Written by Demi

22 Apr 2009

Hi, Demi here, after waking up to find my husband had already left for work, I got up and checked my phone for texts. Lucy left a message for me to be at hers for 10.30, for “preparation” and to wear whatever I wanted as clothes would be provided!

So I showered and dressed in my pink track suit, but packed some shoes and undies in case, the soft material of the suit was gentle against my tender bits (ie, all of me!) so I was pretty relaxed as I parked near her place and walked the rest of the way. The new glazed porch looked good and was going to be welcome when the weather got cold, there were still the odd builders around doing bits and pieces but it was deserted today. I stripped outside and was buzzed in and met by numbers 1 and 2 who soon had me hanging from the ceiling pulleys, my legs stretched open, I waited for Lucy but 1 said she was out and they would be dealing with me. I was still fairly relaxed as they moved around behind me, getting the machine ready I guessed.

Suddenly my pussy was on fire as a length of leather belt cracked against it, the end finishing just under my bust, I yelped in pain and surprise and 1 told me that Lucy had said that I needed to be reminded that I was to obey her always, and as I said I had, 1 whipped me with the strap again, this time it wrapped around my body, where she continued, the leather burning my tummy and breasts, turning the skin visibly red, even under my tan. She kept whipping me until I was crying, I knew that no marks would be left shortly after the punishment was over but it was still hurting. She told me that Lucy had heard that I had cum like a dirty whore in front of Kens brothers despite being told I couldn’t. I admitted I had and was whipped for a few minutes more as 1 enjoyed herself. Next I was subjected to 45 minutes of electrode treatment, the power set so high it made me cry out with each shock. When that was over I was let down and told to change for my meeting at the hotel. The only item in the room was a thin, white, cotton jumpsuit, the ones that you can see the pocket linings through. As I pulled it on to my tingling body, I noticed that it had a zipper that ran all the way from the front to end above my buttocks in the rear, also the breast pockets had had the lining removed, it was a little snug as I zipped it up, the coolness of the zip slipping between my pussy lips. As I looked in the mirror I could see that my tanned body was easy to see through the material, my pussy was clearly defined by the zip, as were my buttocks. The outline of my breasts could just be seen through the top but the zip finished low enough that there was plenty of cleavage on show anyway. As I walked out to meet the taxi, I gasped, the zipper was grinding all along my pussy, rubbing my clit and tugging at the ring with every little movement, and 1 had used coarse nylon thread around the breast pockets, irritating my nipples too. She had also put condoms into the pockets in the bottoms, these were clearly visible through the suit, the object being to humiliate me I guess. The only shoes I had with me that would go with the outfit were ridiculously high, white pole dancer ones with clear plastic platforms and heels.

The taxi dropped me off outside the same hotel, and I went in and asked for Paul and Larry at the desk, the concierge told me (while leering at my body) that I was expected upstairs and gave me the room number. I thought I was going to climax walking up the stairs to their suite, the seam was sawing my pussy in half by now, made worse by the fact that I was starting to get damp there too.

Outside the room, I knocked and waited, Paul opened the door and dragged me into the room, forcing me to my knees, his penis already out and hardening, he offered it to my lips and I began worshipping it with my mouth, sucking on it noisily until it was hard as steel. He lifted me from the floor by my hair and threw me onto my back on a desk, pulling the zipper right down until my pussy was available to him, holding my ankles he raised my legs and spread them, his hard penis nudging my little hole, still tender from yesterdays screwing as well as the friction from the zipper. With my ankles resting on his shoulders he guided his willy into the entrance of my pussy, grunting as he tried to get it all the way inside with the first push, I gasped at the feeling of fullness and was soon moaning with pleasure as he started screwing me like I was a whore, violently ramming himself deep inside me, calling me names and making me answer and beg him to fuck my dirty sluts hole harder. It took him about 10 minutes to climax inside my, the feeling of his semen filling my unprotected pussy triggering a massive climax in me too, making me wrap my legs around him holding his willy deep inside me until I was sure it was empty. As he pulled out and moved away, Larry moved into place, his penis filling and stretching me once more, giving me an unexpected climax, straight away. He went on screwing me for another 10-15 minutes, the top peeled away so he could maul and kiss my breasts, teasing several more orgasms from me as he prepared to empty his massive balls in me for the first time that day. I heard a knock on the door and somebody say it was room service, Larry finished filling me with his seed as Paul ushered a member of staff in with a tray of food and drinks, he led the poor guy past me, the look on his face was priceless, Larry had moved away and I was laying on the desk, still in the jumpsuit, but it was unzipped and peeled away, revealing my tanned, toned body, my pert breasts with painfully hard nipples, and my well stuffed pussy, leaking its freshly accepted load of semen, I could feel it running between my bum cheeks, slowly. I remained where they had left me as the guy sorted out the trolley contents with Paul, making sure everything was ok before getting him to sign for it. As he walked back towards the door, he was coming directly towards me, I saw him gawping and a bulge beginning to form at the front of his trousers. Paul said I was a company perk and that if he made sure their stay was a good one, he might let him have a “go” with me before they left. The poor bloke went bright red and muttered a thank you before rushing out of the door.

