13 Nov 2015

I last wrote about The Bitch way back in March. We've had a lot of fun since then so I thought it would be

a good idea to bring you up to date.

Quite quickly she started getting messages asking if her number could be passed on. She just sent back 'If your wife would fuck them so would I, probably!' then added a little smily face.

She's permanently smooth now, of course. I waxed her first time online so that some of her friends could share our pleasure. We enjoyed setting it up enormously. We have a reclining arm chair which I put as far back as possible then rigged up a simple device to support straps behind her knees so that I could adjust how high and wide her legs were held. It was particularly useful when I needed to do down below her cunt or up around the soft downy fuzz near her arse depending on how you look at it. I strapped her down so that she couldn't wriggle too much then blindfolded her. I did think about putting a gag in her mouth but thought her squeals, cries and groans would be much appreciated by the audience.

I have to say that Bitch was very helpful during all the preparations. She was looking forward to the performance as much as I, if not more. It was almost surreal. We discussed our plans at every opportunity, refining them over time, as husband and wife not Master and Bitch. The Hows, painfully and deliberately. The Whens, when most of her online friends could watch and enjoy and The Whys, so that she could attract lots of cock that wants to slide over her smooth flesh and invade her cunt.

On the night we set up the camera with a tight focus on the area in question. OK, a close-up on her cunt. It was obvious she was ready and willing, she was soaking wet. Droplets of anticipation glistened on the soon to be removed pubic hair. She was naked and aroused for all to enjoy although it did look a little odd with her wearing headphones fitted with a microphone, not that that was in shot. I wanted her to hear all the dirty remarks and encouragements if not see who was making them. I also wanted them to hear her pleasure.

The instructions said that the best results were achieved if the hair in question was at a particular length so I had got a beard trimmer from Tesco's and we practised on an old fur jacket Bitch picked up in a charity shop. By show time I'd got it down to a fine art.

We started with my showing how I could adjust the position of her legs and how wide and high I could hold them. She then demonstrated how wet she was and how easily her fingers slipped in and out of her cunt. All that made her very wet and totally unsuitable for waxing. It took me a long time to wash away her juices with warm water then dry her off. Washing and drying became a regular requirement as the evening proceeded.

Once prepared I held her apart and using the gentlest cutter at the correct setting trimmed her to length. Needless to say her juices flowed and some of the trimmings stuck. I used a 12v car vacuum to suck up the loose then washed the sticky ones away, dried her and prepared for the next, best, stage.

Those of you that have enjoyed the pleasure of waxing your woman will know that preparation is everything. The area(s) in question needed to be warm, not hot, to open the pores. We used those neck bean bags that you warm in the micro-wave, having experimented to find the the optimum time. We had six bags ready for heating. The hard wax was in the wax warmer.

To state the obvious, the most tender area is around the pussy, the next is the triangle above and the least, at the back. These are relative tenderness, of course. It was gonna hurt like hell everywhere! I started on the pussy on the basis that after that everything is effectively painless (he says with fingers crossed behind his back). The wax is applied in 2-3 inch strips about 1 inch wide in the direction of hair growth. I took that to be generally downwards, front to back. Hard wax requires no strips to be applied. The warm wax hardens as it cools and grips the hair so it is necessary to extend the bottom of the wax beyond the hair leaving a tab to hold onto.

We had discussed the procedure carefully over the preceding days and agreed that I would do both side of her cunt at the same time. That is wax both sides, one after the other then strip the first followed by the second. The pain of the first hopefully masking the pain of the second to some extent.

It worked well, that is to say that very little hair was missed, her scream of pain was most satisfying to all and the Bitch squirted her cum beautifully. I continued, two strips at a time until she was deliciously smooth, pink and beautiful. Taking the tweezers to the few hairs I had missed I checked The Bitch was perfect then calmed her, cooled her, pampered her and fucked her. The sight of my spunk dripping out of her smooth cunt was just too much so I went down and cleaned her up. Delicious!

With her nice and smooth and ready to fuck all and sundry we went back on the road.

We got her a pay-as-u-go phone and she sent a txt to everybody on her growing list of friends(?) maybe fuck-buddies is a better term, to let them know of her dedicated number.

While I was at work she went out in her little car looking for truck stops, lay-bys big enough for a couple of big vehicles and a car, greasy spoons and grub stops. She put them all in her sat nav as POI's. She also visited the motorway service areas to check the parking restrictions and places nearby and where the truckers might go if they needed more than an hour's rest.

She admitted that after her first experience the thrill of a trucker passing through (her) was much more attractive than visiting a local dogging site where there was bound to be regulars on the prowl. Having said that she also explored possible dogging locations and added them under a separate POI group.

At night we took my vehicle and checked out some of the options. The first three nights were not at all good and I had to wait until Wednesday to get my first 'this is what I do' blow-job. The trucker either didn't see or wasn't interested. We had no joy but at least we put on a show and I filled her mouth on site and her wet cunt when we got home.

Thursday we changed our approach.Instead of spotting the truck and pulling in in front of it we stopped way back, the Bitch stripped off her skirt and blouse leaving her in heels, stockings and corset. No undies obviously. She wore no make-up nor perfume just in case the drivers were going home to

wifey. She slipped a long coat on but didn't do it up. We then drove slowly passed the truck cab with the interior light on. If there was

no other traffic or there was plenty of room I stopped level with the cab and tooted horn, waited, while she looked up towards the cab to

see if there was any reaction then drove up the road a little before turning around and returning to the lay-by. As I pulled in I flashed

my lights then parked nose in to the truck, still with the internal light on. The Bitch then put on a one-woman-show. If she saw any

signs of further interest she went down on me making sure that as much of her was exposed as possible.

We got our first trucker interested very late on a Thursday night. As he climbed out of the truck to get a  better view I put the passenger window down. She hadn't got to the going down on me bit but was still flashing her smooth cunt and pleasuring herself with her rabbit.

The trucker bent down to get a close-up view then realised that the window was down. “Can I help you with that?” he asked.

The Bitch lifted her hips eagerly towards him and told him that he could. His hand was on the bunny in seconds and he was clearly familiar with the required technique. The Bitch was twisting and moaning with pleasure in minutes.

“I could do a much better job if we were both in the back,” he suggested, “or better still up in my cab. Could even fuck you up there, if you liked?”

The Bitch told him she liked but that her husband had to come as well. “Sure!” he said. “I'll open the near side so you don't have to slide passed the steering wheel. The Bitch was out of the car as soon as he moved away from the window. I took her coat and locked up.

I just love the view I get when The Bitch climbs up into a cab ahead of me.

“Where do you want me?” she asked as she climbed in.

“The bed's a good size. We'll pull the curtains and put the lights on. Your husband will get a good view of my cock ramming your cunt.”

She stripped him naked then went straight down on his cock to make him hard again.

“Fuck or suck?” I asked and he said he wouldn't mind both. I handed him a rubber. “She'll suck and swallow all you produce but if you want her cunt you wear a rubber. Your choice.”

“Suck me slut and I'll pull out before I spunk then fuck you doggy. OK?” We both agreed and The Bitch went to work on his cock.

Over the following six weeks The Bitch had seven cocks, all truckers, all in lay-bys. The last two were in convoy and wanted to use her together. She rode and sucked and fucked the night away before they spit-roasted her each using her mouth and her cunt.

We offered all the truckers her mobile number and they all took it.

Work needs to be done on this new editor!