Written by Paulrcouple

18 Dec 2012

Opened a chatroom and put a add on about us staying in a hotel in Skipton for three nights looking for a young man for a bit of adult fun.

We got a lot of response sorry if we did not get back to all of you.

A young man from down south got in touch told us he was coming for a meeting with his company and a bit of a Christmas bash in Skipton and staying over night told us to check his profile and get back if interested.

He was exactly what we wanted he was good looking 39 nice body and he said vvwe and orally bi like me also he said he was vvwe but been told that plenty of times and been disappointed.

We got back to him gave him our number he rang straight away chated for a while he told us he was married his wife did not no a thing about him playing and did not know he had a bi side.

He asked us were we was staying it was the same hotel as him well there's not a lot of choice in Skipton,

So we arranged to meet him in the hotel bar the next night about 5 we said he said there party was there and would have to play it by ear.

We got back to the hotel about 4 got washed and changed and went in the bar i went in first told Jane to wait and i would give her a ring at the end of the day you dont know whats been said with his work mates we had a bad time once meeting this way.

There was about thirty people there in the bar both men and women all dressed up.

Got a drink and spotted him he nodded to me then i got a text told to go to the toilet and he would follow me i went he came in please be discreet i dont want any body to know he told me he was very nervous he told me his proper name he was not called John buy i will still call him that.

I told him Jane would be down shortly for a drink he said they had a meal booked

Went back to the bar rang Jane to tell her every thing was ok she came down.

The bar was very busy now and people were chatting John came over and started talking just its a nice hotel have you stayed here before that sort of thing.

He went to the toilet i said to Jane what do you think she said he was sex on legs i said go to the toilet it a passageway when you go through the door see if he says any thing to you off she went.

John came back said he so wanted to fuck Jane to night said he was going to join the rest of his group and would be in touch later on.

Jane came back did you talk to him she said she was standing in the passage way when he came out of the toilet.

Jane said they looked at each other there eyes met he kissed her pulled her in the gents got her against the wall and kissed her his tongue down her throat his hand up her skirt and fingered her they herd the out door open he went into a cubicle the door opened and a guy came in Jane said sorry she thaught it was the ladies and went out to her toilet.

She said he feels big as he pushed it into her groin i told her he was going to get in touch with us later on i told her he wanted to fuck her .

Lets go to our room now please we went up she was rampant we got undressed she got on her back i was straight in turned on our side she told me how he kissed her how he fingered her it was only a minuet but he had got Jane so worked up Jane had got me worked up i shot my load.

Jane turned on her back and brought her self off with her fingers it did not take her long.

Part 2 to follow