Written by Jayne

13 May 2009

You wanna here a story, listen here...... We met on a dating site, flirted for a few weeks, this guy was married, I was single, little bit of guilt, but hey, I am just divorced and wanna have some fresh cock and feel some free tingle in my mouth, anyone is game...... He is a Sergeant in the Army, ''responsible position''!! yeah! Listen, I am telling you this, how it happened. Not a good looking bloke, but his every word had me wanting to change into something more comfortable. Finally he is asking me to meet him. I am gagging, fuck me!! I am crying out for it! Can't wait!!!!!!!!! (Next day) We have planned to meet, in a dis-used granary just on the outskirts of (my secret) he asked me to wear a slinky dress with no underwear, but I wore panties, because they make me feel naughty. He said heels so I wore some sexy 6'' s a really sexy silky dress which draped my body like fixed skin. (Get to the nitty gritty!) We finally meet, not a bad looking guy in person, 'fuckable' but the married guy, can you believe a bloody Mondeo, new shape, could have been a Merc or even a Jag.... He is proud of me for not letting his fantasy forsake him. Shiney shoes, slinky dress, doesn't stop his hand from wandering, no haste. My body is young, curvacious and shaking from wanting him inside me (I am 35 and he is 38), but all he wants is to slip his fingers under my dress into my freshly shaven 'dry' pussy, (well it felt dry until broke the seal) God can you die from spasmzzzzz, I gasped and it felt good, my gosh it felt real good, I had not experienced a 'real' orgasm in years, or did I ever? This guy already had my approval. Stop I say, 'there is a car that drives in, and another, fuck I am ducking as close to the floor as I can, who are these people, I am a good person, please dont find me and judge me, I can't take this it all too much, but then I have a wave of let them see what we are doing , they were average looking guys but I was so horny they could have been a couple of bulging stallions! that's it, he stopped, he didn't even wanna fuck me, I am gutted, I felt used, but hey that's what he wanted, maybe this is life after a divorce? What do I tell you all now. He sent me away with a misconception of ever using the internet again. But I could have waited around and fucked them guys that turned up, 'didn't anticipate that did I. I could get so carried away, but I don't want to bore you, um! 'Ok' Really I feel like I have just been through a double divorce, I was in-love with this guy, 'love' the term we use so falsely its shameful. I left him with nothing but an ache in the pit of my stomach and a wet patch on the back of my dress. A day goes by and I am thinking about how this guy has changed my insignificant life. Ok, here it is the finale! He phoned me the next day at 9h30 in the evening begging me to join him at his mess, and would I dress as a secretary, could I resist? after playing with my wet pussy all day, unable to satisfy my urge for girth, I had to go, so of I toddle, I am feeling desperate, but hey lets cut a long story short. I get to the barracks, he approved entry for me, telling them that I was his wife, 'that turned me on straight away, 'so masterful'.The guy who signed me in shows me to a parking space and then this other ''soldier'' comes over to the car opens the door and asks me to follow him. I am so nervous, really!, I have no idea whats just about to happen to me, it seems my seduction had begun!! I follow him and he leads me into this important looking building and to a room, I hear a few voices and he opens the door and I see that it is the mess bar, here I am dressed as a sleazy secretary and the only woman in a group of about 10 plus/minus very influential gentlemen of the RAF. I had never felt to humiliated and horny at the same time, I walked in with my head held high, trying not to consider how wet my inner thighs had become all of a sudden. I am alone, I found filth this night. He finishes his drink, and then he says good night to everyone and we leave the bar. No introduction or anything, I felt cheap, this guy was living a fantasy. We are again in this corridor, very official this place, this soldier salutes this guy and I am made to sit on this chair it feels like for ever, Mr Sergent disappears and then about 5 minutes later this soldier again asks me to follow him, he has been preped for this, I know it.... He takes me to this door and he knocks and I hear a familiar voice, we enter, the soldier stands to the side and I go in. He is stood there, and can you believe with a cane in his hand. He asks me to stand near the desk and pull my skirt up and then he asks the soldier to leave. I just didn't care any more, it felt like the whole place knew what I was there for. I was so hot by now I just wanted to fuck! After the soldier kindly closed the door, he asked me to bend over the desk, he started to lift my skirt with the cane and press the cane into my pussy gently, I could have exploded, it was nice, I was in my own secret fantasy. He then came closer to me and pressed himself on my ass, widening my legs with his legs, he started to rub me and then placed a hand into my blouse, I was his, for this night only. How come I was 35 and had never felt like this before. He was as hard as a rock and I just wanted him inside me, fucking me, hurting me, treating me like the slut he thought I was. Then he just pulled my skirt down and he told me that he was tired and that he would get someone to make sure I got home safely. I had an army escort to more than half way back to my home and that was it. Never heard from him again, try living with that????????? I still wonder how good his wank was after I left or possibly he fucks his wife thinking of me, who knows, I just like to make people think better of themselves x