Written by Paulrcouple

17 Aug 2012

We went into Manchester on Wednesday on the chance looking for fun put a add on S H but no luck.

Any body that knows Manchester on a Wednesday will know there are certain pubs that have a bit of entertainment on yes call it grab a granny but its good fun all good people a lot of singles both men and women.

Start off by the one by the metro and just follow the rest i am not saying every one is at it but we know a few that are we have played with 7 other couples over the last few years all around our age all have been happily married but there life as gone a bit Stael with each other.

Not much going on in the first 3 pubs so we went for a meal before going to the last one this one is always the best it gets the odd young lad that's on the look out usually away from home for the night staying in a hotel

Went in very busy people dancing a good feel to the place

Got a drink spotted a young lad early thirties on his own moved right by him Jane smiled at him he smiled back the plan gets into action we have done it so many times i go to the toilet Jane says hello and gets talking to him.

I Get back into the bar they are talking so i give them time i get talking to a couple we know.

Igo and join Jane Jane tells me her new friends name is Dave hes up in Manchester for two nights going back to Kent on Friday hes well spoken smart and clean.

He asks would we like a drink please that would be nice i winked at Jane she smiles back what do you think i asked she says like putty in my hands got our drinks carried on talking.

Jane puts the second part of the plan into action.

Jane says to me its a pity you don't dance you know how much i do do you dance Dave he smiled said yes off they went to the small dance floor she took him as far away as possible.

A couple of minuets later a slow dance hes got his arms round Jane there's no objection from her his hands move down and hes got her checks in the palm of his hands i can see him talking to her they come back to me he goes to the toilet.

Jane says yes we are nearly there with him she told me he had felt her bum and pushed his crotch into her Jan's said she had grind ed her pussy on him hard.

Our hearts sank he came back from the toilet and went out side o well another one has got away.

No we were wrong he came back in said sorry his wife had just called him he told us see was out at there local it was quiz night and she was in the team he told us something about that later.

Last orders i got the drinks he asked if he could dance with Jane i said yes its ok i like to watch her have fun Jane laughed and said what are you trying to say about me.

They came back Jane winked Jane whispered he had felt her boobs and a quick touch of her pussy on top of her dress Jane went to the toilet and left us alone with Dave i looked at him i said were to from here he looked at me i said would you like to fuck Jane you must know what we are up to he said yes would we like to come back to his hotel room.

Jane came back Dave wants us to go back with him to his room Jane smiled then he told us which hotel he was in that one was no good for us we know someone that works there very well,

So i said it would have to be our pub 5 mins in a taxi but we would have to wait for every one to go before we went we can not keep fetching young lads home to often i called our assistant told him we were going to be late put the alarm on lock up and go but give us a ring when you leave hes done it before

We went to night club which is very liberated down the Gay village

Dave started to tell us about his wife they had been married for 8 years they had fantasized about her going with a guy and swinging he said there was a young lad in the quiz team that tries it in with her.

It was his first time away from her he had told her to go for it with him if she wanted to they had talked about him when having sex and found it a great turn on.

She had told him that he was trying it in with her to night was he sure about it he said yes but don't go back to there house together leave the pub on your own he had tried to ring her but her phone was switched off something she never does.

We had Jane sat in the middle of us in the club i kissed her then she kissed Dave Dave's hand was already up her dress its a club were nobody cares what goes on.

Igot the call from our assistant to say he had locked up and on his we home e left the club for our short ride home.

We got to our pub went into the bar i looked round at them they were at each other to bed then they went up i got a bottle of wine 3 glasses and followed them they were both undressed standing kissing Dave had his back to me he turned side ways then i saw it it was big we have had some big ones but this was one of the biggest.

Jane got on her knees and started to suck it i wanked it in her mouth i asked was he ok with me he said yes he was fine for me to touch but he said he was not bothered to touch me.

We got Jane on the bed i went down on her while they kissed i find that a big turn om Jane kissing someone her clit was big and hard Jane said get it up me first which i did i can never last long the first time the sight of that big cock in Jane's mouth both hands round it was to much i shot my load deep in side her.

Jane stopped sucking it it was hung down all most to his knee it was soft he could not get it hard we both kissed it sucked it but no good i asked if it was because i was there i said i would go in the spare room he said it was ok to much to drink.

He got Jane to the edge of the squeezed his cock hard and kept hold and got his end in Jane's pussy Jane said it felt good it was rubbing her clit hard and told him not to stop Jane said it was one of the best cums for a long time Dave asked did she want him to cum in her yes we both said at once i got the cam to film it he groaned then her pussy just oused cum it was if you had stood on a tub of yogurt

I Went down on her there was too much for me to eat.

We were all on the bed Jane in the middle talked for a bit then feel asleep.

Thursday morning about 6 i was woken by the rhythm of the bed moving the rhythm i know so well when Jane's getting fucked yes she was getting it she was at the edge of the bed her legs in the air Dave was stood up a ankle of Jane's in each hand and that monster all the way up she was gasping and moaning she was getting a fucking i got the cam he was pulling out about 8 inches then all the way back she was crying don't now was it pain or pleasure but she wanted it her pussy looked perfectly round on that cock.

He shot his load up her pulled out it looked bigger than last night i got hold of it and sucked it clean it was like trying to get a snooker ball into my mouth /.

I tried to fuck Jane but it would not touch the sides that's the first time that as happened i wanked all over her tits.

Dave got dressed he had to get back to his hotel we went down in the pub called him a taxi and all had a coffee

Dave's Phone went it was his wife he asked how her night was he told her he tried to ring her but it was switched off she was telling him what had happened he said he was not mad at her .

He told her he was just leaving here i am he kept telling her he asked if she wanted to talk to Jane hello she said it went very quiet when Jane said hello back Dave told her not to mention me touching him.

She told Dave she did not feel guilty now Dave's taxi came he said good bye off he went he was still talking to his wife