Written by Tracy

3 Feb 2012

Hi there my name is Tracy and have been married to John for 20 years.we have a normal relationship that is fun but lacks spice.Anyway one night we had a massive row and i stormed out and went to a bar in the town center.As i downed my second large wine i noticed this young man looking at me from across the bar.He must of been early 20s if that and wqas quite a good looking lad.i nodded to him and smiled then waved him over.he came over in a flash and introduced himself as Paul.we started chatting and seemed to have a lot in common and the chat was getting very flirty and suggestive.Bare in mind i was at least 20 yrs older than him i was flattered he was interested in me.

So he suggested we go for something to eat as we were getting on so well so i agreed and said yes.As we went towards the resturant we had agreed on he put his arm around me and pulled me in quite close.It felt good having his arm around me and even better when he lowered it on to my arse and started feeling it.I could feel my pussy getting a little stirred up so i returned the compliment by grabbing his arse and giving it a sqeeze.I was beginning to think fuck the dinner i just want his cock in me.Just as we appoached the resturant he turned and kissed me on the mouth which i responded by sticking my tongue down his throat and pulling him in real tight.we were really going for it now with hands all over the place so i stopped and told him to take me into a nearby alley and fuck me,the look on his face was a picture.He took my hand and lead me into the alley and within seconds we were at it again like teenagers.

I could feel his cock was quite a size and couldnt wait to get it out and suck it so i got down on my knees and undid his trousers and fuck me it was huge!! at least 7 inches but as thick as a babies arm,it was going to spread my pussy wide.I started sucking his helmet and tasted his pre cum which tasted good.i could only get a couple of inches in as it was so thick so i started sucking his balls which by his groans was very enjoyable for him.He then pulled me up and turned me around and lifted my skirt to show off my bridget jones.He grabbed hold of them and pulled them down to my knees,then inserted two fingers into my very wet pussie.i couldnt help but groan as he started finger fucking me whilst rubbing my clit with his thumb.i came with a loud groan then ordered him to get his cock in me.i bent over this wheely bin in front of me and waited for his cock.he slowly edged the head into me then put his hands around my waiste and with one big thrust rammed the rest in me.It felt like i was split in 2 but at the same time felt so good that i started pushing back at him.He was fucking me deep every thrust and fast with it so it didnt take long for me to come again.i hadnt had an orgasm in sex for years so i was lapping this up.he must of been fucking for ages and i could feel myself cuming again and again,i couldnt believe someone so young could hold on for so long.As he was fucking me he started slapping my arse and grunting,then stiffened up and shot his load deep inside me.My legs were very shaky as he pulled out so i had to keep hold of the wheely bin as i pulled my nickers up.The little fucker pulled his trousers up and said see you later and just walked off.he had fucked me bandy then just fucked off,but i had loved it so thanks paul:-)