Written by Deep_Diver

5 Dec 2009

Laying on a beach lounger late in the afternoon on the Mayan Riviera, G&T in in one hand and a good book in the other. What more could a virile man want? No prizes for answering that. A bed companion to share those horny times is top of the list. The young would come here alone or with mates and hope to meet someone but those of us mature guys know that can often be a forlorn hope. And so it was that I had ended up here with my ex', Linda, who, on hearing that I was about to book a last-minute holiday, invited herself along. This wasn't totally out of the blue but it was the first time that we didn't use the excuse that we were doing it for our son to placate my ex's partner or my current girlfriend.

This was an escalation of a rather clandestine relationship that had developed from a kiss and cuddle when our son wasn't chaperoning us to jumping into bed whenever we got a chance. Clandestine because since we separated some ten years earlier, she had lived with the other guy, Dave, some distance away. Then, when our son reached uni' age he decided to live with me and commute to the local college. Linda visited our son from time to time and, when her work brought her back, she would often stay overnight in the spare room.

On those occasions when the opportunity arose, Linda had become more sexually demanding as the relationship progressed and I suspected that things were not all rosy with her partner. In the early days, when we became fb's again she would go to great lengths to cover her tracks but in the past year it was almost as though she wanted to be found out. Things stepped up a gear when Dave's brother was taken very ill and Dave went to Canada to help run his business. Since then she has been my 'house guest' for several days most weeks.

As the sun sank into the clear blue Caribbean we finished our drinks and ambled back to the room as if we had never been apart; other holidaymakers would have sumed we were a mature married couple. And why wouldn't they? We had the same surname and rarely showed displays of affection in public. Away from the beach the humidity of the near jungle setting slowly hits you and by the time we reached the room we were both hot and sticky. Linda suggested we should shower together, something we hadn't done for ages, in fact it was so long ago I could barely remember it. Within seconds she had covered her hands with shower gel and started to massage my manhood and I felt a great desire to do the same to her body, starting with her still firm breasts, then her stomach and finally her pussy, not that it ever needed lubricating. We rinsed off a little and I took her up against the shower wall with warm water playing gently over us. She had obviously lost none of her touch as I soon found myself trying to hold back to wait for her but it was a lost cause when she ran her fingers over my buttocks, giggled and slid a finger into me.

Back on the bed we layed there gently stroking each other - a perfect time for a cigarette, only I had stopped smoking some twenty-five years ago. I was aware that Linda was still very horny and, being a dutiful lover, I began kissing her on the lips then slid down to kiss and suck her breast before burying my face in her pussy and licking and teasing her clit. She soon began writhing and pushing her hips up so I could go even deeper and with just a short period of moaning she squirted all over my face. It was slightly salty, probably from my cum, but in a sweet sort of way; I carried on and it was obvious that she would come again with very little effort; this time she didn't squirt but was much noisier. I licked as much as I could and slid up her body so that I could plunge my tongue into her mouth and we shared the taste of our labours. I layed beside her for some time listening to her erratic breathing when she went straight down on me and gave one of the best bj's I had had in a long time.

We must have well satisfied each other as we awoke to find it was near the time for last servings in the restaurants. A mad panic ensued and we got to the dining area as most were leaving. After the airline food of our long daytime flight, the Mexican food was heaven and we quaffed far to much wine with it. Then off to the evening's entertainment in the outdoor theatre. At first site these all-in holidays seem a great idea but a certain amount of will-power is needed. It is all too easy to eat and drink far too much, especially when you get chatting with other holidaymakers. Around 1 am we staggered back to the room like two drunken teens. Flopping onto the bed, any thoughts of repeating our earlier intimate games were overtaken by a deep drunken sleep.

Day two started early. We both awoke around 6 am as our bodies completely ignored the fact that we were seven hours west of Britain. We turned the telly on to watch the news headlines, got bored with that and found a Mexican game show so tried to work out the rules based on observation - failed in that mission too. We had a cuddle and a fondle but neither of us seemed to want to go further so we showered and went for an early breakfast before wandering down to the beach for a second snooze. The large thatched beach umbrellas kept the sun at bay but the temperature was well into the 80's and we drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of hours.

A swim in the beachside pool was not that cooling - the water temperature being just as hot as the air so we went into the sea. Once out of the shallows the water was far more refreshing and we must have spent over an hour swimming and chatting to others. For me the main intent of the holiday was to go SCUBA diving. Linda also dives but is not an addict like me, so as she was only staying for the first week I decided that, during her stay, we would just do a couple of the easier dives to the shallower reefs (around 40' for anyone that cares) that are close by. Plenty of time to be more adventurous during the second week. We wandered back to the dive centre and I was surprised to find that the girl who had tutored me through my PADI course several years ago was back again. I am not normally vain but it was a lift that she remembered my name without any prompting. We spent some time going through the options and the economics of each package, decided on one and vowed to return later with that vital piece of plastic. A snack lunch (but far too much really) whiled away another hour or so. A chapter of the book, some more swimming, another chapter or so and we had achieved our target of no alcohol until after 4 pm. Two large G&Ts each completed our first 24 hours at the resort.

The next few days were just repeats of day one except that we had got used to the time zone and our love making was less urgent. We ventured into the nearby town and bought the usual things like T-shirts, spare swimming costumes and the like. Did our first dive around Moche-Che. Took an organised tour to Xel-Ha - a nature reserve surrounding a lagoon that starts as a clear fresh-water river in a mangrove forest and runs down to a vast inlet from the sea. Where the two meet there is an extended hydrocline (an area where the salt water and fresh water refuse to mix); to a snorkeller or diver this is weird because it creates an area of poor visibilty which looks oily. Once fully into the salt water, the fish are large and abundant with the odd turtle bumbling around. Another dive, this time to Barracuda reef. The days seeme to pass quickly and there is much to see and do whilst on the Yukatan Penninsula and I've still only scratched the surface.

As usual, we ate and drank too much plus the usual bed activities but had to ration that towards the end of the week a bit due to soreness. Linda suffered more than me and suggested a bit of anal fun. We did that a bit in our early married days but it wasn't mainstream. Linda had often wanted to use her strap-on but I was initially reluctant. Now after I had pleasured myself up her arse on a handful of occasions this holiday, how could I refuse. On the first try, she started out very gently until I relaxed but then got more thrusting with time as though she was getting her own back for all the times I had been a bit rough with her. I began to think it was a mechanical act and that climaxes were unlikely until suddenly I ejaculated all over the clean white sheets - it wasn't a satisfying climax, quite a let down for so much cum - but it left me wanting to wank or shag her. She carried on and suggested I wanked off while she fucked me. This was so much better and I came again and fell asleep immediately after - a sure sign that I was spent and happy. Her day seven loomed up all too quickly and I went on the airport tranfer with her to Cancun. As I waved goodbye the amusing thought washed over me that she might get a full luggage search and have to keep a straight face as toy after toy was discovered but, as I found out later, it didn't happen.

On the coach back to the resort I wondered what week two would have in store. In the short term my privates had taken a bit of a battering and needed a good period of rest so tonight would be real lazy. I was to go drinking with the SCUBA guys and invariably I would get pissed but this time I could follow it with a lie-in in the morning. Then, of course, I had seven more dives booked so some would have to be double dives as it is generally considered stupid to dive within 24 hours of the return flight. Yes, I would be kept busy but the bed might be a bit empty. At least the chamber maid wouldn't have to wonder why she needed to fill the shower gel dispenser so often.

[to be continued].