Written by Theoto

11 Jan 2014

Another Christmas passed with same old boring presents: clothes, “funny” tea mug and an itune vouchers. As I sat down with my girlfriend watching some seasonal movie my phone went off with the name “James” appearing on my phone screen. As I checked my phone secretly the text read, “I have your XXX-mas present when you have time”. “James” was the name I used for aunty Janet’s number. Finally some excitement

I feel so fat!

I ate so much this holiday!

Look I am starting to get love handles…

Think I will go to the gym for a quick session…

With that excuse I made a quick exit and headed my way to aunty Janet. As I texted her saying I am on my way, she replied with set instructions:

- door is unlocked

- get in and lock the door

- come to your office.. your secretary is waiting for you.

As I arrived near her place I parked my car few roads away and made my way into her house. Locked the door behind me. Slowly made my way to my “office”. There I was greeted by my secretary Janet dressed in a white shirt with top 3 buttons undone, slim short pencil skirt, her hair tied back, black heels and a black glasses. As turned on as I was I started to undress myself.. but she demanded me to sit on the bed and wait for my present first. She turned and bend to get my present from the bottom self of her bedside drawer. As she slowly leaned to get my present, she flashed me her completely soaked through pantyhose. I guess she has been expecting me. She handed me a box wrapped in red Christmas wrapping with white snowflakes. “Merry fucking Christmas” she whispered as she licked my left ear. I unwrapped my present to reveal a black box with LELO written on top….. It was a vibrating cock ring. Fucking ace!

She slowly unzipped my trouser and took my already hard dick out. Then she slowly slipped the ring down my shaft feeling every inch of my cock with her hand. “How feel” she asked. For me the ring was bit tight. I could feel every pulse and my veins were starting to bulge out. However I had never seen my dick so hard and thick before. Keen to feel her pussy wrapped around my dick I told her it felt GOOD. Licking her lips she told me “I always had a fantasy to choke on a big, hard dick”. Before I could reply she had her warm and wet mouth wrapped around my pulsing hard dick. She went down hard and fast gagging and chocking herself.

Strangely the gagging sound for me was a BIG BIG turn on. Watching her slurp up the mixture of my cum and her spit of my hard dick got me even hotter and wetter by the second. The second she started to touch her pussy through the material of her pantyhose, I picked her up from the floor and pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her pantyhose down. “Taste me” she demanded laying on her back on the bed playing with her wet pussy. “lick my pantyhose and show me how much you want it”. Being a good boy I picked her soaking wet pantyhose. With my eyes on her I licked her soaking pantyhose.. slowly and suggestively. “come give me my Christmas present” she asked. Turning the vibration on I slowly pushed my pulsing hard dick in her soaking wet pussy allowing her to feel every inch of my hard dick as I stretched her pussy. With her eyes closed, hands clenched, she started to moan at every inch. Watching her bit her lips to stop from screaming urged me even more to make her. As I slowly pushed all of dick in, the vibration part of the ring touched her swallow clit. As the vibration went through her clit, her attempt to be quiet didn’t last long. “Oh god’ “Yes’ “Just like that” “what you doing to me” were the only words I heard for a while as I pushed my dick in and out while pressing the cock ring against her clit. Not long after I could feel her cum dripping all over my dick completely soaking it. So much so that the ring kept moving out of place. Annoyance leads me to take the ring off. With the ring off I went balls deep in her pussy harder and faster. As the sex intensified I filled her mature pussy with hot, young load. As she laid there with her legs open I cleaned my mess with my tongue as she wanted. I got dressed and left.

As I got back to my girlfriend she kissed me saying she missed me…. if only she knew where my mouth and tongues been.