Written by Paulrcouple

24 Dec 2012

Woke up and went to the bathroom made a coffee Jane was sat up in bed Jane said he was big the biggest one we have had like a porn star i have never felt so full in my pussy ever. I Started to get a hard on as she was talking to me about it she said put the video on lets watch him fuck me.

Got it on our lap top yes he was big both of us sucking it kissing at the same time.

When Jane sucked us both i looked like a little boy at side of him i have 7 inches on a good day and that was a good day.

Jane said fuck me doggy way so we can both watch at the same time her pussy was flooding never seen her like this.

Did not take us long to cum she played with her clit as i fucked her.

Had shower went for breakfast went into the dinning room and Johns part was there we spotted John sad good morning they all said good morning back like they do in hotels at breakfast.

They were all chatting some started to leave saying good bye see you later keep in touch that sort of a thing.

Jane was looking at John he smiled and gave her a wink she smiled back would you fuck him again i asked yes i would let him fuck me on this table now if he came over.

They are all checking out see if he hangs back i was getting a hard on thinking about it. John kept looking over and smiling hes up for it.

I Told Jane to go to the room and she if he follows she got up and went looked at John and walked past him.

Nearly all his part had gone John looked at me i smiled and nodded to wards the stairs he nodded at me said good bye to the few what was left and went.

I Got another coffee and sat for a while thinking did he go to our room he will be fucking Jane with that cock i had such a hard on i had to pull it up my belly i left the table went to our room.

I Opened the door yes he was fucking Jane Jane was on top she had that cock all the way up her she was riding that cock not fast but slowly moving till it was nearly out then pushing her self back down on it.

I Got the video camera set up Jane got off John was on his back we both started to suck his cock and kiss which we do a lot of taken turns wanking it in each others mouths.


We did not no what to do i said its to late now were consenting adult its up to us what we do i locked the door.

They were stood there kissing Jane could not keep her hands off him John asked me to fuck Jane first lets do spit roast he said got Jane on her knees i wont last long i got in her she was sucking John dont cum in her he came to my side said can you cum in my mouth.

Which i did he swallowed my first lot then kept the rest in his mouth he then kissed Jane and let all my cum go in her mouth she swallowed it all

Then Jane started to wank him i am ready for this now fuck my i needed it he fucked her on her back bent over the dressing table on the sink doggy way he fucked her all over the bed room Jane told me it was the fuck of her life at one stage she was crying with pain and pleasure.

He said do you want it up you on your tits face mouth on my face while i kiss Paul i could feel his hot cum hit us it our lips we licked it and tonged each others mouths with.

He pushed it back in Jane i started to wank and i did the same cum on there faces while they kissed.

He pulled out of Jane he had started to go soft we sucked him to get it hard but he could not.

He got dressed and went he got our number said he would get in touch next time he was up here.

We had a shower got ready to go out we put the video on while we were getting ready it got to that part were the maid came in she was standing there for 30 seconds watching with her mouth open glued to the spot before she spoke.

The thing was we were staying one more night on our way out walking past reception they stopped talking and looked at us when we were going through the door they burst out laughing the maid must have told them.

Then next morning the maid knocked so hard on the door her fist nearly came through