Written by big show

12 Feb 2011

So There i was starting in a bedroom in a london hotel totally naked and wondering what i was getting myself into.

We had met 3 hours before and things had clicked from the start, I was sitting at the bar and we started talking. It was a new experience for me, I dont put myself in situations like this very much and this was freeking me out a bit.

After a few drink we left the bar and went to a booth, this made thing more cosy and intimate.

after an hour or so we were both more comfortable with each other, the phone went and it was another man, she said ' i will be back in the morning' and dropped it back into her bag.

turning to me there was a big smile and 'I hope thats ok with you'

she then took my hand and pulled me to my feet, not an easy thing i have a few extra pounds on me.

we went to the life and up to floor 5, the posh rooms, extra large beds and pron on the tele for free.

she went into the bathroom and shouted that i should take my clothes off, well who am i to say no, so i was out of my trousers and shirt in no time.

and here i am naked in a london hotel room, wondering what the hell i have let myself into.

when she came out of the bathroom she had changed totally, the dress and heels had gone and now she was in a leather tight skin black all in one

with high heel boots.

on the bed she shouted, you will do as i tell you and you will have the best time you have ever had. and will be coming back for more.

face down on the bed i felt my bum slapped, my cock twitched, slay, it twitched again,

'turn over'

I did as i was told

'put this on'

i was handed a blindfold

'put your hands above your head'

this i did, and she tied them together and to the headboard

now i was wondering what was happening, but what can a guy

do tied up, by a horny bird and the rest of the day free.