Written by wankalot

6 Dec 2008

hi id gone to the big supermarket that jamie advertises and as i walked in one door this rather cute young lady walked in the other door , me being a gentlemen let her go in before me .........

i was doing my shopping when bang crash she bumped into my trolly as is the english way we both apologised lol and we went on our merry way

further round the store in the cleaning aisle we met again this time she said hi (as if we knew each other lol)i did notice she was buying loads of cleaning stuff ........

anyway i did my shopping and went into the cafe for a breakfast not long after i heard a voice behind me saying is it ok if i join you !!

yes sure sit yerself down , we both introduced our selves she was called gail and she went on to tell me she had just moved from oxford to here to which i replied arhh i now understand all the clenaing stuff you were buying , she told me she had moved into this flat and was getting it cleaned up ....................she went onto say that she had a busy day ahead as she had some flat pack furniture to build and she wasnt looking forward to it .

as we chatted i said if you want a hand to build it id love to help .........her smile melted me she siad are you sure cos if you are id love you to give me a hand .she give me her address and i said id be ther in about an hour after i had took my shopping home .

when i arrived she let me in offered me a brew and then said well lets do it !!! she took me into the bedroom were a wardrobe , 2 bedside cabinets and a 4 drawer chest were ready to be built !!!

we soon had it all done and in place she looked at me and said im sorry it was such sweaty work , i was sweating alot at the time lol...... i said not to worry ill have a shower when i get home , she replied i cant send you home like that i insist that you use my shower and clean yourself up!

i tried to argue with her but she was persistant !

so off i was sent to the bathroom to shower she give me a big fluffy towel i showered and was drying myself when she knocked on the door and said are you decent ( i nearly replied well ive got 7.5 inches if that decent enough ! but i didnt i said yes id wrapped the towel round me

she opened the door popped her head round and asked if id like another brew i said yes can i have coffee this time ..she said sure and left as she did i took the towel off to continue drying me when the door opened again as it did she said how many sugers ............. but she never finished the question she just stood there staring at my naked body ! i started to put the towel in front of my crutch when she said fucking hell what a tasty looking cock ! i must admit i was shocked .......... as she said it she came towards me and said oh my god you just have to let me see that again ..........i didnt have time to protest because she took the towel from my hand and left me stakers again .......... as she made little squeels of joy i could feel my cock start to rise my bell end geting bigger by the second ..........oh fuck it so sucable she said and with that she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me like nothing on earth !

i stood there watching her pleasure my manhood when i noticed that she had slipped her fingers inside her knickers and was fingering the life out of herself !

i said id love to do that for you , she stopped sucking stood up and said good cos i was just thinking the same ..she went back into the hall and into the bedroom were she soon stripped off and joined me on the bed

what followed was one of the best sessions ive enjoyed for ages we had a great 69 her pussy which was shaven tasted like fine wine and she sucked me till i exploded in her mouth she took the full load ..........

afterwards she carried on sucking me until i was rock hard again then she got on her knees i stood at the side of the bed and slowly slipped my cock deep inside her god she was so wet !as i moved in and out of her juicy cunt she pushed back against my cock it was so fucking good (im rock hard again as i write this up )

i could tell i was gonna cum again and as i said im gonna cum soon she said oh dont cum yet i want to feel that cock deep in my arse !!!!!!!!! fuck me it gets better !

i pulled out of her pussy and rubbed my cock against her hole rubbing the wetness from her against it .......i then pushed and my cock disapeared in a flash (i found out later she adores taking cock up there !) i started to fuck her good n hard she was now screaming at me to shoot all my spunk up her arse ...........who was i to argue with lol

i could now feel my balls tighten and the sap beginning to rise when the first shot hit the spot what followed was another 7 or 8 good amounts of my hot cum inside her she was going off like a rocket as i was cumming off !

when i pulled out of her my spunk was running out of her hot hole god it looked so fucking good i just went down on her and licked it out rimming her hole as i did ! she went bananas ! as i licked and swallowed my own spunk from her..

we lay there smoking a fag after when she said i never expected that to happen when you arrived but boy am i glad it did !! was she glad it did ! fuck me i was over the moon like i said earlier this was one of the best fuck sessions ive enjoyed in ages and it wont be the last

ive arranged to go back today to help her put some curtain rails up

god knows were that will lead to ...........................