Written by dave

19 Dec 2013

hi this is a true account from a week ago am calling them neil and Katie for this story

sorry if my English and spelling is not up others standerds

I have meet this couple before and on the last meeting they give me there txt no

last Thursday early evening I got a txt of them asking if I was up for some fun that night, I did reply yes see you there at 8pm

I drove to the res car park and meet them in the car park, we all walked along the side of the res in darkness, after about 5 mins neil told Katie to undo her coat and show me what she was wearing mmmmmmm black stocking and a matching basque I had a nice feel of her ass and legs we carried on walking till we came across a nice bench at the top end of the res

Katie undid her coat and started to play with her pussy while neil stood away and watched as stood in from of his wife and pulled out her nice big ferm tits and sucked on her nipples while I slowly started to rub her clit with my fingers,

Katie was realy enjoying what I was doing to her her hand started to rub my cock then I started to finger fuck her nice and slow and deep one then two fingers then I started to speed up finger fucking her deep and hard calling he a slut and was going to be fucked hard and deep she responded by telling me she wanted fucking hard,

just at this point in the distance was a bright light, she quickly closed her coat ( Katie is a little bit nervus as she didn't have a clue who is was so we stared to walk towards them, luckly it was jus another couple walking there dog,

we carried on walking back towards the car park with touching her ass, neil came across a picnic table just off the path so walked over to it,

where we I stared to finger fuck her again calling here a slut and telling her I was not going to fuck her till I am ready she undid my pants and was pulling on my cock like a true slut with me saying good girl, then I pushed her back and onto the wet picnic table and I stared to lick her pussy and still finger fucking her hard and fast,

after about 5 mins she was telling me to fuck her but neil was saying no rub your cock all over her pussy she loves that well I didn't need asking twice,

there I was with my cock rubbing her clit and teasing her pussy all Katie said was get a condom and fuck me, no no I want to to lick me cock and suck it Katie did I was asked and got off the table and was kneeing before me sucking me a like a real pro (boy she can suck cock) I then pulled her to her feet and pushed her back onto the table and teased her for a couple of mins or so all she keeps saying is fuck me now,

well I got a condom on and pushed my cock right into her hard a deep fucking her fast wow she clamped down on my cock and made me cum with in mins,

I carried on fucking her for a couple of mins more then I pulled out and pulled off my condom and tried to empty it over her pussy just like I was asked to do by neil

neil then came over to his sexy and wet wife (rain) and droped his pants and started to fuck her hard and she was loving it asking for more and harder

neal fucked her for a about 4 mins and then shot his load up her,

once we all get dressed, we walked back to our cars then I kissed Katie good bye and drove home

two days later I got a txt off them asking if I was up for some more yes yes and I told them about another guy I know who may like to join us next time,

neil asked Katie and she said yes so on the next fun evening we have she is going to have 3 cocks to play with