Written by xcorruptedx

8 Jun 2008

after 3/4 hours of a nervous drive. she opened the door with a wide smile. informing me husband was upstairs she headed for the kitchen. i smiled and watced as she made up some drinks. moving closer her lips opened and a soft pink tongue licked mine. her lingerie the neck allowing a hand to stroke two pump forty year old breasts with large erect nipples. moaning softly as i watched her peek at the door. embarrassed i stopped, grinning, he stood amazed. dont worry she whispered as he departed.

grabbing the drinks she left the kitchen and headed upstairs. husband near the window. one soft double bed, a large mirror and a number of candles. she sat on the bed and asked if id like to enjoy her mouth. she had boasted about such talents on the phone. as i pushed my jeans down she took my cock firmly in her hand squeezing as she sucked it in deep. and deeper again. husband sat watching eagerly. telling her id cum if she carried on. she asked how id like to fuck her. turning her over on to all fours. i pushed her legs wide as i pushed my tongue into her big cheeks. a wet cunt and soft dark hair met my taste. her delicate arsehole just a flick away. her husband watching her face spread with glee.

now naked i mounted the bed as i stuck my cock in her. her husband teasing her tits as i fucked the air out of her lungs. husband now rubbing his cock through his trousers. making as much noise as her. any embarrassment now left at the door. feeling my balls slowly tightening i pushed her over and kissed down to her fragrant cunt. her husband gently kissing her lips whilst brushing her hair. her legs wide as i sucked her clit in.

watching their soft kisses. made me want to enter her again. her cunt soaking around my cock as her hips thrust at mine. the bed shaking as her hubby still tried to kiss her. my cock finding a quicker rhythm hubby now locking onto her lips as i pulled out and squirted my cum over her tits. cum splashing her chin as she pulled his tongue inside her hungry mouth. still kissing i picked my trousers from the floor and made my way out. into a warm summer night.