Written by fantasy210

11 Jan 2011

hi. im ste and wife sam im 36 and she is 25 blond hair with 36 cc boobs. she is verry good lucking to good for me any way,

let me tell you my storie what happened to use one night. it was my brothers 40th birthday party, and we had to be in this big fancey place where it was a sit down meal and a singer on. at 7 .so me and samy started getn ready about 6 oclock, and way i had a shower and got ready so i went back down stairs while she was getting ready so i opened a can and sat down watching tv .and we had taxi orderd for 7 wasnt that faraway so it come to about 10 to 7 so i shouted up stairs come on women we be late the taxi will be coming soon . so as that she shouted im ready now and come to the top of the stairs and said how do i look baby. so i looked up and she looked grate, she had a big pair ov whit boots on and she had a white mini skirt on but fish tipe stockings on under her skirt and she had a low cut top on with her boobs in view what looked grate so i just looked at her and said wow you look grate babe. so next thing the phone went it was a call back of the taxi. so she come down and got sorted and set of to the party.

once at the party we went in to this big hall and it was packed with people so we got pointed to our table and there where all named so we sat down and sam was to my left with full of family the same side and the other side there where all friends of my brothers. and in front of me and sam was my brothers work mates one was robb and the other was andy. and by the look at them there had had been drinking before the party and was verry merry and loud but verry funny to go with it . any way has the night draw on sam said to me i love rob he dead funny can we take him home and put him in the cuboard so we can get him out when we need a good laugh so i thort to my self i bet you do. so she was getn drunk and was flirting like hell with them any way rob said sam do you dance so she looked at me and i said yes go and have a dance because im not getting up. so of there went for a dance. and there was dancing all over like nutters. and has the nigh drew on there got up again and we all was pist by this time. so i said im the toilet to her has i walked by them on the dance floor so she said ok. and couple minuets later i come back and there didnt see me because the place was packed and the dance floor was packed with people dancing. so i looked over and i was shocked she was turned with her arse in to rob rubbing her arse all over his cock and he had his hand around her front of her skirt just about touching and rubbing her pussy thro her skirt. i thort ill kill them but i didnt want to start any trouble was my brothers party. so i just sat down and watched them. and i was getting turned on watching them but was shocked. so i was sat there and there come back and sat down she said hello baby and gave me a sloppy kiss and she started rubbing my leg and around my cock area so the looks of things he had got her all wet and turned on. so about half hour later it was last orders at the bar so i said to sam are you ready babe our taxi will be ere soon so we said our good by to all and went out side. and our taxi was out side so we got in and we drove of and the taxi driver was about 30 year old guy . and he was asking us if we had a good night and having a chitty chat . and i said to him how much is the taxi mate any way so he said its 7.50 mate so i went in to my pocket and i only had about 1.30 in my pockeet so i said to sam give us some money and she said iv got non left baby so i thort shit. so i said to the taxi driver sorry mate we not got anough money on us . so he said well ill have to drop use of er sorry so i thort shit so i said cant you come back tomrrow and get your money .and he said no sorry and he pulled up to the side of the road and said sorry you will have to get out . so we was in the middle of no where so i said come on mate you cant drop us of ere and he said i can and i am. then same leaned forward and shocked me and said can i pay you in kind .would you take that. and he turned around and looked her up and down and said yes what do i get like. so i thort fuck whats goin on . but then i thort what she was doin with rob and i was getting hard again so i thort lets see how far she would realy go. so then she said to the guy ill gave you a blow job if you want .and she looked at me to see what i was say. so i just said go for it . and he said ok then ill drive up here because there a lay by just around this corner. so we pulled in this lay by and it was pitch black and he stoped the car and sam gave me a kiss and opened the back door and got out and opened the passinger door and got in the front of the taxi with the guy. so she said to him come on then get it out . so he pulled on his jeans and out come a limp cock . and she started playing with it with her hands and it started to grow and it was soon hard so the next thing her head leaned over and went down on him she put it in her mouth and started sucking it like crazy wanking him at the same time. i was sat in the middle of the seats in the back watching her head bob up and down on his big cock she was moaning and you could her her sucking and slurping on him and his hand leaned over and went on her leg and was rubbing her leg and his hand started working up beneith her skirt and he started playing with her pussy rubbing it with his fingers . she started moaning and making loads of noises. the next thing he pulled her head up and started kissing her and was still playing with her pussy and he stoped kissing her and tuned his head to face me with a big smile on his face and said is it allright i fuck her mate. so i looked at him and looked at her and said its ok with me if its up to her if she will do it so he just said she wants fucking dont you love and started kissing her again. and he pulled his head away from hers and said do you want this big cock in you . because im fuck you good and hard . and she said oyes please do. so he said sit behind me mate budge over. so i got behind his seat and he leaned over to around her waiste and her chair fell back with her in it so he started with his hand under her skirt pulling at her knickers to get them of and she helped by lifting her arse up so he could pull them of and she kicked them of . so he climbed over and got in between her legs on his jeans was around his knees and his cok was rock hard and poiting right at her pussy he then lent in to her and started kissing her and his cock was goin closer to her pussy till his hand grabed hold of his cock and he stared guiding it in to hershe let out a moan when it started pushing in to her . by this time her head was flat back on the chair she was looking at me and he started to fuck her pumping in and out she was now moaning and he was geting harder and harder and he said do you like that baby and she said god yes and he said your my slut now do you like being my slut . and she said god yes he was propper pounding in to her his white arse was up and down like a pisting she had her hands on his arse pulling him in to her deeped and faster . i couldnt beklive what i was watching . her was me in the back seat of a taxi in a lay bay whith some guy fucking my wife for every thing he had. i thort my cock was exsplode and he started kissing her his tung all over hers and rubbing it all over her face , he said to her do you want me to come deep in you .you dirty bitch do you want my hot cum in your wet pussy and she screamed yes come in me come in me hard and has that he shot the lot deep in her wet pussy and calapsed on her . for a bit and kisted her and said thanks that was amazing and she said no thank you i loved your big cock in me. what just had my wife done i was gob smacked but we then drove home and i fucked her all over when i got in and his come was still in her pussy it was mind blowing i loved watching her getting fucked.