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I have been with Simon since the start of COVID. Simon was the best thing in my life. I thought I would spend the rest of my life fucking around in his company. 

I started as a shy girl. Now I am a confident, know what I want woman. The problem is I want babies and Simon doesn't. I don't want to stop fucking Simon so I need a man who wants babies with me, but who is a swinger.

There are two men. One I would have to get away from his wife, the other Ken. They are both kind men who have seen me fucking around. Tony, is bi, but Ken is free. Well I can't have everything can I?

I asked Ken to my flat. I fucked him.

"Ken, have you thought about having a family?" I asked.

"Sometimes yes, why do you ask?"

"Would you like babies with me?"

"I would want to bring up my children."

"That is what I mean. Would you like to have babies with me?"

"What about Simon?"

"I would like to fuck him sometimes….and you can fuck who you like. I would expect you to."

"Yes, but what does Simon think about it."

"He will want me, but it will only be you that fucks me bareback once I come off the pill."

"It's unexpected Jane."

"I can be a nice girl in public."

"I know you can."

"Will you think about it?"

"Will you meet my parents?"

"I would expect to, and you must meet mine."

"Has Simon met them?"

"No he has not. Would you like to move in with me, so we can see if we are compatible?"

"I think you should move in with me."

"OK, next weekend?"

"Yes, OK."

"I think we should practice." I said, pulling Ken to me.

Ken pulled the blanket over our heads. "Do you know where we start?" He asked.

"That will do to start with." I told him, as his tongue roamed over my nipples and his warm hand ran over my pussy. Pussy, Ken prefers pussy. Ken is sweet. He is also very gentle. He nibbled my ear, and my legs flew open.

His hand parted the folds of my pussy and searched for my sensitive bean. Aaarr I love him doing that, only Tony does that better…or does he?

I held his stiff cock, he pressed his warm body to me.

He climbed on me, he sank his hot cock into me. I wondered how many times it would take to make a baby. Lots I hoped.

"I think I like this?" I told him. 

"I know I do."

"Will you fuck me when I'm pregnant?"

"I'll make love if you like."

"I do like. I like it very much."

I felt him fill me with a spurt. I felt him pump his gift from my pussy.

"When we are making babies you will have to leave your sperm in me."

"When we are making babies!"

I came as he said that. He was right, he did not fuck, he made love.

Written by Jane

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