Written by Massage_Guy

22 Aug 2011

As she opened the door to us, she said “ hello, i've just finished getting him ready, come on in” we entered into the hallway, first impressions were very nice pleasant lady, we followed her to the kitchen, where she offered us a drink, i asked “what do you mean, you were just getting him ready? “ “you'll see” she said” as she smiled “ how was your journey? , tea, coffee or something stronger?”

“not for me thanks, i'm fine” Paul replied the same, i was so intrigued as to what she had done to her husband, “are you sure? “ she asked “ i dont want to take you to him yet, he can wait” she said in a raised voice, Paul asked “ can he hear us” “oh yes, he can hear us” she replied “ but i want him to stew for a while” she moved closer to us put her hands on the front of our trouser rubbed our cocks and said quietly “ we're gonna show him a thing or two” i pulled down the zip of her tracksuit top to reveal her very pert breasts, i used my index finger to encircle her nipple, “ you guy's bi then” she asked to which we both nodded, she took hold of my hand removed it from her breast and moved it over to feel Paul's cock through his trousers “bet, you've had some of this before haven't you” she asked, i just smiled and winked at her, “ i wanna see you have some more” she demanded as she move around behind Paul put her hands around his waist and began to undo his trousers by this time his cock was very hard and straining to be released as she pulled down on Paul's trousers i released his cock from it's confines, there it stood long and proud, she reached round and took hold of it and said “well you were right, you said on your profile it was big, you wasn't lying was you” as she gripped it with both hands and gently squeezed, “ let's have you sat on here” she said as she tapped her hand on the breakfast bar, as Paul removed his shoes socks and trousers and began to clamber up onto the breakfast bar, she went towards the window and closed the blinds, while she had her back to us i took Paul's cock in my mouth and began to run my tongue round his very swollen end, as she turned she said “now isn't that a sight to behold, go on carry on dont let me stop you” her voice raised again as she said “ i want some of that too, dont be greedy” i pulled away from Paul waved his cock in my hand and beckoned her to come and have a try, she didn't need asking twice, as she came across she said in a raised voice “ i want some of that big cock” “fill my mouth with your big cock” obviously so her husband could hear, wherever he was, while she sucked and licked Paul's cock i removed all my clothes, my cock was aching to be released, i knelt behind her and slid her trackie bottoms to her ankles revealing her beautifully well proportioned buttocks, i gripped and parted them to reveal the string of her thong hopelessly attempting to hide her anus, i used two fingers to reach over and pull the string from it's hiding place, she bent over even more to give me a glimpse of her glistening pussy, oozing in anticipation i stiffened my tongue and jutted it into her pussy then jutted it into her anus, she gave a loud sigh took her mouth away from Paul's cock and said loudly “mmmmm lick my ass, i love that” then returned to his cock, as i jutted my tongue in and out of her anus i slid my finger into her very wet warm pussy, my cold finger made her jump slightly as it entered, Paul fondled her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples as she sucked on his cock, everything seemed to be building up nicely she was writhing on my tongue and finger, sucking on Paul's big cock having her breast fondled, then suddenly all stopped !!

she stood upright and said come on we're going to show him what you can do, she headed into the hallway and began to climb the stairs , Paul climbed down off the breakfast bar and we followed her, as we mounted the stairs i jokingly prodded at Pauls hole with my finger to make him hurry, this had the opposite effect he was so horny he would have had me fuck him right there on the stairs, she called out to us in a loud voice “ come on boys, i have a surprise for you” as we got to the top she was stood in front of a door that was slightly ajar “ in here guys” she said as she entered the room, as we entered the dimly lit room all was revealed “ this is Rob my husband, i want you to call him wanker” Rob was naked and knelt in his leather exec office chair, his arms and ankles bound to the armrests of the chair with his chin resting on the back of the chair, she spun the chair round spanked his buttock quite hard and said “you can do anything you can do anything you want to him once you have sorted my needs out” and what might they be i asked “i want those gorgeous cocks deep inside pussy” was the reply, jokingly Paul said “at the same time” “would you like to see that” she asked as she looked at her husband “ two cocks in my pussy at the same time” “think i could manage it” he nodded sheepishly at her, “well we will see” , “this one is bigger than i expected” she said as she took hold of pauls wilting cock, “ i want you to get these guys ready for me, get them rock hard for me, suck these cocks” as we stood behind the chair with Rob licking and sucking on our cocks, Paul asked “ if we are to call him wanker what do we call you” “slut, slapper, whore you choose” “ i'm going to be all of those today” she replied she stood on the bed and cast off her top and thong, revealing her smooth pussy, she spread her legs and started to tap her pussy with her hand as she watched Rob take our cocks into his mouth in turn, “right guys, you know the picture on your profile, the two cocks picture, i want you to show me what it looks like in real life, get on here”

