Written by aelfric

4 Jan 2010

Hi I'm Dave and my wife is Reva. We are both in our early forties and this is the story Reva told me one night after we had had a few drinks too many. Before I start, I should tell you that we have two children, girl and a boy, both at college, so we are now adjusting to a new life without having the kids around.

It was mid morning, I was at work and Reva was lounging about the house wearing her shorty toweling housecoat. Now Reva has a full figure, she has tried numerous diets but they only work for a short time and then the pounds are put back on.

Reva is about five foot two, forty two inch boobs and thirty eight inch hips. Her hair is a lovely strawberry blonde colour and her legs are far above her best asset.

A sudden loud knock on the door, startled Reva as she wasn't expecting anyone at that time of the morning. Opening the door, she came face to face with the largest bouquet of flowers she had ever seen in her life. A voice came from behind the flowers asking, Mrs Lafferty?

Yes, said Reva. An Adonis of a face peeped around the flowers and said, there for you.

Reva stood there all agog, for me? she said, yes, came the reply. Reva leaned forward and took the bouquet of flowers and said, thanks very much. Oh, you will have to sign for them replied the young guy with the Adonis looks. Reva turned and bending over, laid the flowers down on the telephone table that was in the hallway.

Turning around to sign the guys paperwork, she could see the flush on the guys cheeks and looking at his crotch could see a nice bulge. It dawned on her that when she had bent over to lay down the flowers the young guy had a clear view of her naked bum.

Reva bent forward to take the paperwork for signing and gave the guy another eyeful of her ample breasts. Sorry stuttered the young guy, I seem to have misplaced my pen. Reva turned around and placed the paperwork on the telephone table and headed into the kitchen to get a pen. She was beginning to have strange feelings in her pussy and was aware of her juices beginning to flow on to her thighs.

Reva loosened the robe and then went back to sign the paperwork. Turning she had to bend forward to hand over th paperwork as the guy was standing one step below her. As she handed him the paperwork her gown opened allowing the guy a good eyeful of her naked boobs. The guys face reddened even more and he mumbled a hurried thanks, and almost ran back to his delivery van.

Reva was now aware of the tingling in her pussy and headed for the shower. With the jets of hot water stinging her breasts and making her nipples harden, Reva grabbed the loova and began masturbating herself with it's handle.

After a shattering orgasm, she towel dried herself and began dressing. Oh the flowers were from me for her birthday.

Just then the phone rang, it was her best friend asking her to go over as she wanted Reva's opinion about something important. Reva arrived at her friends house half an hour later and met her friend along with a blonde haired girl. Her friend, Anna, introduced the blonde girl and explained why she was there.

About the same time I phoned Reva on her mobile. Out shopping? I asked, no, I'm at Anna's, oh and thanks for the beautiful flowers. Glad you liked them, I replied, can you meet me at Aladdin's at seven thirty? Yes, I replied. Great said my husband, see you later.

That was Bob, he wants me to go out for dinner. Anna smiled, Happy birthday, now come and get your present.

Anna asked me what I was going to wear, oh my usual frumpy clothes I replied. Oh no your not, lets look out something for you. Now Anna is roughly my size but she wears outrages clothes, the kind that show off more than I think is decent.

The blonde girl was a beautician and Anna had decided to have a waxing for her bikini line, however, Anna opened her gown and let me see her hairless pussy. I decided to go the whole way. How about you? Oh I couldn't, I said. The blonde girl laughed, what about a bikini line then?

Anna finally persuaded me to go for it, and so without further ado, I stripped off and allowed the blonde to wax my pubes.

Anna suggested that I showered and get dressed at hers. Anna opened her wardrobe and pulled out a number of skimpy items for me to wear. Oh, I couldn't wear that, of course you can, said Anna, Try it on. I must admit, I had never seen myself look so sexy.

Anna give me a large vodka which I drank rather quickly. She filled up my glass and said get that down you.

I felt much better and showered thinking again about the effect I had had on the young guy that delivered the flowers. There was a tingling in my pussy that wouldn't go away, so again I masturbated with the shower head.

