Written by foxxhunter

23 Mar 2007


So It actually started off as a cunning plan one Sunday morning about a month ago [its taken me all this time to write about it] … anyway we were sat at home and cautiously I turned to my girlfriend and said ‘’why don’t we have a bit of fun today’’.. We have occasionally had sex outside but recently we haven’t had much time to ourselves [daughter] and tentatively turned to my girlfriend…for her reply??

Yesssss she said….[us men know the reply normally]

‘‘I have this idea! …why don’t I take the dog out for a walk in ‘‘my’’ car and you follow me to the spot we know in the Mendips say about an hour later’’ ??? … a naughty liaison .. I waited for the reply and she looked at me and said ‘Yeah that sounds like fun and what will you do to me when I get there….’’

Already my cock was starting to throb and I said ‘You will have to wait and see’…and smiled at her.

And the plan was set … I got myself ready and could see that she was already putting her clothes on the bed ready for her to wear …. I could see her bright red short tartan skirt [I loved that] fishnet seamed stockings [Black hold-ups] and black see-through top and I knew she was not going be wearing a bra…. God was I excited and could hardly wait… BUT I knew the dog walk had to come first and I had to wait for her to arrive.

Anyway I set off in my car with the dog in the back and got to our usual spot and their was only one other car parked down this lane ‘good I thought’ I quickly got out the car and prepared for my walk all the time thinking of T… getting ready to meet me.

Anyway I’m not boring you with the walk but about 40 minutes later my mobile rang and could see from the call it was T…, I answered the phone and said ‘yesss…. Where are you?’ and she replied that she was about three miles away BUT she explained that as she stopped at a set of traffic lights and two guys sat in a 4x4 had been parked on the side of the road and had apparently looked down while she was waiting and caught sight of her small red skirt and black hold ups…. [What a sight that must have been but OMG I was starting to panic and so was she]

‘What should I do she asked?’

‘I said don’t worry and don’t panic just carry on driving towards me and when you get here they will guess I am with you and I will jump in your car’

I put the dog in the back of the car and stood their waiting for her car to arrive and about 5 minutes later I could see in the distance T… car arriving with a large black 4x4 driving up behind… I was actually starting to panic only that you never know in these situations but she pulled up by the side of my car and as she passed I could see ‘why’ they were following her and I could see the tops of her stockings and long legs.

At this point they must have realised what our plan ‘were’ and they both looked stunned and a bit shocked and quickly tried to turn their large 4x4 around in the lane I never had a chance to ask them but at this point I think they must have thought ‘perhaps we should just park here for a minute and pretend we were driving here all along’

Anyway I was sat in T…’s car now and we both laughed and I said ‘bloody hell that was mad are you OK’ and she said ‘Yeah even though I was a bit scared I was also excited’

We sat there for about five minutes … me looking at her long legs hold up stockings black stiletto heels black see through top with her nipples now standing out…… and said.

‘Shall I drive and meet you somewhere else because they are still sat behind us’

‘No’ she said ‘I am so fucking wet put your fingers slowly in my cunt’ … ‘ WHAT!!! I exclaimed with the two guys sitting in the car behind us’ … ‘Yes she said I am so bloody horny I don’t care if they see’ and I can see that your cock is hard and she slowly lifted up her tiny skirt showing the inside of her beautiful thighs… OMG I was horny as well

I slowly leant over and caught sight of the two guys watching me from our rear mirror and slowly pushed aside her black knickers and slid two of my fingers up inside her already dripping cunt… she immediately let out a moan and then I knew she ‘wouldn’t care what was going on’ for a number of seconds I slid my fingers in and out and she was moaning on each stroke … She then started to unzip my jeans and I said … ‘Hold on Hold on they will see us’ … and then she turned and said ‘Fuck it I don’t care I just want your cock in my mouth’ and within seconds she had my cock out of my jeans and was moving gently up and down its shaft I was transfixed by her short red skirt and stocking tops [I loved this] AND then without a seconds thought she started to lift herself of her driver seat with my cock in her mouth until her ass was sticking up obviously showing through the drivers window at this point I was about to shout NO no they can see……. but I actually got caught up with the moment and with her ass bouncing up and down in rhythm with her lips around my cock I was starting to lose all reasoning .. she knew what she was doing…!!

