Written by Paulrcouple

8 Jun 2012

Had a bit of a play with Jane Thursday morning got talking about the young lad i told her to go at the normal time and get talking to him don't do any thing if you don't want.

Tell him what we get up to and i know what happened take our cam with a video of us having fun with some one and if he wants give me a ring and i will have a chat with him.

Don't tell him we run a pub.

Jane left at the normal time just after one its about 5 minuet drive after a while i left the bar and went to my bed room thing what they might be up too.

Then my phone went Jane said she has had a good chat with Ian has he seen the video o yes Jane said has he fucked you not yet.

Can i have a word she put Ian on i asked him if he liked the video yes he said are you going to fuck Jane yes i told him not to be rough with her no biting i told him to fill her full of cum for me ok he said..

Jane came back on the phone now fuck him i will see you shortly he has not got much time.

Jane was back in about 20 minuets walked passed me in the bar and said she was on her break do you want something to eat yes what you got in mind your favorite she smiled i will be through in a tick.

I Went up stairs Jane was on the bed legs open cum running out my head straight down there.

I Asked Jane what happened she said he walked up to her they kissed he felt her boobs they went back to our car once they got in Jane told him what we got up too she got the cam out showed him he video got his cock out and sucked it while he was watching he came very quickly.

Jane asked him if he would like to meet us but its got to be late on that's ok he works till nearly midnight..

That's when Jane rang me after we rung off he had got a hard on again and fucked Jane.

It did not take him long he kissed her good bye Jane asked him are you ok for tonight.

Yes what time can you meet us about mid night Jane told him she would pick him up there she asked him if he was ok with every thing what was on the video he said he was i shot my pot has she stopped telling me i need my rabbit two loads of cum up me and i haven't.

Jane left me about 11 30 to pick him up i told her i would turn the sign lights out when every body has gone they went quickly lights off and waited Jane turns into the car park that's when she told Ian we lived in a pub.

They came in i asked what they wanted to drink got the drinks started chatting he seemed a nice lad i asked him what he liked he said he would try any thing never been with a couple before i said what about a lad he told me he and a friend used to wank each other off watching porn.

I Went to the toilet when i came out Jane was on her knees sucking his cock i went over and wanked it in Jane's mouth i got mine out she sucked them both.

Jane stud up and kissed him that's a turn on watching my wife kiss someone i bent forward and sucked his cock Jane broke away and kissed me Ian sucked my cock Jane said lets go up stairs.

We all got stripped off i saw Ian s young body in full light for the first time he looked very nice his cock was nice his foreskin half way over his bell end not a monster of a cock but nice.

He got on the bed laid back and told us to do anything we wanted to him he said he had never had anal but if it hurt i had to stop i told him i was not that bothered for that but any way at nearly 60 it would be hard for me to penetrate him.

We had one hell of a night we did any thing we wanted to do to each other Jane can not remember how many times he fucked i fell asleep and left them at it i woke up once and they were both sucking my cock if we were the first couple Ian had been with he had watched a lot of porn.

He had no problem sucking me off i asked if any body wanted a brew the birds were singing came back and Jane was riding him his cock was hard for most of the night young lads can.

Jane asked him if he wanted dropping off some were they got dressed and went she got back about 6 she said he fucked her again.

We told Ian to keep in touch but it wont be every night once or twice a month he said ok but give us a ring first don't just turn up