Written by naughty head girl!

29 Mar 2008

Have to tell you about my gorgeous boyo! On my way to being divorced I worked away from home in swansea for a week. My boring soon to be ex-husband at home. Worked long hours in law enforcement job and certainly stayed out till all hours drinking with pals. In a local pub in Wind Street, Swansea and felt gorgeous man looking at me. Few drinks later we`re chatting, I`m bit unsure - also no sex for me for 6 months!!! Boyo walked me back to the hotel and grabbed me in alleyway for fantastic snog, pushed himself against me and I knew I`d sleep with him. Sneaked him back to my hotel and we fucked all night, best shag I`d had in years. He never stopped and fulfilled every fantasy. Met him twice since for fantastic sex and now we`re on to anal sex, we`re so bad for each other, but I just can`t stop!

He has professional job, so do I, but we have fantastic txt and regular sex - he`s mind blowing!!! Hope it never stops. Met him recently in my usual business attire, looked the professioanl lady but had no knickers on - it blew him away!! Here`s hoping for more fun and out door action now the summer nights are approaching!!