It must have been a matter of minutes but she was starting to drive me mad and I told her to STOP before I shot my load it was then and you guessed it one of the guys was stood outside the driver side door bending over looking directly at the beautiful ‘ass’ of my girlfriend .. My eyes nearly popped out my head I limply said ‘’F…..g hell we are being watched’’ and she said ‘’I really really don’t care and if he wants to shove his cock up my cunt he can.’’

For a matter of seconds I was shocked with what she had said and was never really aware that she could be like ‘this’ even when we have discussed group sex FFM MMF when we had been drunk etc BUT now the situation had arisen what would happen anyway she started to suck my cock again and briefly stopped turned around to this guy outside the window gazed into his eyes and with her finger coaxed him to open the door.

He slowly opened the door and took a long look at T…s ass and shock his head and said ‘Fucking hell WHAT a cute ass’ and without me saying a word T… said will you please please PLEASE .. shove your cock up there and fuck me hard …. With that he slowly dropped his trousers to his knees and pulled down his black boxer shorts revealing a huge cock and stroked it a couple of times until it was really hard and slowly and carefully slid it in my girlfriends cunt!!! I can only describe her cries as mental and she spent the next 5 minutes bouncing up and down not only on my cock but on the cock of this complete stranger and this sight I will never forget god I wish I brought my camera.

At this point I cant really tell you what happened but I lost control and shot my load in her mouth but the guy was still pumping her from behind … her head was buried in my lap and suddenly the other guy appeared at the passenger side door and looked in and said nicely ‘Excuse me but do you think your missus would suck my cock’ and before I could answer she said ‘Oh yeah please’ .. and with that I slid out of the passenger seat and this guy sat in my place and immediately she unzipped his jeans like she did to me earlier and slowly unwound another huge cock and started to suck on it as if her life depended on it…. I leant back against my car and pulled up my jeans while my girlfriends was being ‘splitroasted’ as they say by two complete strangers and going absolutely Mental I really wondered how most of the south west must her heard her.

These guys were younger than me and decided that she was now for the taking and made absolutely sure she was going to enjoy it … I watched transfixed as they moved her around the inside of the car and one of the guys said ‘’can we go over to our 4x4 its got more room inside’’ and again before I could answer she said ‘Yes that will be great’ and I watched as she walked across towards their car her red tartan skirt, stiletto heels, hold-ups slightly creased and her top exposing her tits … I followed behind and one by one got into the back seat the first guy sat their with his huge cock pointing up and she immediately without saying a word slid down and sat on top of it and let out a moan and then leaned over sideways and started sucking the other guys huge cock I started to feel a bit left out and therefore sat in the front and she looked at me and said ‘fucking hell P…. this is h-e-a-v-e-n heaven heaven’ and climaxed once again and then dropped down on the other guys cock again she raised up her head and said I really want three cocks - one in my cunt one in my mouth and one in my hand PLEASE … NOW !!!! And we all without question positioned ourselves to give her what ‘she’ wanted it was now obviously that the two other guys were starting lose ‘their’ control and one whispered in T..s ear ‘can I shoot my load up your cunt’ and she said ‘yes please and can you all try and come together when I say’ … and then with my girlfriend bouncing up and down on one guys cock another cock in her mouth and my cock in her hand rubbing it furiously we all started to moan and then she shouted come please comeeee … and we all shouted together ‘’I’m c—o—m—e—i—n--g ’ and we DID at the same time.

I cant really remember much of what transpired for the next few minutes and then T… readjusted her clothes and both of the guys thanked her and ‘ME’ lol and we both walked back to our two cars sat their for a few minutes …. the 4x4 started up and drove away and I drove back home following T..s car like I had been in a dream.

We then spent the afternoon back in bed….

Not really sure who the two guys were but thanks… life has changed recently …