Written by horny_nurses

11 Jul 2012

We first 'met' on a swinging site. I saw her advert, messaged and we got chatting. There was a definite spark even then, just chatting. Then there was an awkward moment when we realise we may work together, as it turned out we didnt. We quickly exchanged pics and then mobile numbers. Looking back it was quite reckless so quickly, but if it felt right for us, and we weren't wrong.

Then one evening after a few late night texts we decided to meet. Now normally when meeting someone for the first time one or both should feel a little nervous, but strangely neither of us did.

I knocked on the door and then worried what if i had the wrong house. Too late the door was open, behind the door i thought this is the wrong house, she didn't look this gorgeous in the pics. From behind the living room door came a dogs bark so we went upstairs. Now any red blooded guy would have jumped on the poor girl at this point but we sat on the bed and talked. Conversation came easy and we found out so much in common.

Then she moved and got more comfortable and we ended up lying down and we kissed. And as with all first kisses it was electric and amazing. After a short while she sat up, she lifted off her nightie to reveal an amazing body. I cupped her tits and teased her nipples erect. Her hands found my crotch and she teased me through the material of my jeans before she undressed me, then she bent forward and began to suck and lick me. How I didnt explode in her mouth right then i will never know. For what seemed like hours i enjoyed the magic her mouth was performing on my cock. But then i got hungry. I wanted to feel her wetness, wanted to feel her pussy around my fingers and finally taste her sweet juices. And so there we were, locked in a fantastic 69 for who knows how long. 3 times i felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm rippled through her until finally i couldnt hold back and i too orgasmed. Afterwards we held eachother tight until i had to leave...but that is not the end of things, just the beginging...