Written by Robert

15 Aug 2009

After this amazing experience which lasted over a year, I thought I’d try and put it down in words and post on this site. I’m a 49 year old male and for the last 2 years I’d been looking at the various swinging sites, trying to meet couples for threesome fun. It had proved difficult, maybe because of my age or just the fact that I was single. I’d sent many emails and received a good few replies but none of them proved fruitful. I was contemplating trying out one of the clubs when I received an email from a couple in their mid-30s wanting to get in touch. They wanted to spice up their sex life by having another man watch and film them having sex. We chatted via messenger several times and swapped details including photos. Steve was 36 and his wife Jenny was nearly 3 years younger. They had been married for 12 years and had no children. Steve had sent some photos of Jenny in her lingerie – black suspenders with red trimming and straps holding up sheer black stockings, a black lace bra and black lace knickers with red trim. She was a nicely proportioned size 12 with wonderful curves and only just over 5ft tall. She had shoulder-length dark hair which fell down in loose curls and there was just a hint of similar coloured hair down below due to the barely visible shadow, well hidden by the lace knickers. Steve himself was quite slim and only 5ft 4 tall with short brown hair. He had said that he’d been keen to try swinging but Jenny was not so inclined. However, she had agreed to someone coming to their home to watch and maybe film the event so they could watch themselves later.

We chatted over the space of several weeks both via messenger and via mobile phone. We had one particular steamy session on messenger when we had a ‘virtual’ threesome. It ended with Steve phoning me so I could listen to Jenny as she masturbated herself to a shattering climax while I typed what I was doing to her on messenger. Steve phoned me the next day to thank me for the previous evening – apparently Jenny was highly sexed and Steve said they ended up having great sex. It was then she had agreed to have me visit them but only as an observer.

The day arrived and Steve met me at the airport – I was attending a meeting to do with work and Steve brought me to the meeting venue. Later that day he picked me up and took me to their home – they lived about 40 minutes away from the London airport I’d flown into. It was the first time I’d met him face to face and I found him very friendly and relaxed, even though I had a certain amount of apprehension. As I stepped into their house Jenny came walking down the hall and greeted me with a hug. She looked very attractive and she was nicely dressed in a short blue floral skirt, her legs smooth and bare. The material was quite thin and see-through to a degree – I could see she was wearing a thong and the dress complemented her sexy hips and curves.

We had dinner and chatted for a good 2 hours or so. They were both very friendly and made me feel at ease. Then Steve went and got his video camera while Jenny went upstairs to ready herself. About 20 minutes later Steve and I headed upstairs to their bedroom. Jenny was wearing her dressing gown but it was clear she had black stockings on. Jenny began to undress Steve and I began filming them. As Steve removed his trousers, Jenny stood up and let the dressing gown fall from her shoulders. She looked fantastic and was in fact wearing the same lingerie I’d seen in the photos that Steve had emailed me. Then she dropped onto her knees, removed Steve’s briefs and began taking his semi-erect cock into her mouth. Within a minute he was fully erect – his cock was average length but quite thin. With Jenny standing up, he started undressing her, first removing her bra. He began stroking and squeezing her ample breasts and sucking on swollen nipples. She had lovely big, slightly pear-shaped tits with quite large areola and the large, erect nipples pointed slightly upwards and away from each other. The areola was brownish and upwardly pointing, rounded like a bud rather than flat. I could feel my own cock growing in my pants as they moved to the bed whereupon Steve quickly removed her knickers. That’s when I lost control and my cock just went hard in seconds. Jenny had the sexiest pussy – a shapely mass of dark pubes trimmed neatly in a triangle with smooth skin above and to the sides. Just below the pubic triangle a small tight slit was visible. Her gash was tiny, no more than an inch or so in length. The short tight curly pubes glistened in the light; clearly moist from the attention Steve was giving to her tits. Steve began to separate her pussy lips, opening her tight slit with his fingers. He carefully peeled back the clitoral hood to reveal her clearly sensitive bud as she jerked when he touched it. I zoomed in with the camera and could see her tiny opening – I wondered how on earth a cock would penetrate it.

Within minutes Jenny was writhing in orgasm after Steve had worked her pussy with his tongue. Steve moved between her legs and began to mount her. Jenny could clearly see my bulge and asked if I was uncomfortable to which I replied that I was. Steve told me to get undressed quickly if that would help; even suggesting I masturbate while filming. I stripped completely naked as I was quite hot and I could see Jenny’s surprised reaction on seeing my cock. It was rock hard, pointing to the ceiling with a bubble of semen oozing out of the tip. I was pretty aroused on seeing Jenny’s pussy and tits and in fact was surprised myself how strong an erection I had. I do have quite a good sized cock at well over 7 inches but it is made all the more appealing by its very thick girth – certainly twice that of Steve’s. However, sometimes it doesn’t achieve the hardness I experienced a good few years ago. That night was an exception – it was as hard as steel and I couldn’t quite believe it. I think Jenny was surprised at its size and it certainly had her attention as she couldn’t take her eyes off it while Steve fucked her, even though she tried to hide her interest when she saw me looking at her face.

