Written by DPnewtothis

17 Feb 2011

This is a story that's 20 years old but I was reminded of it recently when I bumped into the woman in question, the memories came flooding back!

I was only 19 at the time, had only had sex with one girl, my girlfriend at the time, and my knowledge of sex was pretty lame! All I thought you did was kiss for a while then push your cock in until you came, Emma and her husband were to teach me different!

I'd left college and began work in an Accountants in a nearby town and I shared an office with Emma, 10 years older than me, blonde, huge tits and back then stockings were the fashion, and she kept my wank bank topped up with some of the things she wore!

After I'd been there about 9 months it was my first office party, staff only, no partners, hotel, disco and overnight stay.

We had a coach to take us all there and on the day in question Emma was looking so hot! Black halterneck dress, no bra, pert nipples and hold ups visible through the tight material. The flirting we had daily at work continued as the drink flowed and as the evening wore on a lot of snogging between staff who shouldn't didn't raise an eye! Emma told me this always happens and go with it, who was I to refuse?!

Next she dragged me on the dancefloor, a slow dance brought our first kiss and I immediately became hard, especially as to kiss her I had to bend down a bit, a cheeky look at her massive tits only making my cock strain even more!

As our kissing got more passionate I tried to stop as I was worried who was looking, but I shouldn't have worried, half the rest of the staff were pairing off! Accountants eh?!

We made our excuses and headed off to her room, once inside the room she soon had my shirt and trousers off and knelt in front of me, rubbing my cock in my boxers, the tip now straining, poking out the waistband as she gently rubbed my pre-cum into the head. "ooooo! You're a big boy aren't you?" I'm not huge, but bigger than most, just over 8 inches and very thick. She held my warm, heavy cock in her hands, rubbing it against her face and lips, pre cum dribbling but her tongue soon lapped it up. I couldn't believe the woman I'd lusted over now had my cock in her hands! Looking down, seeing her hands wrapped around my cock, the sight of her wedding ring making me even harder as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, her warm tongue licking all around as her hands wanked my shaft. Every now and then she'd remove my cock and lick all along the shaft before slapping it against the side of her face before slurping on it again, it sounded as good as it felt as she pumped my cock into her mouth until I could take no more. As I came she wanked harder, taking me out of her mouth my cum spurted hard and fast on her face and tits, some spraying into her gorgeous blonde hair as she squeezed every drop, letting some spray onto her dress.

Once finished she licked me clean before telling me 'this'll have to go to the cleaners' before slowly untying her dress from behind her neck, letting it fall to the floor. Wow! My girlfriend was nothing like this! Emma's perfect tits stood up so firm, no sagging but 100% natural, huge nipples that begged to be sucked, a nice hairy blonde pussy (not the fashion to wax back then!) and perfect legs, the stockings and stilettos making her look like pure sex!

She led me to the bed, lay down and begged me to lick her. I went straight for the nipples, my hands grabbing at her tits, kneading them like the inexperienced boy I was! I moved down to her pussy, she smelt amazing and she was so wet. I began licking but she soon parted her lips, pulling me up to her clit, then back down again to her juicy hole, groaning and moaning as she wrapped her legs around my face, coming hard against my tongue.

Rock hard from this she begged me, 'Fuck me!' I needed no second invite, kneeling between her legs I took my cock, fumbling around trying to push my wide bulbous mushroom top inside her, feeling the 'pop' as it entered her. 'oh my god! Fuck me! Yes! Oh god!' she kept crying as I slowly pushed myself into her. It wasn't long before I was on the brink. 'Where can I cum?' I asked. 'In me! In me! I'm on the pill!' she begged, her nails sunk into my arse cheeks as she came, her tight pussy tensing around my cock, forcing my to cum, shooting my thick wads of spunk deep inside her.

I pulled out and watched my cum oozing from her pussy, matting her hairs, her swollen pink lips looked even bigger and fatter than I'd imagined.

We fucked twice more during the night, and in the morning she dropped the bombshell that her husband had told her to fuck someone at the Christmas party and tell him all about it! Apparently he only had a 4 inch cock and couldn't satisfy her and this was going to keep their marriage alive. I freaked, I'd never heard of cuckolds, swingers etc, but I'm happy to say I kept Emma's cunt filled with seed for 3 more years until I got another job.

We met for a reunion fuck last week, she still has an amazing body and is still married! But she's allowed cock whenever she wants it!

I'm going round for dinner with my wife next week..........!