Written by Paulrcouple

6 Dec 2010

We met Steve and Ann in the hotel bar at about Severn on Sunday night from an early story on here we met them in tenerife in October it was there first time swinging they are only early thirties and we are mid fifties they said they felt more comfortable with an older couple.

Ann gave Jane a kiss on the lips it was not just a peck but long enough for them to get funny looks from people we had a couple of drinks then out for a meal it was as if we had been friends for a long time; In the restaurant Ann was rubbing Jane's thigh and teasing her over the top of her knickers the look on Jane's face you could tell she was enjoying it.

Jane got up and went to the toilet when she sat down Ann's hand went back to her thigh Jane opened her legs a bit and i could tell that she had taken her knickers off.

She was sat there try to keep her face straight and talk at the same time she was not far off coming. we paid for the meal and went back to the hotel bar got a drink sat at the bar Jane said could we give them a bit of time on there own so off they went to the room.

We gave them about 20 minutes when we got in the room they were there in the 69 position

We both got stripped Steve entered Jane and i was getting my cock licked by Jane as i was rubbing it on ann's pussy lips Steve pulled out of Jane and but he had started to cum he shot the other half of his load on ann's tits which Jane licked off as i was eating her out and licking her bum hole.

then Ann wanted to lick Jane she got down and started i got hold of her hips and with one thrust i was in all the way it did not take me long i am 55 she is 31 happy days i could here Jane moan the moan i know so well 4 or 5 more thrust and i shot my load i pulled out and Steve followed me he was going like a steam train ann's head still down on jane's pussy licking and tugging on Jane's nipples i went to Jane's head let her suck my cock clean she could taste both me and ann then steve came agine and we all collaped in a heap but we had not finished there but thats another story