Written by Paulrcouple

11 Jan 2013

Went into Manchester on Wednesday night like we do most weeks looking for adult fun nothing much about put a add on Sh but not a lot of interest shown Had a few drinks a meal and more drinks.

Ended up down the Gay village not a lot there Jane had a quick kiss and a feel with a girl in Napoleons it looked ok but she was not into men nothing much at all only a few trannies and they are not our thing.

So went for a taxi told to wait and he would come for us he pulled up is it for Jane and Paul yes i said just a tick need to go in the office he got out.

He was mixed race mid twenties and looked good.

I Asked Jane what do you think yes lets go for it there's nothing else he came back we got in the back of the car.

Jane was all over me he was watching us through his mirror i said sorry but shes very horny after a few drinks its ok i see lots of things late at night.

We started talking bet you do yes he said i have watched couples at gay guys and girls do you ever join in he told us he had done a few times with couples.

Jane came straight out with it well do you fancy joining us am i not a bit young for you no the younger the better and she laughed i started kissing her and fingering her.

Her legs were wide open we stopped at traffic lights i felt his hand on mine i moved mine away he was now fingering Jane.

Jane said we can not fetch him back to our pub till the staff go home two always wait for us to get back he said he would park up gave us his number to ring him when they had gone.

Got in the pub asked if they wanted a drink like we always do most times they say no but not to night it took them ages to drink it well it felt that way the taxi driver came back into the car park saw us sat there and drove off.

I Went and gave him a ring to hang on he said ok they went he came back .

He said he did not have much time the office had rung him he kissed Jane Jane had his cock out sucked it for a bit then sucked me he put a condom on and fucked her doggy way she sucked me off it was all over very quick.

He said sorry he had to go so quick could he come back one night we asked what night he was not working he said this Sunday he said he will come late on and sit in the car park waiting for us to ring.

Jane said it is no good if its just a quickie he said it wont be.

Just got to wait till Sunday now