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Abby had discovered me in bed with Jane and surprised me. She had joined us.

It was just after Jane went back to work.

“Jane has a good body.” Abby commented. 

“You both do.”

“I know.” She was not being anything but honest, she was a model.

“Would you like tea?”

“Since I can't have that, yes.” Abby said, handing my sticky and limp cock.

“Shall we go out for dinner?” Abby asked.

“It's a bit early for dinner.”

“Yes, but you need something to think about when you have me.”

“I always think about you as I fuck you.”

“Even with Jane on the same bed.”

“Even then.”

“But were you thinking of me when you were in her?”

“I did when you opened the door.”

“You did give me a key.”

“I did.”

“Are you going to have her again.”

“I am.”

“Good, I may join you if you tell me when.” Abby started to feel my cock and balls.

“Tuesday afternoon is a good time.” 

My cock was responding to her attention.

“Come with me.” Abby dragged me by my cock.

She sat on the bed and bobbed her head a dozen times before rolling her tongue around my bellend.

“You know where I want that.” Abby declared. 

I laid on top of her and slid into her lubricated hole. “Here?”

“There.” Abby confirmed. “Do you like having two women in bed with you?”

“Why would I not.” My cock was hard, deep and nowhere near cummimg.

“I always knew you were a player. A man needs experience to be as good as you.”

“You like experienced men do you?”

“Only the ones who know how to do this to me.”

“Have many done it.” I asked as I pushed deep and felt her start to get close.

“Three.” The word was forced and her nails dug into me.

“Just three?” 

“Yes” her hips move towards my thrusts.

“You have been very selective.”

“That makes you feel good.” She went into spasms. 

“Flooding you and having you cum makes me feel good.”

I flooded her pussy as she hit her highest point and stayed in her.

“How many women have you had.”

“I don't know.”

“Have a guess.”


“How many special ones.”

I had to think about that. “Seven including a very special one.”

“Very special?”


“Am I special?”

“I think so.”

“What are you doing on Friday?”


“Good you can meet my friend.

Written by Archie

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