Anyway, for the next 20 minutes I filmed Steve fucking Jenny in several different positions. He started on top but they quickly changed so she was on top. She had a wonderful upright action, moving up and down on his shaft, and then writhing back and forth, sometimes in a circular motion. Her tits bounced and separated invitingly as she moved and I so wanted to support them with my hands and give them a squeeze. But with one hand on the camera and the other on my cock I couldn’t do anything – besides she might have screamed and given me a slap if I’d have tried it! I moved around the bed filming them from different angles, zooming in for close-ups mainly of Jenny’s face (clearly enjoying the sex) and of her tight pussy and trimmed mound with Steve’s cock inside it, barely visible at times. I kept close to the bed ensuring my cock wasn’t far away from her grasp, hoping she would grab it and yank me off. Although whilst riding Steve, she would regularly stare at it, she never reached out for it. Eventually she came again (her second orgasm of the night) after only 5 minutes and collapsed forward over Steve. Then he withdrew and she kneeled on the edge of the bed at his request. He entered her again from behind and began to fuck her gently at first. He began to speed up and soon his thighs were making loud slapping noises on her smooth, rounded ass, eventually bringing her to another climax a minute or so before reaching his own. He groaned loudly as his cock erupted, sending his spunk into her pussy as she knelt quietly taking his fully load until he had finished. She then moved forward causing his cock to slip out of her and I got a great view with the camera of his creamy cum around and just inside her small opening.

Steve grabbed the camera and told me to finish myself off. I began to masturbate my still very hard cock more furiously and pointed it at the bedclothes. Jenny was watching with interest and to my surprise she suggested I shoot my spunk on her if Steve was ok with it. He grabbed the camera and told me to go ahead. I could have tried to shoot it over her face or in her mouth but I didn’t know if she would appreciate that given her reluctance to go through with the whole thing in the first place. I decided to climb onto the bed and kneel between her open legs. Her pussy looked so inviting that I knew I’d enjoy looking at it while masturbating and would enjoy blasting my spunk on her tummy or even better, on her pubes. She watched me become more and more agitated as my climax approached. At last I groaned with ecstasy as streams of spunk shot violently from my cock, sending several trails of spunk over her tummy and even over her left breast such was the explosive nature of my orgasm. She gasped in amazement asking me if I always came that hard and rubbing my cream over her body like it was moisturiser. When the spurts finished I knew I had more to offload. I couldn’t resist clasping her hips and pulling her down the bed onto my thighs. She gasped in shock and asked what I was doing. With her bum resting on my thighs and her pussy almost touching my balls, I yanked myself a few more times. I told her I wanted to cover her pubes with hot spunk. She giggled and told me to be careful not to shoot it up her vagina. Then with her pussy angled slightly backwards, I rammed my cock down onto her mound. She raised herself slightly and moaned softly as she watched my cock send floods of creamy semen into and through her neat curly mound. I groaned with pleasure and told her that I wasn’t finished yet and that her pussy was going to get my full load. Her hand came down to her pubes to feel my hot spunk. I pulled my cock away and yanked some more then pushed my cock back down towards her pussy. I pulled down slightly lower away from the flood of spunk and her roaming hand intending to release more cum over the bottom of her neat triangle. However my aim was slightly lower than intended and another rush of spunk poured out not just over the small smooth area below her pubes but also over her swollen clit. It felt great but my cock was so sensitised that all I could do was press the tip of it against her clit until my climax finally ended. Jenny gave a loud moan when she felt my hot spunk on her clit and lay back down moaning softly as my cock pressed against her clit. She cried out that she could feel my hot spunk on her clit and that it felt wonderful. She moaned again, crying that my cock pressing on her swollen clit was making her cum again. Then she let out several loud squeals, jerked several times in orgasm and turned her head towards Steve, breathless but smiling. I held her hips steady so my cock did not slip off her clit – but her breasts wobbled violently with the jerks. When she had recovered a few seconds later she moved her hands between her legs to mop up my spunk before I released her from my thighs – telling me I was quite naughty to shoot my sperm so close to her vagina (Steve mentioned later that she was not wearing her cervical cap as they’d been trying for a baby but told me not to worry as she hadn’t said it in an angry way but merely a cheeky, playful tone). She smeared it over her breasts like it was baby oil – very sexy I thought. Her pussy was angled back and so my spunk didn’t run down her slit towards her vagina opening, which was a relief given the previous fact.

I got off the bed, my cock still hard and pointing more outwards rather than upwards. Steve was excited and had regained his erection. It was clear he only one thing on his mind – to give Jenny another fucking. Jenny held onto his buttocks as he pumped her furiously in the missionary position for almost 10 minutes while I filmed their fun once more. My spunk glistened on Jenny’s tits where she’d being rubbing it over and Steve’s pubic area was no doubt getting moist from the spunk I’d shot over her pubic hair – all in all a messy episode. Steve eventually delivered a second load of spunk to her vagina causing her to cry out for him to fill her with his sperm. Eventually Steve withdrew and Jenny curled up on the bed and fell asleep.

I stayed the night with them – sleeping in the spare room. That was it and I thought I’d never see them again – but it wasn’t the end, there were quite a few more nights of fun with them but that’s for later.