Written by SteveB

25 May 2007

Megan was now totally naked and lying on the bed gently rubbing her pussy with her hand. Pete told me Megan had something to ask me, and looked at his wife. ‘Go ahead, ask him’ he told her. Megan looked a bit worried, but I smiled and said that whatever it was I’m sure I would be happy to help if I could. ‘Well’, she said, ‘Pete and I wondered if it would be ok for us to stay the night’. I hadn’t really considered this, but there was no reason why not, so I agreed. ‘Of course, no problem, you can sleep here and there’s a separate bathroom’ I offered. ‘Oh great’ she replied, ‘and now Pete’s got something else to ask you’ she laughed and looked at him. Pete looked a bit scared, then started to explain that they wanted me to sleep with Megan and for him to sleep on his own. This really was a shock to me, and I could hardly believe the suggestion. Megan explained that this was a fantasy they had talked about for a long time, but never really thought would happen. Apparently they both felt sufficiently happy about me to want to try it for real, with the condition that Pete could listen at the door and that if he was worried he could come in and I would leave. I laughed and agreed, I told them I would love to help with their fun and if either of them wanted to back out anytime it was fine with me. The thought of having Megan all to myself was already having an effect on my cock, and Pete noticed my hardness. Looking at his wife, he said ‘it’s almost bedtime anyway and I’m tired, so if you’re ok I’ll leave you’. She got up from the bed, went to him and kissed him on the forehead, ‘We’ll be fine, I’m sure, you get to bed and leave Steve to look after me’. Pete smiled at her and kissed her tenderly, then turned and left us, closing the door gently behind him. I turned to Megan ‘Is he ok? Are you sure about this?’ She came over to me and kissed me on the lips. ‘I’m fine, are you ok?’ ‘Of course,’ I said, ‘you’re very pretty and I’m a very lucky guy, as long as you’re happy with everything’. ‘Well there is something’, she replied, ‘although I’m tired I want us to make love, if you don’t mind. I don’t want another shagging, that was fun and I enjoyed it, but I want us to make love if you can, you know, gently and taking our time, what do you think?’ ‘I’d be very pleased to try and make it nice for you’ I replied, ‘is that ok with Pete, he thinks we’re just going to shag like before’. ‘That’s why I want it,’ she explained, ‘I want to tell him we made beautiful love together and it was wonderful, it’s all part of the fantasy’. I looked her in the eyes and smiled, she smiled back and took my hand, leading me to the bed.

‘Please just hold me and cuddle me to start with, you can kiss me gently too, if you want to’, Megan was already on the bed, holding her arms out to me. I lay beside her and put my arms around her, holding us close together, then started to gently kiss her on the lips. She responded very lovingly, her mouth soft and sensuous, her tongue gently running between my lips and slightly into my mouth. For me it was highly erotic, this pretty young woman pretending she was with her lover. I stroked her body as we kissed and moved slowly lower with my hands until I could feel the sexy curves of her hips and bottom. The kissing was slowly getting more passionate, and I felt Megan press her body into mine, her firm breasts against my chest, and my erect cock between our bodies. We must have spent 15 or 20 minutes loving, stroking, kissing and eventually fondling each other, carefully avoiding direct contact with hands on pussy or cock. I could sense the tension rising in Megan’s body, she was responding to our lovemaking and it was easy for me to pretend she was a genuine lover I’d known before. I moved my hand onto the upper part of her breasts, gently stroking the firm swell of her tits and enjoying the delightful feeling of soft young skin. I played around her nipples, and as they grew hard, I lowered my face to use my tongue on her. She responded very strongly as my tongue found her nipples, gently licking and stroking them. They were quite a pale colour, pink not red, and more like a girl’s size, not an adult woman. As I teased and played with them she started to respond, her nipples hardened and the aureoles tightened, her breathing quickened and she started to make quiet whimpering noises. I used my fingers lightly on one nipple and my tongue and mouth on the other, then moved my other hand down her body towards her pussy. I was enjoying the feel of her firm young body, and took my time to stroke and touch all over her, but avoiding her clit. Megan opened her legs to give me easy access to her pussy, and I used her wetness and the come leaking out to lubricate my fingers, stroking her gently and lightly touching her swollen lips. I knew her clit was still hard, and I touched her everywhere but there – til she was aching for direct contact on her most sensitive part. I started to kiss down her body, taking my time and teasing her because she knew where I was headed and she couldn’t wait for me to reach her cunt. She opened her legs wider and lifted her bum slightly, helping me to reach her pussy with my tongue, but I held back, kissing the soft inside of her thighs, the soft reddish hair just above her pussy, all around her lips but not touching where she wanted. Megan was moaning and squirming, trying to move to get the contact she wanted, and she cried out when I eventually used my tongue to softly lick her lips, gently separating them and slowly easing them apart. Of course she was still a bit messy with come from our previous session, a mix of mine and Pete’s, but Megan’s juices were flowing like a river, and the sweet taste inside her pussy could have been honey. She was moaning quietly as my tongue worked on her, and gradually I increased the intensity of my movements, then gently making contact with her swollen clit. She tried to lift her hips to push her pussy into my face, but I kept teasing her and soon she was close to coming. I eased the tip of one finger into her pussy as I licked her clit, and with only slight movements of my tongue and finger she cried out and her body shook as she came. I was taken by surprise as a small jet of juice landed on my face – I hadn’t expected her to squirt, but I could tell by the muscle contractions around my finger that she was having a major orgasm. It seemed to go on for ages, but gradually her body relaxed and she put her hand down to cover her pussy- then brought it up to her face and licked it. She looked at me in a funny way and said ‘what was that?’ I laughed and said ‘you squirted, and it got my face, look!’ She looked at me and saw how wet she had made me – then seemed to be embarrassed, ‘oh god, I’m sorry’, she said, ‘I’ve never done that before’. I told her it was nice for me that she had enjoyed such a good come, and I slipped up the bed to kiss and cuddle her as lovers might. She buried her face in my neck and held me close, then we kissed gently, tongues softly touching and enjoying the intimacy. My cock was only half-hard after concentrating on giving her oral, but she took it in her hand as we kissed, gently feeling and stroking my length. As it hardened she said ‘Please will you put him in me? just with me on my back and you on top’. She lay back on the bed and kept hold of my cock until I was over her, then she worked the end between her wet lips and pushed her hips up to meet me as I slid into her. I couldn’t resist looking down and seeing my hard length disappearing into this gorgeous young body and thinking I must be the luckiest old man around, she must have been 25 years younger than me. Megan put her arms up and held my head, ‘Please just fuck me gently, like lovers would’, and she smiled, her strawberry blonde curls around her pretty face making her look so sweet an innocent! I moved gently inside her, enjoying the feeling of my cock being gripped by her warm wetness, then managed to get far enough into her for my body to rub her clit. I worked on this for a while, and I could feel the end of my cock touching her cervix. The effect on her was quite marked, her breathing quickened, she started to moan and I noticed her eyes glaze over as she lost herself in her own world. After only another 30 seconds or so, she grunted and came hard, gripping my cock like a vice and pulling my body down onto hers to stop me moving. I could feel the spasms in her pussy, and I was desperate to come, but I stayed still until she had recovered a bit, then lifted myself again so that I could fuck her some more. She looked into my eyes and said ‘please come in me, I want your come inside me’, and that was enough to tip me over the edge – a wonderfully intense orgasm and jets of hot come deep inside her.

last part soon