Written by Kathy T

23 Dec 2012

Hi. I’m Kathy. At the time of this sexperience, I was in my late twenties, 5ft 8, 120lbs with brown hair and blue eyes and living with my boyfriend Dave. I’ll admit, during this time, all boundaries started to blur together. Dave had introduced me to so much new stuff that my head was spinning(in a sexy way, if that’s possible). I have always been a huge flirt and Dave(unlike all my other boyfriends) not only loved this about me, but he encouraged my behavior! This led to all of our new night time fun like roll playing, flashing, flirting online or chat lines, even trading sexy pictures with strange men who were so dirty and kinky! I was having the sexiest/kinkiest time of my life and really enjoying it! It wasn’t long before I caught Dave telling some of his friends all about our “new found fun” and even showing them some private pictures of me/us and the things we would do. At first I was embarrassed and angry but then things started changing for the sexier. I have always flirted with his sexy friends(which led to incredible sex at night when we were alone!!) but now his friends would look at me even dirtier than before and act even sexier towards me than before.

One hot Saturday afternoon we were invited to go swimming at a friend of Dave’s house. He asked me if we should go and I agreed. I slipped on my sexy one piece black swimsuit and put on some jean shorts and a button up shirt over it and we were off to Eli’s house to party and swim. When we got there, it seemed the party was in full swing with about 15-20 people there. When Eli first saw us, he ran up to us and gave Dave a hand shake/hug then turned to me and hugged me hard and long, telling me in my ear how happy he was that I came and how incredibly hot I was in my tiny jean shorts. He pulled away and stood in front of me and looked at me up and down a few times actually licking his lips! Dave and I just laughed and looked at each other saying how buzzed Eli already seemed. Eli grabbed my hand(and I grabbed Dave’s) and he led us to a nearby table saying that Dave and I have to party and catch up to everyone else at the party. He poured us two cocktails each, and as we sat and started to get drunk, he pulled out a pipe and sparked a bowl of smoke and handed it to me as he exhaled thick white smoke which he blew in my face. Dave says out loud that when someone blows smoke into someone else’s face, it means they want to fuck that person. I look at Eli and he’s smiling at me. This “smoke” always gets me super-horny, but watching Eli’s blatant lust for me makes my stomach tingle and an instant warmth in my moistening bikini. We start drinking and smoking more when Dave gets up and says he’s going to say hello to some other friends. He kisses me and leaves. After the kiss I look at Eli and he has that same sexy smirk on his face. I smile back at him(as if reading his mind) and get up saying I need to change. Eli takes advantage of my statement by telling me to follow him and he’ll show me where I could change inside the house. Before I could tell him that I could find my way alone, he grabs my hand and pulls me with him as he heads towards the house. I glance towards Dave and his back is to me talking to some people. Inside the house, he shuts the door behind us and locks it pointing to a hallway saying it’s the second door on the left. I tell him thanks and that I could find my way back. He just gives me that same smile as I walk away, knowing his eyes are glued to my ass as I do. While in the bathroom, I hear the backdoor slide open and shut again. Finally he must have left. I peel my shorts off and take my top off and look in the mirror before me. I know I look hot. Dave says this swimsuit shows off my perfect ass the best and when it gets wet, it clings tightly to my body and my nipples look like they’re going to poke through. Without knowing, my hand slides down to touch the burning between my legs and it feels like I could cum right there! I tell myself that I cant do that here and snap out of it and grab my clothes and exit the bathroom. As I open the door, Eli is standing right there which frightens me, and as I jump up in shock, he pushes me back in the bathroom with his arms around me and pins me up against the back wall. In an instant, his lips are on mine and his tongue breaks through and finds my tongue which begins to play back with his. Though I’m kissing him back(and slightly moaning), my arms are trying to push him away. His hands go down and grab my ass hard and he pulls me to him, as he grinds his rock hard pole against me. My head goes up towards the ceiling as my eyes close and I bite my lip, enjoying the sexy feeling Eli is forcing upon me. Finally I say, “Eli, stop!” as I keep pushing against him. He looks at me with that damn smirk again and lets go of me quickly. I run passed him calling him a horny little jerk as he slaps my ass hard. I cant keep from smiling as I enter the backyard again. Dave see’s me and waves me over to him at the table and asks me what’s so funny. I tell him that his pal Eli is a little perv and he laughs and agrees, then offers me more drink and more smoke. My head is spinning again as I see Eli come out of the house smiling again. Its starts getting a little dark and as Dave goes off to talk with friends, I figure I might go for a little dip, or at least sit in the hot tub. There are a couple of guys with their girlfriends in the pool and I dive in. When I come up for air, someone grabs me from behind and covers my eyes asking me in a strange voice to guess who. First I think it must be Dave but it doesn’t sound like him at all. All of a sudden I feel a familiar rock hard boner jamming at me from behind. “Eli? Again? Really?” as I pull his hands from my eyes. I instantly look around and I cant see Dave anywhere. Eli whispers in my ear that Dave went on a beer run. I cant remember what I ask next, but I notice that I’m rubbing back against his hard cock as it appears that no one is watching us. I bend slightly and his hard cock is right up against my horny pussy! Oh my gosh.. What am I doing?? But it feels so good! I cant believe that I whisper to him to grind on me harder. He does and his hands go up to caress my breast (just under the water line) and I fear people might see that so I push his hands down quickly and he grabs my hips to grind harder. I look up again and no ones paying attention to us as I shut my eyes and enjoy the feeling of a climax building. I’m just about to cum when I hear Dave’s voice and the people clapping for the beer. I panic quickly and swim away from Eli under the water. I’m at the pools edge when Dave comes over to me and bends down to kiss me. I grab him from around his neck and pull him hard to me and roughly jab my tongue into his mouth and make out with him wildly. I try to actually pull him into the water with me as he pulls away smiling and asking me what has gotten into me. I tell him I’m so horny and we should be heading home soon and he laughs saying he’ll join me in a minute and he walks away to put all the beer away. I get out of the pool and grab my dry clothes and head back inside to change. I’m so horny that I actually consider my earlier thought of masturbating in that bathroom! Before I begin to change, there’s a little tapping on the door and I give up all hope and open it up and grab Eli by the arm and pull him in, locking the door. We start kissing wildly as he pulls my bikini off. He starts squeezing my ass cheeks in his hands and I reach down between us and put my hand into his trunks and find his hardening cock. We keep kissing and touching until I think he’s hard enough and I push him back and sit him on the toilet. Before he even sits, I’m on him, guiding his nice cock in my aching pussy. He starts kissing my bouncing tits in his face and I grab his hands and put them on my bouncing ass. I cum pretty quickly and just continue bouncing on his hard cock feeling my next one build. He stands up, lifting me with him and fucks me good from the standing position. Then he bends me over the sink and has me doggy style, nice and hard for another couple climaxes! I think I underestimated Eli. He was giving me some pretty excellent sex. He asks me where do I want his hot cum(because he was close) and I say all over my ass baby! Within seconds he shoots his hot cum all over. I grab my swimsuit off the floor and put it back on thinking he jukuzzi will clean me off just fine. I leave first and he says he’ll join me in a few.