Anna used to work at a hairdressers, so she set my hair for me. It was brushed into my face with a lock of hair half covering my left eye. Then she applied my make up, a little rouge on my cheeks and a full bodied lipstick.

Anna gave me a lacy see through black bra, a sheer, see through, halter neck black top that had a plunging front and a short black skirt that had a split up one side.

Where are the knickers? I asked, Oh, no knickers my girl,they would irritate your shaven pussy.

Looking in the mirror, the reflection was not me. Well not me as I usually looked.

Even Anna let out a low whistle, my lass, you look good enough to eat, and of course e both fell into a fit of laughter.

I phoned for a taxi which arrived at the door just seconds after I had put the phone down.

Enjoy yourself, said Anna as I climbed into the taxi. The driver couldn't keep his eyes off of me and adjusted his rear view mirror to get a better look. I was feeling horny with all this new attention and decided to flirt a little. I pretended that my top was in need of adjusting and loosened the halter neck ties allowing them to fall to my waist.

I was now sitting exposing my flimsy bra. I heard a gasp from the driver but pretended that I was unaware of him ogling me. I decided to remove the bra and was now sitting naked from the waist up, my large breasts swinging backwards and forwards to the cars motion.

I could feel my juices beginning to flow and my pussy was now in urgent need of attention. It was then I noticed that the driver had driven up a dark lane and the cab was slowing down. The cab stopped and the driver climbed into the back seat along side of me. Gee Mrs, your fucking gorgeous. He grabbed at my tits and bent over to take my hardened nipple into his mouth.

I moaned with pleasure, my nipples are ultra sensitive when I'm aroused. He sucked hard on both my nipples while at the same time squeezing my large naked breasts. I lowered my hand onto his crotch and found his cock already hard and straining to get out of his pants. I unzipped him and his rigid cock sprung into view.

I put my hand around it and began to wank him. He kept sucking my nipples and then pushed his hand up my skirt and onto my naked pussy. No Knickers, he muttered and pushed one of his stubby fingers into my wet hole. Gee your soaking down here and lowered his head pushing his rough tongue into my pussy.

He finger fucked me till I orgasmed over his hand then he got me to suck his fingers letting me taste my own cum. He pulled down his pants and pushed his fat cock into my mouth. I pulled his foreskin back and began to run my tongue around his bell end.

I deep throated him while he moaned and groaned with the pleasure I was giving him.

Can I fuck you, he asked, normally I would have said No, but my pussy was saying, yes please. Not getting a NO, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me to lie back.

Opening my legs he pushed his knob end against my pussy lips. He teased me for a few minutes, pushing his cock into me then withdrawing it. Suddenly without warning he rammed his cock in me until his balls were slapping against my naked bum.

I gasped at the suddenness of it but then got into a rhythm with him as he fucked me.

Harder I shouted and slapped his arse, harder fuck me harder. The poor guy was going like a steam engine as his cock rammed up and down inside my soaking pussy. Oh, I'm cumming I cried, and then orgasmed over his lovely cock.

I'm cumming now he said and started to pull out of me. I grabbed his arse and pulled him hard into me, let me have your sperm up inside of me. I felt him tense and then felt his hot sperm splashing up into my pussy.

He staid in me until every last drop of sperm had flowed from him then he slowly pulled out. I grabbed his shrinking manhood and sucked the last drops of his cum from him.

We sorted ourselves out and continued to Aladdin's.

I went to pay him, but he just grinned and said, on the house, you ever need a cab the be sure to call me.

As I walked into Aladdin's I could feel all the male's eyes drooling over me.

Bob my husband let out a gasp when he saw me. Geez, what a stunner.

I need to go to the loo, get me a large vodka. Bob gave me one of his funny looks and said, ok.

I cleaned up the outside of my pussy but left a small amount of the taxi drivers cum still inside of me.

