Written by Jaye

6 Feb 2013

When I asked my cleaner, Mandy to do a couple of hours extra ironing I had no idea my husband would choose that day to work fom home. While Mandy stood in the kitchen working her way through our pile of ironing my husband Mick and I were upstairs busy on our separate laptops. When they had met at the front door earlier I knew straight away that Mick was attracted to Mandy. She'a a cheerful, bubbly blond, curvy with generous boobs and bum. He had smiled broadly as they chatted before he went upsairs to his work. As I sat at my computer in my study I could see him stretched out on the bed staring at his own screen. I suspected he was not looking at work sites!

Eventually Mandy finished the ironing and started cleaning the house. I heard her humming to herself as she came up the stairs, she smiled at me as she passed my study on her way to clean the bathroom. She was sweaty and rather red in the face from her hard work. I glanced across to the bed, Mick was gone. It suddenly dawned on me that he must be in the bathroom, maybe getting ready to take a shower. I was out of my seat in an instant, running over to avoid an embarrassing incident. I was too late. Mandy stood in the bathroom doorway staring at Mick who was naked, ready to step into the shower. He was ready for something else too, he had a huge erection! No point worrying about embarrassment now; "I think he likes you", I said to Mandy. She giggled, "Maybe I should leave you two alone?" "No need for that", said Mick. "You could help me out with this, Mandy". they both looked at me questioningly and I nodded. That was all the encouragement they needed.

Mandy's fingers curled around Mick's hard cock and he moaned as she stroked gently. "You know I'm really sweaty after all that ironing", she said."I could do with a shower. Why don't you two help me get my clothes off." Mick wasted no time pulling her tshirt over her head and undoing her bra. The way he gently cupped her boobs in his hands I could tell he'd been longing to do that all morning. He bent and took her hard, pink nipples into his mouth, each in turn, while I fumbled with the fastening of her jeans. I slid down the zip and started to ease the jeans down over her hips. Mick's hand wandered over her bum, she stepped out of the jeans and I turned my attention to her thong. When she too stood naked I reached over and turned on the shower. "You should help Mandy get nice and clean" I said to Mick. He didn't need asking twice and they stepped into the shower together.

Mick lathered up his hands with shower gel and started running them over Mandy's body. Her boobs got special attention. He worked his way down to her pussy which was covered in a light sprinkling of hair. His hands stroked btween her legs and she groaned with pleasure as he slipped his fingers inside her. After a while she started to wash him, he closed his eyes as she ran her hands over his cock. While I watched them I stripped off my own clothes down to my underwear. When I heard Mick start to groan I knew he would come soon. I wanted my own share of this situation. I reached over and turned off the shower.

I grabbed a towel and rubbed most of the water off each of them. Mandy unclasped my bra and bent down to my nipples, sucking on one while she gently pinched the other. Mick pulled down my panties and stroked his hand over my pussy, finding my clit and massaging it with his thumb. We all moved towards the bed, Mandy pulled me backwards her hands still playing with my nipples, Mick pushed my legs apart, he bent over my pussy and his tongue found my clit. I came as he slid two fingers backwards and forwards inside me. "Do you want to fuck Mandy?", I asked. He nodded and she lay on her back beside me, he slid on a condom and I watched from the side as he slowly pushed his cock into her. They were both panting hard as he fucked her faster and faster, suddenly Mick pulled out and ripped off the condom. His come spurted out covering Mandy and I as we lay side by side on the bed, our tits and our faces. "Well I need another shower", Mandy laughed.

Somehow I think Mick will often be working from home on cleaning day.