Written by C.

19 Sep 2019

Three years ago, I retired due to ill health at the age of 51, after being off sick for a long time. After some time my health began to improve and I could do things around the home without feeling tired. About 18 months ago, my sister suggested that I get a dog as it would keep me company and give me some exercise, so after some reading and enquiring with breeders, I got a pup. Once it was old enough to go out I would take it to training classes and for walks at the local park, but I noticed that there were a lot of loose dogs and more teenagers looking for trouble so I decided to go further afield.

I would drive to the local country park as I figured that unless they have cars, the local teenagers wouldn’t go there. We, me and the dog, could walk for hours in peace.

Quite a few times during our walks, we would meet the same woman and say hello or stop and chat.

Her name was Ann, she was in her mid 40’s, about 5’8 tall, medium build with a nice figure, beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, and she had a lovely smile.

Over several months we would bump into each other and, if we were walking in the same direction and would chat for a while. Over that time we became quite good friends

One Tuesday as I pulled into the car park, she was just getting out of her car, she smiled and said ‘morning, shall we walk together’.

During our walk we chatted, she said ‘I always see you walking her alone, even at weekends’. I told her I was divorced, about my retirement and why I got the dog. She said that her husband works very long hours, is away often and she was lonely, so she got her dog to keep her company. When we arrived back at the car park, she said ‘same time tomorrow then’, I said ‘okay, see you then’

The next day was really hot, I pulled into the car park and got the dog out just as she pulled up. There was only one other car there, so the place was empty - this is the case during the week, as the park isn’t somewhere you can walk to, unless you live local.

She got out the car wearing a thin summer dress that buttoned up the front, as she twisted in her seat to get out, her dress parted and gave me a good view of her legs - beautiful. She also lent forward to change her shoes, giving me a good view of her cleavage, it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We walked for a while and reached the middle of the park where there was a large open space with really long grass, we let the dogs off and they ran around.

Sarah spread a blanket on the ground, then sat and kicked off her shoes. She said ‘have a seat’, so I sat beside her.

She lay back and stretched. She did look a picture.

We chatted for a while, she told me about her husband and how he never comes near her because he’s always tired, then she said ‘I actually know he’s having an affair, I’ve read his emails and texts’

I asked ‘does that bother you?’

She said ‘no, I’ve not loved him for ages now, he lets me do my own thing and he goes off on his trips. Sex hasn’t been an issue for ages now, so it only bothers me that I know he’s fucking someone else and he can’t admit it’

I said ‘excuse me for saying, but you look fantastic, you have a great figure, you are attractive. He must be stupid to get it elsewhere’

All she said was ‘Do you think so’

I did notice that her nipples were getting hard, so I might have been saying the right things.

She said ‘may I ask you a question?’

‘Go on’ I said

‘If you are divorced’ she said ‘don’t you miss the physical side’

‘What you mean sex?’ I said ‘yes, I suppose I do’

I was laying on me side looking at her, when she turned her head and looked at me without saying a word, I kind of read her thoughts and leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t pull away, so I read it right. Instead, she kissed me back. We lay there for some time kissing, when she said ‘do you want to come to my place?’

I said, `What about your husband, wouldn’t he find out’ She thought about it for a moment, then I said ‘my place is about 20 minutes away’

We walked back to the cars, and I gave her my address in case we got parted. And I drove home.

I pulled up in my drive, but couldn’t see her car, I thought she’d changed her mind, and went in doors. Five minutes later, there was a knock on my door, I opened it and she said ‘sorry, needed petrol’, she stepped in and I closed the door, I put both dogs in the garden so they wouldn’t disturb us and went back to her.

We kissed like a couple of teenagers, then I said ‘upstairs?’ she nodded.

A minute later, we were standing in the bedroom, I kissed her and she kissed me back with passion. I slowly unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor, she stood there in nothing but a pair of lace knickers. I kissed her neck and shoulders and then slowly moved down to her nipples, she moaned as I kissed and sucked at them.

I laid her on the bed and stripped, then I knelt between her legs, slowly pulling her knickers down to reveal a beautifully shaved pussy and then buried my face in it. She moaned as I licked at her clit, within minutes she came and I licked up as much of her juices as I could.

When she finished, she said ‘I haven’t done that for ages, that felt so good’.

I lay on the bed and pulled her up to me. We kissed and cuddled for a while, then she said ‘can I sit on you’. She sat up, threw a leg over me and moved my hard cock to her pussy, then slowly pushed down onto it until she was all the way in. As she pushed down, she gave a moan and said ‘Christ, that feels so good, it’s literally been years since I’ve had a cock in me’

She sat there for a while, obviously just enjoying the sensation, then slowly started to rock back and forth, my cock rubbing against her clit.

I will admit that it has been years for me, so I found that I was getting close to cummin.

‘I’m close’ I said, thinking she’d stop and pull off, but she kept rocking back and forth and then said ‘so am I’

A few seconds later, we came together. I pumped my load into her as she orgasmed, arching her back as she did she pushed her tits forward, so I played with her nipples.

She finished and fell forward onto me, my cock still in her. She said ‘that felt so good, thank you’

We stayed for a few more hours before she said she had to go. But we met the same time the next day to walk the dogs, then went back to my house for several hours.

This has now become a regular event, her husband continues to fuck his bit of stuff, while I fuck his wife without him knowing.