we laid on the bed with our cocks held closely together, Pauls cock towering above mine, it used to make me feel quite inadequate when we first met making my mere 6” look tiny in comparison, but being so big 's disadvantages too (that's another tale), she looked at me and said you are good with that tongue, prepare me to take your cocks make me wet, she positioned her feet either side of my shoulders and slowly squatted over my face, pulling away and teasing me as i touched her with my tongue, meanwhile Paul gripped both our cocks massaging them slowly as he watched the slut grind her pussy into my face almost suffocating me at times, her pussy was soaking wet , she leaned forward and began to lick and suck on both cocks, her hot mouth felt wonderfully hot, i pushed my fingers into her hole, first one, then two, three and four i could hear her muffled moan as the forth finger joined the others i slid them in and out, pushing hard and deeper with each stroke, each inward stroke would make her moan a little louder, she could no longer concentrate on the two cocks, she was consumed by the four fingers in her pussy, it hurt a little, but the pleasure far outweighed the pain, i felt she was ready to take our cocks by now i removed my fingers and beckoned her to position herself over our cocks, as she lowered herself the head of Paul's cock entered her, filling her, as she got lower i tried to force my cock in in front of Paul's her pussy was far too tight i couldn't gain entry, she slid her hand under the pillow and pulled out a dildo and baby oil she cast the dildo aside looked at her husband smiled and said “that's for later”, she opened the baby oil raised herself to her feet at stood astride us tipped the bottle and poured oil onto our cocks, “ now you guys massage that in” she filled her palm with oil and wiped it on her pussy ensuring she coated all her hand, at first she slid three fingers into her pussy followed by a fourth then eventually her whole fist she withdrew then pushed her fist back using a slight rotating movement as she re-entered, she was intently watching Paul slowly massaged our oily cocks after what seemed like ages but was only about 3 or 4 minutes she said i'm ready and began to lower herself, I told her to try mine first, then Paul's i raised myself up and easily slid my cock into her pussy held my cock halfway in as we both lowered onto Paul i held his cock pressed tight against mine, just as i thought she wouldn't be able to take us Paul's cock slipped in , she gave out a gasp then gingerly lowered herself down, Rob just watched in amazement as he saw his wife consume 2 hard cocks with her pussy, she looked across at him and said “ever since i saw that picture, i've wanted this” as Paul started to gently thrust she began to gyrate her hips and start to slowly slide herself up and down on the two cocks, the feel of her pussy rubbing one side of my cock and Paul's cock rubbing against the others was amazing, i was trying every trick in the book to prevent myself from blowing my load there and then, i was doing fine until after about 5 minutes between the moans she said “ i want you to fill my pussy with cum” , well that was it we almost cum in unison, i felt Paul's cock begin to pulse and shudder and within seconds i was blowing my load too, she held our cocks inside her and squatted right down on them, i could feel our cum trickling over my balls, “ well guys we managed it”, we are going to have to do that again” she did a little wriggle before she raised up and released our cocks for the confines of her pussy, “ Rob is going to clean us all up now, aren't you? “ he nodded eagerly she stood at the side of the bed and bent over in front of him

we took hold of either side of the chair and tilted it back to give him access to her oozing pussy, i moved round to assist him, pushing his head against her pussy while Paul commanded him to get all the cum out i slipped my cock back inside her pussy then pulled it out, using it to feed Rob, she reached between her legs and frantically teased her clit as we started to take it in turn to dip our semi hard cocks into her pussy and feed her husband, it wasn't long with the cocks slipping in and out of her pussy and her own frantic attention to her clitoris took it's toll her legs turned to jelly and she became totally consumed by a ferocious orgasm, she just fell onto the bed , and sighed “I want more get them cocks hard for me again” after a short while Rob's cleaning efforts were bringing Paul's cock back to life, rising and swelling more and more as each second rolled by, after a short while she rolled over and noticed Paul's swelling cock slipping in and out of Rob's mouth, “you are spoiling him, you guys get on the bed , i'll show you how to treat my husband”

she reached into the wardrobe pulled out a strapon and started to put it on, the sight of her wearing the strapon had an immediate effect on me, my cock started to spring back to life, not quite sure what it is but the sight of a woman wearing a strapon really floats my boat, both Paul and i had raging hardons once more “you like this, dont you darling” she said as she forced it into Rob's mouth, making him gag and choke “ but there's another place he likes it too, isn't that right darling” he struggled to nod his head while his mouth was full of rigid rubber cock, she took hold of a bottle of baby oil, from the bed , poured it into the middle of Rob's back, as the stream of oil ran down his back, she spun the chair around, traced the stream down between his buttocks and forcefully inserted her finger into his ass his face whinced as she thoroughly lubed his hole, she then covered the strapon in oil, pressed it between his cheeks end entered him, “this is what he likes” the next thing i knew was Paul laid on his side, his hole dowsed in the baby oil she had thrown to the bed beckoning me to slip my cock in, i certainly didn't need much coaxing i moved closer to him and pressed my cock slowly into his inviting hole, we watched as she fucked Rob with the strapon she watched as i fucked Paul, matching each other thrust for thrust after a short while she withdrew from Rob removed the strapon , then pushed it back in deep into Rob's ass, came over to the bed positioned herself in front of Paul and guided his cock into her pussy, once we got the rhythm sorted we were fucking hard and deep, i could feel a stirring in my loins, cum beginning to weep from my cock, i slid my cock out of Paul's ass, gripped my cock, jumped off the bed stood up in front of Rob and shot my load all over his face, much to the delight of our slut.

