Written by Matt

24 May 2019

This is a bit long winded, but it explains a lot, and unlike some on here - its true.

I was born in Falmouth, Cornwall and still live there with my wife and kids. My sister, Mary, lives in Aberdeen, Scotland - she met her husband when they were both in the RAF and when they married, they moved to his home town. We try to see each other a couple of times a year, taking turns to visit.

Last July, I brought a new van for my work (self-employed), it was the Crew Cab type (just means that it has two rows of seats instead of one) so I use it socially as well as for work. When I brought it, I specified a single passenger seat, instead of the double bench seat, to allow my wife or I to be able to reach the kids on long journeys.

In September when the kids went back to school, I had finished a large job and had a couple of weeks free before my next job, so I decided to go and see Mary and her family. My wife said she'd stay home as she couldn't leave the kids.

I drove up to Scotland and stayed for 10 days, then had the long drive home - I never really like the drive back, it always seems longer than the drive up. I normally start to drive home over night to avoid most of the traffic, so I leave Mary's around 6 or 7pm.

It had taken me about 4 hours to reach the area where I normally join the A74(M) after cutting across country to avoid the traffic (and to see the scenery later in the day), when it started to rain quite heavy.

It was nearly 11pm as I approached Lockerbie, the rain was really going for it, there was a girl standing on the side of the lay-by, wearing a coat but without a brolly - she was drenched.

I pulled into the lay-by and asked if she wanted a lift to get out of the rain, she smiled and said 'thanks'.

She looked about 20, about 5' 6" tall, slim with long blonde hair. She said her name was Christine, 'but just call me Chris' she said in a broad Scottish accent. She said she was on her way to Weymouth to see her dad, she said she had argued with her mum the day before on her 21st birthday and walked out. She had a couple of bags and a sleeping bag with her, which she threw in the back seat.

We chatted for a while, we were having a laugh about different things, I said 'you know you shouldn't be hitch hiking, you never know who's going to pick you up', she laughed and said 'does that include you? Should I be in fear of my life? Will you force yourself on me?'

I laughed and said 'that didn't sound like you were worried, sounded more like hope'

Chris looked at me and said 'you never know, maybe it should be you who should be worried' and laughed.

I said that I normally book a room overnight around the Kendal area as a stop over and that she was welcome to sleep in the back seat.

She said 'you get the nice comfy, warm bed, while I get the cold van', I said that I'm willing to help her out and change the room to a twin, if she didn't object, and that I didn't mean or expect anything in return.

She smiled and said 'that'd be nice, thank you'.

We pulled up in the car park, I said 'wait there, I'll see if I can change the room. No point in her getting out in the rain again'

I told the staff behind the desk, that I had my niece with me and I needed to change to a twin room. She said she only had a double, but there was a large sofa in the room, she would be willing to overlook the over occupancy.

I went back out to the van and said to Chris that she could have the bed, I'd have the sofa. We went in the room, she said she was going to shower and disappeared into the bathroom. I made my bed up on the sofa and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. 15 minutes later she appeared wearing just a towel around her body and one wrapped around her head - I went for a quick shower.

When I came out of the bathroom, I was wearing a pair of pj shorts and Chris was sitting at the desk drying her hair.

I sat on the sofa and she said 'so, your wife doesn't come with you?'

I said 'normally, but not this time'

'So, doesn't she mind you being alone with someone in a hotel room?' she asked

I just said 'I don't normally pick up hitchhikers, but as it was raining'

'And I suppose you don't pay for their rooms either?' she said sarcastically, 'what will she say if she knew'

'This isn't something I normally do, and she won't find out' I said

I lay back on the sofa, watching her drying her hair. She was absolutely gorgeous, but I decided to leave it at that.

Chris stood and said 'I hope you don't mind, but I sleep naked' as she dropped the towel to the floor, she stood there for a moment, I think it was to let me see her naked and then slipped into bed. My cock began to stir, but I tried to ignore it.

She lay there for several minutes, then I watched as she got up and went into the bathroom again. Looking at her gorgeous young body as she moved - pure poetry in motion.

She came out again and said 'are you tired?' All I said was 'kind of', then she said 'would you like something to drink, I have a bottle of wine with me'. All I thought was 'why not'. so I sat up. Chris got out of bed, still naked and went to her bag, dent over with her back to me - giving me a nice view of her beautiful arse and pussy, and pulled out a bottle of wine, got two glasses from the table and sat on the bed cross legged, giving me a nice view of her neatly trimmed pussy.

I looked at her and said 'does it not bother you that here you are in a hotel room with a total strange, you're completely naked and I'm more than twice your age?' She looked at me and said 'no, does it bother you?' I laughed and shook my head.

I was trying to control (and hide) my semi rigid cock as Chris sat the naked chatting, she said 'I want to thank you for being such a gentleman, most guys would have tried to jump me by now.' All I said was 'it's nothing'.

