised.

Whilst I was thinking about what she had just said, I felt her foot on the inside of my knee. I looked at her and she was just smiling slyly at me.

"Erm... what about Simon, won't he be upset ?"

"He can't see, so what matter ?"

I wasn't really in a position to argue as by now, she had moved her foot up the inside of my thigh and I was most definately getting turned on by this.

"Here, same as before OK ?" said Simon over my shoulder, and passing me another espresso.

I nearly jumped out of my skin - I hadn't seen him return.

"Thanks" I managed to say feeling guilty as hell and knowing I had a red face.

He went to fetch his and Linzi's coffee and sat back down next to her.

We continued the small talk for a little longer and I felt her wandering foot again, edging closer to my groin this time. My god, I was so turned on and felt so guilty at the same time I was torn about what to do next.

"She's a little cow isn't she ?" Simon asked

"What ?" I had no idea what he was talking about and thought I'd missed something.

"She's doing that thing with her foot again isn't she ?"

Oh shit, he knew, now what ?

"She does that all the time when she's feeling flirty, and she gets me worked up too"

All I could think to say was "Oh..."

"Don't worry mate, she all the time, you don't have to do anything about it if you don't want to"

"I'm sorry, what do you mean ?" I asked him.

"If it's making you uncomfortable, she'll stop it" he explained.

"Actually, it's quite nice, but I really shouldn't be letting this happen should I ?"

I looked at her and she was still wearing the sly smile.

"Why not - if you like it, enjoy it mate" he said.

And, with that, she slid her foot up to my crotch and slowly but gently applied pressure to my ever hardening cock.

"We only live around the corner, so if you feel more comfortable carrying this on at our place, we could nip home for a bit if you like"

"You mean.... this ?" I said, looking at the foot massaging me.

"Yeah sure, it's a bit risky in here anyway" he replied casually.

I thought about what I was supposed to be doing back at work that afternoon - not a lot, I could always be a little bit late, and I was more than a bit curious to know more about this strange relationship quirk they had, besides, I was really enjoying it too !

To be continued .........