Written by SUKU

1 Aug 2008

I had had my eye on the guy who worked on the machine next to me for a while. He was always happy and a complete flirt with all the ladies he had a reputation of a good fuck and I wanted to experience him for myself.

It was late one Friday night and I had to go to the stock room it was down in a cellar and a bit creepy!! I mentioned to Ian in passing thats where i was going with a wink. After been in the cellar a couple of minutes I heard the door creak I hoped it was him. It was dimly lit with lots of shelves and corridors. I carried on looking for what i needed and decided to take a minute to rub my hot,wet,cunt. I sat back on a pile of papers slipped down my trousers pulled my damp panties to a side and sunk 2 fingers deep into my pussy with my other hand I carressed my large breast and squeezed my huge hard nipples. I was very close to coming when I heard a crash and opened my eyes to see Ian stood with his cock in hand wanking watching me \\\"Carry on\\\" he said \\\"I was enjoying that\\\". I took my soaking wet fingers out my pussy slipped them in my mouth sucked off my cunt juices(I love the taste of pussy). \\\"Well why waste that hard cock of yours\\\" I replied moving towards him and dropping to my knees.

I looked hunrgily at his stiff hard beautiful cock I licked from base to tip gently circling the head before sliding my warm wet mouth all the way down his shaft. He gasped and held my head to keep my there.I pulled back and forth slurping and eating his cock eagerly (besides this is one of my favourite pastimes who was I to complain). Gently digging in my teeth at the base of his knob dragging them up the length of his shaft i felt his balls tighten and I knew I was going to get a mouthful of his hot thick spunk soon. I readied myself and as he came I licked, slurped,swallowed every last droplet of his cum.

I stood licking the last bit of cum off my lips winked and walked away leaving Ian in shock needless to say there have been many more work fucks and he is now my partner.....