Larry came back over to me and, taking hold of the oversize pull ring, zipped up the bottom half of my jumpsuit, I gasped as the cold zip slid along the groove of my semen filled pussy, sending tiny shocks through my clit. They called me over to the trolley and offered me some iced water to drink, sucking willies always leaves me thirsty, yes even when I get to swallow!

After a short rest the brothers led me back to the desk, my suit was unzipped fully this time, and I was told to lie across the desk, face down. Larry stood in front of me, his hardening penis being pushed towards my mouth. Paul was behind me, rubbing my clit and sliding his willy up and down my slit until I was moaning. I cried out as he penetrated my throbbing pussy, arching my back and trying to get all of his hardness inside in one movement, as I did this, Larry took hold of my face and pushed his penis into my open mouth, both brothers began humping me with slow, rhythmic thrusts, forcing me to arch as they both moved forwards. Paul was saying what a dirty slut I was and that I was still gagging for more cock even when I was being spit roasted by them. I was in heaven, my body was still trembling from the climax I had earlier, even the thought that I may end up knocked up later didn’t prevent me having another powerful climax as the 2 men’s penises continued screwing my mouth and pussy. I suppose I should’ve been worried as I had been screwed by 6 different men that month, even though only 5 had left their semen inside my unprotected pussy, it would mean that the chances of any babies being my husbands was reduced from 50% all the way down to 20%, even that thought triggered another climax in me, I was turning into a real cock slut.

Just then the brothers both pulled out of me, leaving me moaning over the desk, then they moved around and changed places, I came again as Larrys penis entered my pussy, my cries being stifled as Paul stuffed my mouth with his slime coated cock. This carried on for nearly an hour, the men changing places before they climaxed again and again, until my pussy and jaw were sore. At one point I thought that Paul was going to screw my bum (he seemed to like taking me like that) as he began fingering me there while he was screwing me, but he was just teasing me, making me writhe and moan like a wanton whore, trapped between him and his brother as they continued humping me. Finally I felt Paul speed up in my pussy as Larry took hold of my head firmly and began to quicken screwing my mouth, then……bang, Paul thrust 3 fingers into my tight, sore bum hole and at the same time began climaxing in my tender pussy, I tried to cry out at the intense pleasure the feelings were causing me and was rewarded by Larrys penis exploding almost simultaneously in my mouth, nearly drowning me with the amount of semen he poured down my throat. Both brothers pulled out, Paul walking around and offering me his penis to clean with my mouth, I sucked him clean, hungrily devouring the sticky, salty mess of our 3 combined juices and saw that he had begun to harden as he moved away. I was still trembling as my climaxes lessened when I felt a stiff penis nudge my exposed bum hole, I looked over my shoulder and gasped in surprise as I saw Paul behind me, his willy almost hard, bearing down on me, forcing himself past the ring and on into my bottom, it hurt like crazy, but I was supple enough to take him there easily, the real surprise was that he was ready to go straight after a climax, he had to be taking something! Even though I am able to take anal sex, because Paul had only just finished screwing my pussy, he continued humping my bottom for over half an hour, leaving me sore and gaping when he finally came inside it.. My zipper was done up again and I was given another glass of iced water to cool me down (it would’ve been better if I put my bottom or pussy into it to be honest!).