Chris then slid of the bed, walked over to me and knelt in front of me, her beautiful pert young tits rubbing against me knees, my cock decided that it wanted to play and became fully erect and pushed its way out of the slit in the shorts, Chris' eyes lit up and she lent over and kissed me hard on the lips, I gave in and kissed her back, she pushed me backwards and straddled my hips, her young slim body on top of mine.

She took hold of my cock and started to rub it hard, then said 'fuck me'.

I pushed her away, then lifted her to the bed. As I placed her on the bed, I stood and dropped my shorts, my cock now free. Chris lay back knees bent and spread, I dropped to my knees and immediately started to lick at her pussy, she began panting heavier. After a few minutes, she orgasmed.

When she had finished, she said 'fuck me', so I slid her up the bed, climbed on top and gently pushed my hard cock into her tight young pussy. She was really tight, and jumped as I pushed into her. After a few minutes of sliding my cock into her, she said 'let me go on top'

She pushed me back on the bed, straddled my hips again, reached behind her and guided me cock into her tight little pussy again. She pushed down as I felt her lips part, her tight cunt muscles squeezing my shaft, she pushed all the way down until I could feel my cock pushing against her cervix.

She paused then slowly began to ride my cock, sliding up and down its length. She lent forward to her beautiful tits were inches from my face, I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked at it. Her skin was so soft and her nipple was so hard. She panted, 'suck it hard'

After several minutes of this, she orgasmed again, when she finished she rolled off and lay beside me, we kissed for several minutes, then I said 'roll over, I want to take you from behind'

She rolled onto her left side and shuffled nearer, I lifted her right leg and gently pushed my cock into her very wet, tight little pussy. As I pushed in, Chris gasped and said 'that feels nice', I gently began to slid back and forth into her. My left arm was under her head, so I cupped her right tit in my hand and gently began to massage it, I reached around her with my right arm and found her clit, gently rubbing it.

After several minutes of fingering her clit while sliding into her, she was beginning to climax again. I could feel myself getting close, so I said 'in or out', she said 'what?', I replied 'do you want me to cum in you or out?'. All she said was 'inside'.

A minute later I was pumping my cum deep inside her as her orgasmed, she pushed back into me to force my cock deeper into her. We both collapsed, me still inside her.

Chris turned her head and said 'thank you for not fucking me, thank you for making love to me'.

We drifted off to sleep with me still inside her.

About 6am, I was woken by Chris gently playing with my cock, her young naked body still laying beside me.

She looked at me and said 'make love to me again', as my cock awoke and quickly stood to attention.

I rolled over on top of her and slide inside her, my juices from the night before still inside her.

I slide into her and gently began to move back and forth. After a few minutes, Chris said 'let me move my legs', she lifted her legs onto my shoulders, giving me a better angle to enter her.

I slid back inside her and began to slide back and forth, Chris started to moan and pant as she built towards another orgasm.

I quickened my pace as I could feel myself building too, Chris was panting really hard and she 'fuck, I'm cummin, Cum in me'

I moved position slightly and quickened my pace, Chris started to cum, moaning really loud, a few seconds later I shot my load into her tight young pussy again.

We both collapsed and lay there for a while, before we dozed off again.

We woke just over an hour later. Chris said 'I'm going to shower, join me'

We climbed to the shower together, the warm water cascading down her soft young body. She kissed me hard as I returned the affection.

My cock pushing against her stomach, I lifted one of her legs, hooking my arm under the back of her knee, then she raised the other and I lifted her up until I could lower her down into my rigid cock. Pushing her again the wall I started to ram into her pussy, her pussy was now not as tight as last night. My hands were under her arse, so I gently began to finger her arse hole, she squealed with what seemed like delight and said 'fuck, that feels good'

After several minutes Chris began to repeat 'yes, harder, yes, harder,' I hammered into her. A minute later she was panting 'yes, yes, yes' as she came. I shot another load of my cum into her.

We dressed and went for breakfast. Chris had put on a short summer dress that buttoned up the front and just a pair of knickers.

By 9 we were back on the road, later Chris said 'lets buy some food and find somewhere to have a picnic'.

We brought some food at an Asda in a town somewhere around Gloucester that we were passing though and then drove out of town and found a quiet park to eat.

After we ate, Chris sat up, looked around and as there was no one about, she slowly undid the buttons on her dress, slide off her knickers and said 'fuck me this time'.

She pushed me onto my back and undid my jeans, releasing my hardening cock. Then she straddled me and slid down onto my cock. Within minutes I was cummin hard into her pussy again.

Half an hour later we were back on the road.

Chris said that she had enjoyed out journey and that she was said it was coming to an end. She said 'if you drop me off along your way home, I'll get a lift to my dad's'

I said 'no, Weymouth isn't that far off my way, so I'll take you all the way'

She laughed and said 'I think you've done that several times already'

When we got to Weymouth, she said 'Here's my number, call me. I won't call you, as I don't want to seem like a bunny boiler, and I don't want your wife to know'. Thanks for your kindness'.

I dropped her off and left, getting home later that evening.

I did called her several weeks later and she asked if we could meet up again. But that is another story.