Written by albert dock8791

23 Mar 2010

My wife, Christine, went away on a company weekend, (team building!!) last weekend and had a ball! about 10 pm Friday night my mobile phone rang, i answered it to her the unmistakeable groan of her in mid come!! I did not know the number, and no one spoke at first. after a minute of pure horny silence other than her coming in the vicinity of the phone, a guy spoke to me. H said his name was Phil, he had met my wife in the bar of the hotel, along with his mates, 4!! he said he and his mates had bought christine several glasses of wine, and she kindly offered a coffee in her room!! He said, we are missing the coffee as you can here! Phil told me they were going to keep her amused all night, and she would be rather sore for the real reason she had come away, (team building) Phil said she had told them she was doing horse riding on the saturday and quad biking on the sunday! He went on to say she is a great fuck and he and his pals will service her sexually needs all weekend and not to worry! Like i had a choice!

Chris did not get back till after two Monday morning, she was due at 6pm! she said she had to see phil and "the gang" on Sunday at phils flat and they kept her from leaving until they had filled her pussy to overflowing! I went straight down on her, not even getting past the first stair, she did not lie, she was completely full, spunk poored from her pussy, and arse hole, i rimmed her and fucked her hard for about 5 minutes till i emptied my load into her swollen, full pussy. She was that slack her cunt could not hold me in and it kept farting due to its use over the weekend!!

We went to bed, and i cleaned her pussy for her, she came again whilst i licked and ate her pussy contents, she then informed me, Phil has her mobile number and he is planning to come to Manchester soon to "buy me a glass of wine" and fuck her with his gang, and do her in front of me!!