Written by Sally-Anne

13 Jun 2009

I had my suspicions that the bloke had been shagging around. After a night out, I challenged him and he didn’t deny it. After a bit of a row I said I suppose I’ve done myself out of a fuck then to which he said yes and went home in a strop.

I was angry and frustrated and on the spur of the moment, I decided he might have done himself out of a fuck but I hadn’t. I got in my car and drove into the city back to my old stomping ground Genevieve.

Visits to nightclubs always have the possibility of getting laid but this was the first time I have ever gone to one with the sole purpose of pulling a bloke for a night of sex. In a way it felt quite liberating and soon my anger had disappeared and I was on a mission.

I went to the bar and got a drink, it wasn’t long before as a lone girl looking tanned and fit from 3 weeks in Greece had a string of suitors. I had decided to be selective so anyone without looks and body was easily dismissed.

I was then approached by a blond slim guy who fitted the bill. We chatted and had a drink before he whisked me onto the dance floor. As a slow number started, he started to rub and gyrate against me and I was happy to grind back. However, I felt his cock harden and it was more polo packet than courgette. A small cock didn’t fit the fantasy so I thanked him for the dance and moved on.

Then this older guy approached, I was about to dismiss him but on closer inspection, 40 + he might have been but he had the looks and the body I was lusting after. Added to that his cockney charm and chat and we were soon dancing and drinking the night away. Brushing against him on the dance floor, he wasn’t hard but I could feel a promising bulge and decided he was the one. I told him I was divorced, 27 and out for a good time, green lights don’t come any greener than that and soon we were heading for the door.

I had forgotten about the car and shouldn’t really have driven but Steve also had a car so I had to drive carefully home without losing him in his following car. I hit the odd kerb but made it back to mine in one piece and I was unlocking my door with him behind squeezing my tits.

As soon as we were in the house, I grabbed hold of him and we kissed hard and long. I took him by the hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom. Still kissing passionately, Steve soon had my dress off and unclipped my bra. As my bra fell to the floor, he started sucking and gently biting one tit whilst stroking and squeezing the other, lovely.

He then slipped a finger inside my knickers and started to stroke my pussy and clit whilst I hungrily took off his shirt and attacked his belt. He broke away from his finger treatment and stepped out of his socks and trousers. By now he was semi-hard and had an impressive bulge in his pants.

I sat him down on the edge of the bed and slipped off his pants and his cock slapped against him. I went down on my knees and started to lick his hairy balls and stroke and kneed his cock. It swelled and hardened nicely in my hands, I ran my tongue up the shaft, peeled back his foreskin and took the end of his cock in my eager mouth. I sucked and licked his swollen end and slid him in and out hungrily.

Steve then laid me across the bed and licked my clit and pussy until I was very close to coming. He then took his cock and rubbed the outside of my pussy which his wet swollen end and then slowly eased his big cock into my gagging body. After a few gentle strokes he soon got the hint and started to fuck me with hard deep strokes and soon I was coming, crying out and scratching his back. As my orgasm subsided, he continued to slowly and gently screw me whilst kissing me and stoking my tits.

After a few minutes of this pleasant treatment, he started to increase his pace and I was thrusting back, encouraging him, not that he needed it. After a while, I was getting close to coming again and with nails in his back and arse I drove him on faster and faster, harder and harder.

I could tell he was close too as his cock swelled and hardened even more. We were now shagging at full pace and I was almost at the point of coming and anticipated Steve coming and filling me with hot spunk. Then, just at the point of no return, he pulled his cock out of me, pushed my hands towards my gagging pussy and started to masturbate in front of me. The spunk I wanted deep inside me shot all over my tits and tummy, so shocked was I, I didn’t do what I was meant to do with my fingers and just lay there frustrated.

Fortunately, he didn’t roll over and go to sleep, he gently rubbed his spunk into my nipples and slid his finger into my mouth which appeared to turn him on. After a while, I reached down to feel his cock. Although soft, there were signs of life which I encourage with my fingers. I then slid down the bed and took him in my mouth and after a few moments of sucking and licking his cock, it was hard and ready for action.

I straddled his body and eased his cock into my pussy and screwed and ground down on him whilst leaning forward and rubbing by tits against his hairy chest. I was in control and soon I was riding him hard and arching my back as my orgasm shot through my body. After, I collapsed on top of him and he rolled my on to my back without breaking stride and continued to fuck me vigorously and barely had my first orgasm subsided and I was coming again. This time there were no surprises and Steve came right into the middle of my orgasm although my nails in his arse would have stopped him pulling out even if he wanted to.

I woke the next morning and found he had gone. In one way I was glad, no morning after awkwardness but also, I am partial to a bit of morning glory. I went downstairs to make some hangover coffee and go to work. He had left a note with his name and a contact number. He also told me he had taken a topless holiday photo of me, I couldn’t help thinking if he would wank over the picture as he had done over my body !

I never did call the number, he had served his purpose very adequately. However, I did leave his note lying around the kitchen for the bloke to see next time he came round. Nothing like a bit of jealousy to improve the attention I was getting which worked a treat.