Back in the restaurant, Bob had booked a table that was behind a curtain and out of sight of the other diners. Bob usually sits facing the curtain but on this occasion had swapped seats so that I was facing the curtain. The seats were in the shape of a horseshoe, so I told Bob to come and sit beside me. Bob kept on going about how sexy I looked and was kissing me as the waiter appeared from around the curtain with my large vodka and a pint of lager for Bob.

Ready to order, asked the waiter, no not yet replied Bob. I gulped down the vodka and turned to continue kissing Bob. Bob Squeezed my tits, chri..t your not wearing a bra

I loosened the halter neck top so that Bob had free access to my naked tits. Bob slid his hand under the thin material and started pinching my erect nipples.

I ran my hand over Bob's crotch and found a large lump. Mmmm been a while since you got aroused this quick. Bob reached down and slid his hand up my short skirt. I thought he was going to cum there and then as his hands and fingers felt my soaking pussy.

Bob shoved a couple of fingers up me as I slid down the seat, opening my legs to give him better access. God you soaking, said Bob, Yes I know, and It's not just my juices.

, and began to tell him about the taxi ride.

Footsteps announced the arrival of the waiter again. My halter neck was at my waist and my naked tots were on show to this stranger. His eyes were transfixed on my nakedness as he said in a shallow voice, ready to order?

Bob ordered more drinks and a starter course.The waiter was quickly back with the drinks and said that the starters would be ready in about ten minutes.

I was still naked from the waist up and turned to kiss Bob again before the waiter had turned to go.

Bob unzipped his trousers and asked me to suck him. I was still under the table when the waiter returned with our starters. I could feel Bob was about to blow and continued giving him deep throat until he ejaculated down my throat. I swallowed his salty sperm then sat up to enjoy my starter.

Bob begged me to remain seated with my naked boobs on show for the rest of the dinner.

Two new waiters arrived to clear the starter dishes and ogled my tits. Another three arrived with our main course each one carrying sauces and pompadoms.

Each one took longer than usual at serving as they ogled me.

I wanted Bob to fuck me but he refused, saying he was keeping me for somewhere more private.

Bob stood up and moved over to the curtain. He looked in my direction and said, slide down the seat a little and hitch your skirt up. I did as he asked and he replied,perfect, just open your legs a little. MMmm now I can see your cunt lips.

Bob said that he was going to the toilet and asked if I would like a sweet. Ice cream, I replied. Ok, said Bob, don't move. Bob had been gone a little while when the curtain opened and the first waiter appeared with the sweets. He stopped, gobsmaked as his eyes now focussed on my naked pussy. I could feel the juices running down my legs as his eyes were ogling me and wishing he could fuck me.

Bob arrived and whispered something into the waiters ear. The waiter nodded and Bob said, he wants to shag you. When, I asked, right now, said Bob. He was handsome and my pussy was crying out for attention. Ok, I whispered, afraid that someone else might hear me.

The waiter slipped out of his pants and his massive circumcised cock exploded into view. I'll never manage all that, I'll be gentle said the waiter. I lay back on the seat and opened my legs as far as I could. The waiter sunk his tongue into my pussy and began to nibble my pussy lips. His tongue was bigger and longer than Bobs' cock and I felt my first orgasm searing through my body.

I covered his face with my cum and he came up and French kissed me letting me taste my own juices, while at the same time he pushed his knob end against my pussy lips. I felt my pussy stretching to allow his massive tool into me. I thought he was going to tear me apart but with all th juices his cock slowly inched it's way up inside of me until I felt his balls slapping against my naked bum.

He began to speed up thrusting his enormous cock up and down inside my wet hole. He was over excited and after only a few strokes I felt him shoot his load of hot cum up inside of me. He lay exhausted until his cock became limp. He puled out and I sucked his last drop from him.

Another freebie, I was going to the loo to clean up, but Bob said no, Keep his cum in you until we get home, I want to shag you and feel another mans cum in you. AT home Bob and I made love. Bob came quickly shooting his sperm up into me and mingling it with the waiters. To my surprise Bob went down on me and began to lick the mixture of cum from me and bringing me to another earth shattering orgasm.