Next thing is Paul telling me to go to reception and ask if there are any letters for them, so I zip up the suit as much as I can and toddle off, not too steadily as I have just spent a wonderful couple of hours being screwed silly. Because my body was in a heightened state, each tiny movement had me trembling, the see sawing of the zip across my clit was electric, my nipples were so hard they were hurting too, as I went down the stairs I was greeted by a sea of faces turned up to watch my descent, looking into one of the large mirrors I saw why! Not only was my tanned body fairly visible through the white cotton, the colourful rubbers were too, studying my image I gasped as I noticed that where I had been screwed so much the material around my crotch was soaking, making it even more see through, the zip was now almost buried between my stretched pussy lips. I asked about mail at the desk and was given one letter to take back, the foyer was still as I remounted the stairs, I guessed that the back of the outfit would be at least as transparent as the crotch was, still there was nothing I could do except grin and bare it.

As soon as I got back in the room my zipper was undone all the way around, leaving me standing in an outfit that looked as if it was in 2 separate halves, Larry was all over me, fingering both my holes and mauling my breasts until I was begging him to fuck me, he quickly pushed me down onto my back on the bed and without ceremony entered my hungry pussy, shafting me so hard I cried out with each thrust. All too soon, he filled my hole with more of his seed, surprisingly, as soon as he got off me, Paul jumped straight on (this was unnatural, he mustve had a semi hard on all the time) and quickly added his semen to his brothers. Just then there was a knock at the door and Ken was let in. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to be screwed by all three brothers and, more to the point, was wetting up in preparation.

“Hello slut” said Ken, “that dirty cunt of yours still in need of more cock then?” I nodded yes to him and he came over to me and let me unzip him and stroke him to hardness. Even now I still get wet and nervous as his massive penis hardens in my hands, not believing my pussy can accommodate something that size inside, and as always he proves me wrong, leaving me well used, gaping wide open, sore and dripping his cum. He wasted no time, spreading my legs as wide as he could and telling me to spread my cunt lips for him, as I did, he knelt between my legs and began feeding his massive willy inside me, making me quiver as I felt my already stretched hole begin to fill and stretch further as he began screwing me with long, full, strokes, each one almost making him come out of me before stuffing it all the way back in again, my cries for him to fuck me causing the front desk to call the room with a complaint from another resident, even while Larry was reassuring the manager I was pleading with Ken to cum inside me. In less than 15 minutes he had, and I lay back on the bed knowing what a slut I must look, spread-eagled my hole gaping wide and his thick seed running out from me., once more my zipper was pulled up, my pussy lips now hiding it where it passed between my legs, I could see my pussy lips were pink and swollen through the, now see through crotch, the dampness making the material sheer to a point halfway down my inner thighs too.

As I sat up I was given another glass of iced water to drink, and sat chatting with the brothers for a while, they were all taking turns to grope my willing body asking what my husband would say if he could see me there or if they left me knocked up after my visits, I told them I didn’t know and couldn’t care as all I was interested in was their cocks. I was stroking Paul and Larry to hardness as they stood up, one each side and carried me bodily to the bed, throwing me down on it I was offered their penises to suck on and then Paul lay down and told me to mount his cock, I moaned as I did so, my pussy was feeling extremely sensitive, Paul began playing with my breasts and I had soon gotten over the tenderness. Then Larry got behind me and, pushing me forwards onto Paul, worked his willy into my stretched pussy, adding his girth to his brothers, then, holding me, they began to screw me in unison, once more I got over the discomfort and was soon moaning loudly begging them not to stop, they seemed to go on forever, my cries getting louder and ruder with each climax I had and then with a little coordination, they came, Larry first then Paul, soon afterwards, leaving me lying, spent on top of Paul, still moaning as I felt their cocks shrink while still inside me.

As soon as they had the energy to get off me, Ken pulled me onto my knees, still on the bed and pushed his monster back up inside me, holding me by my hips and using me like I was a rag doll until with one mighty push he added yet another load of semen in my already flooded hole. I fell face down onto the bed and almost passed out I was so happy and tired.

