Written by ArlingtonOne

25 Mar 2013

Angela and George married for about 15 years…both in their late 30’s. George majority of time in field travel…representing a Natural Gas supplier on The Continent. Angela comes from an Italian emigrated family to The UK back in the late 70’s…her Dad was a Radiology specialist from Bologna…clearly delivering education and money to our shores.

Angela also delivers…!! An Italian lovely…with ass and tits to properly represent her nationality, she works with a surrogate sex counseling firm. Bet you didn’t know such a service exists here…? Under guide of social medical and behavioral psychology rules, Angela provides counseling via 3-way engagements…assisting both spouses to appreciate and fulfill themselves sexually. While Angela guides and counsels her respective clients, we’ve come to learn she’s an integral partner in the actual fuck ‘counseling!’ One begs the question…who’s satisfying whom…!

George is NOT aware of Angela’s ‘employment.’ Why do I know? Simple, one of my colleagues, Arthur, represents the firm Angela is employed by. And, to my obvious interest Arthur recently used Angela’s services…without spouse…! Of course, SH members may find this all humorous… Sanctioned by our UK medical practices, one can contract and engage a fuck partner totally within medical rules and regulations! Arthur recently shared his ‘excitement’…looking to bring wife and potentially some colleagues into the ‘therapy sessions.’ Arthur explained what happened to shed light on Angela’s work.

Arthur’s client is the therapy clinic’s proprietor. One afternoon at the practice, he was invited to witness a “session”…Angela with an older couple having some mid-life crisis issues. Angela was quite the tutor…showing how the hubby should address his wife’s needs…servicing the lady orally and with use of dildo’s…manual and strap-on. It clearly appeared client’s wife was less than enthusiastic, however the husband granted full permission to “train” his lady as Angela demonstrated “best practices.” Arthur said he couldn’t contain himself…looked at the clinic owner…wanted to join the session right there! Of course, he couldn’t…this was a private session. However, the clinic set an appointment for Arthur to be with Angela later in the week. It was scheduled as a ‘non-billable’ advocate session… For the rest of us it was simply a ‘freebie!’ After all, Arthur is the clinic’s legal counsel.

The appointment was scheduled to coincide with Angela’s allocated time…she assures her schedules are in synch with husband George’s lengthy absences. Arthur went back for a late afternoon visit on a Thursday. Martin, the clinic head, positioned the counseling session as a preliminary to both husband and wife’s involvement. Of course, Martin was unaware both Angela and Arthur are distantly familiar with each other.

Arthur shared his late afternoon ‘therapy session’ was totally fulfilling. Once Angela did her diligence over the “issues” Arthur might be experiencing with his relationship at home, Angela proceeded to ‘demonstrate’ some of the procedures Arthur should relate. Of course, Angela suggested that if Arthur agreed to schedule several future sessions, his wife Bea should also be in attendance. Arthur agreed…he agreed to anything Angela suggested…!!! Arthur had a therapy session lasting nearly 90 minutes…with almost every conceivable sexl act in the norm range… Angela sucked Arthur’s cock…they eventually 69’d…however Angela modified positions so she could properly instruct Arthur on how best to go down on a woman…how best to satisfy his wife.

Angela subsequently instructed Arthur to missionary position…she guided his cock into her cunny…and while Arthur labored to prolong his fuck action…he spunked Angela within minutes. Angela wasn’t disappointed…she explained most men in early sessions reacted similarly. AND, in fact, premature ejaculation is one of the clinic’s major agenda challenges. She allowed Arthur to play with her vagina…taste his sperm mingled with her fluids. .she even suggested the possibility for anal sex as a suitable stimulant. Knowing Arthur and his wife well, that last ‘agenda item’ must have freaked him out…! Very business-like at end of session, Angela did NOT permit Arthur to kiss her… However, she strongly recommended he have his wife accompany him sooner…than later. Arthur admitted…a remark Angela made…Bea needed the full therapy sessions…and smirked!! My knowing Bea personally as a friend…nothing more…Angela was quite correct. Bea is one very stuffy and proper lady who needs to be loosened…in more ways than one…

Arthur’s challenge right now…why I’m involved…how to get his wife into the next session. Not to trivialize my colleague’s situation, I’m as well thinking how to schedule a ‘session’ for my wife and me!!