Written by Paulrcouple

13 Dec 2010

Well Jane and Steve came back into the bed room i said it was one of the horn est things i have seen you getting fucked and you did not no i was watching Jane was like the cat that had eat the cream her face flushed and cum running out of her pussy.

She got on the bed and started kissing Ann there tongues deep in each others mouth Steve got laid down by Ann and started to play with her nipples i tried to touch Jane's clit but Jane said give it a while she dose not liked to be touch there for a while after she as cum.

So i started to suck Steve it took a few minuets to get some life in to it but it went to

semi then hard i sucked for what seemed ages my jaws were aching.

I stopped sucking him he got on top of Ann and started fucking her i got next to Jane we started kissing and fondling each other she got me a semi on then hard i got on Jane and started fucking her they both turned there heads to each other and started kissing.

It was so good four people together who had only met once before shagging our brains out i came in about five minuets Steve last a fair time i feel a sleep knackered well i am in my fifties.

We all awoke in the morning they had to go home they were only going to stay till about mid night We went down for breakfast left them to get showered when we got back to the room they had gone. Like i said Jane and Ann are in touch every other day.

The next part of this story will be about the lad behind the bar/