I turned to see Paul massaging his big cock and beckoning her to climb aboard, she unstrapped the the strapon from her body then reinserted it leaving it buried deep in Rob's hole, she clambered on top of Paul and inserted his cock deep into her pussy, i moved over to the bed, pushed her back so her back was against Paul's chest and began to suck on her clit as Paul slid his cock into her hole i would make the occasional excursion down Paul's cock with my tongue and take one of his balls into my mouth, i wanted to bring them both to a raging climax, her panting got heavier as i pressed my tongue hard against her clit i shook my head violently until she stiffened and subsided into an orgasm, Paul responded quite quickly and begin to judder, i pulled his cock from her pussy and got my mouth on it just in time, he exploded into my mouth, she retorted to me “dont swallow!! “ , i want it , i rose stood on the bed beside her then allowed Paul's cum to run from my mouth into her gaping mouth, she clambered off the bed went over to Rob and kissed him and fed Pauls cum to him making him swallow every last drop.

Paul and I were pretty much spent, she was definitely one very horny woman with a fantastic imagination and a very compliant husband after a short re cooperation Paul and I headed into the bathroom to have a piss and get cleaned up, we could hear the slut talking to her husband telling him he could never satisfy her the way we had, Paul jumped into the shower while I cleaned myself stood at the sink, she popped her head around the door to check on us “ you ok lads” she asked we both nodded in reply “are you in a rush” I asked why, “well I have an idea” she said with a wry smile on her face “that's if you two are capable, I haven't worn you out have I? “ Paul retorted “I could do it all again” I had my doubts i turned to look at Paul he smiled and started to massage his cock with a soapy hand he winked at me and asked her “ you want more of this then” she didn't need any persuading she walked over to the bath put both her hands on the edge leaned forward and took Paul's cock into her mouth, he took hold of her head and began to thrust his now rapidly hardening cock into her mouth, I stood and watched while I was rubbing my cock trying to get it back to life, she moved herself round slightly and parted her legs so I could get a better view of her rear, well that did the trick my cock soon started to swell and grow in my hand, I dropped to my knees behind her slapped her buttocks with both hands parted them then buried my tongue into her ass she pushed against my tongue as it entered her occasionally I would cross the bridge and poke my tongue into her pussy getting a taste of all our juices from previously she would give out a slight mmmm followed by a gagging sound as Paul thrusted deep into her mouth, by now my cock fully erect and straining I rose to my feet and pushed my cock against her little brown hole to see what response I would get if she pulled away anal was a no no , if she didn't, go for it , when she felt my cock press against her she pushed back towards me I pulled away bent over and thoroughly wet her with my tongue I stood up wet my cock with spit from my fingers pressed against her and entered her tight ass getting deeper with each thrust each time I thrusted forward she would give out a gag as she got pushed forward onto Paul's cock, just as we were getting into our stride she beckoned us both to stop , she headed through the bathroom door saying come with me all three of us were on the landing she told Paul to lie on the floor in front of the bedroom door , she got astride him lowered to her knees and fed his cock into her pussy she turned and looked at me and run her fingers over her anus and smiled I crouched down between Paul's legs took hold of his balls licked up his very wet cock and lubricated her ass with lots spit I rose up and pressed my cock into her I could feel the movement of Paul's cock beneath my cock, she pushed open the bedroom door and bragged to her husband “ I have got 2 cocks again, can you see? “ we had both cocks deep in her holes Paul was squeezing her breasts , tweaking her nipples while I gave her the occasional spank making her buttocks turn a nice shade of red, I could feel my cum welling up so I pulled out, stood up moved around to the front and fired my load all over her breasts while Paul massaged it in each spreading it till they were both soaked and shiny, Paul started to thrust back at her forcing his 8.5” cock in right to the hilt , he winced and said i'm going to cum “ fill me fill me” her actions got faster and harder until Paul exploded she shuddered as he filled her pussy with cum, she looked into the bedroom a said “ I have some more for you” “ I need cleaning ” she climbed off Paul as she stood up Paul's cum began to trickle down her inner thigh she put her hand over her pussy to hold the rest of the cum in and headed into the bedroom we headed into the bathroom, we got cleaned up again and went downstairs for our clothes, we could hear her instructing her husband telling him he had missed some, we found our clothes and got dressed before she came back for more we were well and truly spent , I popped back upstairs and looked into the bedroom she had Rob's face buried between her legs, she looked at me and said “that was fun wasn't it? “ “you going now” “just let yourselves out “ as I turned and headed back through the door she continued to abuse Rob.

As we drove home we pondered on who used who, we went with every intention of using her in front of her husband but we couldn't help feeling we were the ones that got used.