Written by SW Meter Man

10 Sep 2007

My name is Dave and I have posted on here before. Just thought some readers might enjoy another of my adventures.... well here goes:

When I sem-retired after leaving the military, I thought it would be nice to have a job where there were no pressures, flexible hours and the job involved travelling. After a short time I became employed as a Meter Reader for a private company - not a very exciting job I hear many saying, but believe me it does have it's perks. On many occasions I have been greeted at the door of residential properties by wives/female partners in various stages of undress, which not only brightened up my days but also had me thinking how much of their behaviour was 'accidental' or done purely for mine (and I hope) their pleasure. The women have been all sizes, shapes and ages (obviously descrimination is frowned upon in the company, so I treat them all the same - provided they're above legal age of course).

Initially I started part-time to get up to speed, and before many months had elapsed, I was taken on full-time. My routes were expanded and I was allocated more commercial jobs (pubs, clubs, hotels and police stations etc etc), although residential reads were included and helped to bulk out the job. My venture involves one of the many social clubs that require monthly visits.

When I first started visiting the club everything was of course on a business level - I located the metering system and got on with the job and then prepared to move onto my next call. I could not help noticing though the slim, dark-haired young lass (Sam & 21 I was to find out later) working behind the bar. During my initial visits you'd think the invisible man had walked in, but that was all to change in following months. The club owners were having problems with their supplier and decided to change. Fortunatley for me our company were reading for the new one as well. They also decided to have the metering system moved during a refurbishment, which is not uncommon as installers seem to put them in the most ridiculous of places.

On my first visit after the refurb I was pleased to note that Sam was still working there. I smiled at her and asked where everything was, She informed me that she didn't know but called on her mobile to the owners and soon had the answer. She said she would show me where and, as the club was closed for another couple of hours, she would make a brew for us both. When she came from behind the bar I just looked in amazement....... those legs that had been obscured behind the bar were just out of this this world. Like the rest of her, they were slender. Her jean skirt barely coming below her tight little ass showed them off to perfection. We sat opposite each other drinking our coffee and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. What was a man to do but look (discreetly of course)..... her skirt rode up a few inches and I was able to make out the outline of what appeared to be very thin material covering her pussy - My cock had been throbbing since I saw her legs, but was now at the stage that it was bulging hard against my trousers imagining what delights lay beneath.

We finished our drinks and made our way to the club cellar (thankfully with me behind so that she was unaware of me eyeing her up and the bulge that was still evident). After what seemed like ages were were in the cellar. It was cold (as they always are) and the temp was obvious because as she turned, and too my eye popping delight, her nipples were rock hard and sticking out from inside her blouse. She noticed me looking and went red, apologising for her state. Trying to remain professional I explained that she need not worry and that it was a 'normal' response. It was then you could have knocked me over with a feather as she said it was not just the room temp that got her into this state - For fucks sake.... here was a lass young enought to be my daughter. I laughed it off and located the metering system - needless to say they had come up trumps again, and to get to it I had to lie on my back!! However, a bonus for me in some respects, as I was able to grab glimpses fo those stunning legs and look up to see those magnificant tits with hard nips on display through her blouse - the bulge in my trousers was unmissable but it went no further - I completed the job and left.

The warm weather had arrived when I made my next visit, but I thought that I had no chance with Sam - after all the age difference (put her show/comments down to be a PT) and moreso I was running late and the club would be open when I arrived. How wrong I was...............