I must’ve lost track of time or dozed off because the next thing I knew, I was being given another glass of water to drink, I drank it down and then suddenly felt the need to wee. I went to get up saying I needed the toilet but Paul placed his big hand on the small of my back pinning me to the bed. “I think we should fuck the slut until she pisses herself” to be honest I wasn’t that far away from doing that right now! Ken said it was up to them but it’d make a mess of the bed, so Paul rolled me over and let me go, I ran into the loo and only just made it before all that water gushed out, I took the time to examine my poor pussy while I was alone, the lips were badly swollen and dark red, I had some nice bruises forming on the insides of my thighs too, but at least my tan would partially cover them.

As soon as I walked back into the bedroom, the 3 brothers started fondling me and feeling me up, in seconds I was a moaning quivering wreck, begging them to fuck me even as a small climax shook me. They didn’t need much encouragement and I was soon back on the bed, Paul mounting me first, holding me tightly in position as he screwed me so hard I cried out with each thrust, despite my pussy being stretched, he still managed to climax in me quickly, telling me what a whore I was, then as soon as he had gotten off me, Larry took his place, he paid attention to my breasts and clit and had me climaxing like a train, pleading for him not to stop, but all too soon I felt his penis deliver another load of semen into my greedy pussy. Next came Ken, of course, it was still uncomfortable for my pussy to accommodate his penis even though I well lubricated and stretched, as always he took great pleasure at the noises he was getting from me, making me demean myself by saying that I would let him fuck me anywhere, anytime (and had) he kept it up for nearly 45 minutes before I felt that familiar warm flooding in my womb, as soon as he was done he got up and zipped my suit up, I gasped once more as the zipper slipped into the crack of my pussy and bum, as I was helped up I looked down between my legs, the whole of the area around my crotch was now transparent, my swollen lips met over the zip, their redness visible too.

Ken told me to fuck off, there would be a taxi for me at the door and to tell my husband that I would be out late on Thursday (the day after tomorrow) and he wouldn’t accept any excuses.

After I left the room, I felt like everyone was staring at me, and most probably were, I had seen that the back of the suit was almost as bad as the front so most of my pussy and bum were on view. There was a taxi waiting and they dropped me off one block away from Lucys (Kens idea) so I had to face walking back in broad daylight, subject to everyone’s looks and comments, and the girls were far worse than the blokes!

Back at Lucys there was a builder doing something to the porch, I saw the look on his face change from confused to lust as he first watched my entrance with my soaked jumpsuit and then me, slowly peeling it off before being buzzed in, the man was called inside too. Toys 1 and 2 were there, no Lucy (she was still upset with me) they were dressed fairly normally and offered the man a cup of coffee which he accepted, they asked what he thought of me and he just smiled and said I was horny, this didn’t please 1 at all and she told him I was nothing but a little cock slut and if he wanted proof he could fuck my ass as my cunt was probably to slack for anything smaller than a horse. He asked if she was joking and she said no and told me to tell him. I said to him that I was a cock slut and had just spent the afternoon being fucked by 3 men but was happy for him to use my bum if he wanted to, like a lot of men I know, he jumped at the chance for a bit of afternoon delight and soon I was bent over a stool, my bottom being well screwed by a complete stranger in front of the other 2 toys who were egging him on saying that I liked to be fucked hard enough to make me scream, he wasn’t small but he was going at me hard and I was still very sore back there, but he was soon enough finished, emptying his semen into a condom. Pulling out he said thanks and left to finish his work.

I was allowed to leave as I was told I stank of sex again and needed to clean up, I changed back into my comfortable tracksuit, but even the fleecy lining made me moan as it touched my clitoris, which had been rubbed almost raw by the zipper.

I barely had time to shower before I heard my husband pulling up in the drive, I quickly pulled a robe over me to cover the marks from my abuse. He came upstairs about 10 minutes later, and, seeing me nearly naked, stripped off, pushing me onto the bed, I suggested we got under the covers and he said ok, then he started to fondle me, because I was so tender I was moaning like a cheap whore within seconds, he took this as a sign of his prowess as a lover, and like a lot of men the looseness of my pussy was ignored as he climbed on top of me. He was obviously in the mood as he managed to keep going for just over 1 hour, by which time I was thrashing around not sure if I was in pleasure or pain at the amount of punishment my pussy had taken, when he came he came loads, slamming himself hard into me with each spurt until he was completely sated. Afterwards I told him that I would be very late home on Thursday and he said not to worry he would probably stop over with friends so I could get in when I felt like it.

He fell asleep and I lay beside him wondering what was in store for me next!