Written by John B

13 Aug 2011

We started some 12 years ago and continue to have wild nights where my wife will go off with another guy. When we would have a night out we would both comment on someone in the bar or restaurant we found attractive. This one night 12 years ago has set us up for some fantastic nights since.

We were both 30 and in a busy nightclub dancing when my wife made eyes to me to look over my shoulder, I did and she whispered "he is nice" there was this younger guy who turned out to be 25. We danced and I teased her what you want with him, she rolled her eyes but this time it seemed different and it was. I teased like I always did and said "are you going to have him?" , again she just smiled. I went off to the bathroom and returned but couldn't see Fiona then my eyes clocked her at the bar chatting with this young guy. I stayed a distance away but clearly they were getting on and she made gestures for me to stay away. After a time she made her way passed me as if I wasn't there toasted the bathroom. As it was a noisy club it would be difficult to chat so I followed her to the bathroom area where it was a little easier to hear each other.

I asked her what was going on and she said he was really nice and was seriously chatting her up and from the way she said it, I could tell she was enjoying it. We had often lay in bed and fantasised about another guy but here was us on the brink of something big! I said to her to do it if she felt able and was somewhat surprised when she said "would I be ok with it?" I nervously said yes and left her to go to the bathroom.

On her return from the bathroom she got him upto dance and it wasn't too long before they were kissing as there bodies pulled together. Shortly afterwards I noticed her with her phone out and she text me saying she was going to his flat in town.

They left the club and I walked a safe distance behind watching him kiss her and rub his hands over her soft touch dress that we had shopped together for only a week earlier. They both got into a taxi and headed off leaving me to make my way home wondering what was going to happen.........