Sam was in a flimsy top and jeans. I smiled and said it was time for another trip to the cellar. One of the guys on the pool table whistled and told Sam not to get carried away down there, but she stuck her middle finger in her mouth and then in the air. Making sure the bar was covered with enough staff Sam got the keys and we headed off for an uneventful trip to the cellar. As soon as she put the light on the bulb blew.... bloody typical. We made our way over to the system and I adopted my normal position on my back. I got Sam to hold the torch and so I could see the dial.... that wasn't the only thing I could see. The flimsy top had come forward and a glorious set of hard nippled bare tits were on plain view - Instantly my cock became hard although evidence of this was hidden in the bad light. I was imagining my stiff cock thrusting between them and shooting my hot cum over her tits and face - god it was getting too much and I had to say something. I mentioned to Sam was was on display and from the response I got I knew I was in for a treat. She disappeared with the torch and went over and locked the cellar door from the inside. As she came back over to where I was laying she started to removed her top and, even in the poor light, I could make out a the shape of her gorgeous tits. I knew I needed no further invitation and stood to walk over to her. She moaned slightly as I went behind here and cupped both her tits, my fingers and thumbs brushing, pulling and squeezing a pair of rock hard long nipples. My hand made it's way to the top of her jeans (god I wanted to bend her over there and then and fuck her hard from behind) but she stopped me - oh fuck had I blown it? Without saying a word she turned around and kissed me deeply, her hand finding the bulge in my trousers and she started to rub my cock through the material. She lowered herself down so she was squatting in front of me and I could feel her mouth working over the length of my cock, a hand came up and undid the zip and reaching inside my boxers she soon had her hand gripping around it's throbbing length. She slowly started to wank me (uncomfortable inside trousers) so I undid the button and let them and my boxers fall to the floor. In an instant her tongue was licking the pre-cum off the end of my knob and still wanking me, slowly took it all in her mouth. I could have shot my load there and then, but wanted to fuck and cum inside her. After what seemed like ages but infact was only about 5-10 mins, she stopped sucking and stood up. Still hold my cock she said she wanted it inside her - no 2nd invitation neded here I thought.

I stepped away, lowered my head and sucked her hard nipples in turn whilst undoing her jeans. They were soon history. In the torch light (thank fuck for duracell lol)I could see her semi-bare pussy. Her lips were already open and juices evident on her thighs - I needed to taste and with her still standing made my way down and located her clit (as hard and nearly as long as her nipples) with my tongue and started to suck for England. I've been told that my oral technique ranks amongst the best, and from the noises Sam was making and the juices flowing as they were, I knew that it was not failing me this time either. She was near breaking point and said she needed a fuck badly - so did I!

Sam said she wanted it from behind but the floor was fucking freezing. Using our initiate we moved a few barrels (Strange sight with 2 semi naked people lol) and got a couple of old cushions to place over them. Sam got onto them and the height, position and balance were perfect. Her pussy was gaping and I took this opportunity to give it a final tonguing, her arse thrust back and she cum, squirting over my face - heaven. I stood up and taking my stiff cock in hand, was able to slide straight in up to the hilt with no problem. I was met by Sam's ass thrusting back and like a pair of animals we just fucked as hard and as fast as we could, occasionally me playing with here swinging tits and her slipping a hand through to play with her clit and my cock. As calm as you like Sam said to me that I was a better fuck then her b/f as, although his cock was quite long, he was a 'pencil dick' and she preferred a thicker cock to fill her up. I nearly cum on the spot but grabbed her hips and lunged into her deep. Fuck knows how but she managed to retain her balance on those barrels and I had managed to shaft her another 10 mins or so before I felt myself wanting to cum. I told Sam and she said to fill her up - my cock tensed and before long I was emptying myself deep inside her. I pulled out and she moved off and turned over to sit on a barrel. She took my softening cock and put it back in her mouth to clean me off - taking this opportunity, I played with her tits a little more.... she moaned and cum again.

Realising that we had been down in the cellar for far too long, we decided it best to call a halt to things there. We sorted out ourselves, got our composure back and decided that the best way was for Sam to let me out of the delivery entrance and she would go back up to the bar saying that she (in case anyone asked) had been doing some stock checks so people in the bar would be none the wiser.

Why the meter man always cums twice? Well, the club is always last on my route these days and for some strange reason it always coincides with Sam working. She always makes sure I cum inside her twice.... anymore is a bonus and she is more than happy to take it like a woman and swallow!!

Who said reading gas/electric meters is boring - always will to oblige ladies.

Like I've said previously....... have had a few experiences, but none as good as Sam. I'll post again if more happens.

Happy Swinging