Written by James

13 Jul 2007

I met my fantasy

My ideal women is tall with long slender legs and a decent size ass, I think that Desi girls are the most beautiful in the world so she will come from India or Pakistan. She will have large tits but not big enough that they sag with dark nipples almost jet black. When I take her knickers off I will find a mass of curly black hair spreading across her crutch and almost up to her belly button, the hairs will continue between her legs concealing her fanny until you part them to expose a beautiful gash with two thick black lips on either side. When I roll back her lips the inside will be a beautiful pink in contrast to the almost jet black lips. The hair will continue between the cheeks of her ass, around her lovely dark anus and down the inside of her thighs, just enough for me to see wisps of black hear appearing from the side of her panties.

She will enjoy teasing me buy not wearing knickers in public, stripping in front of me, she will love me giving her oral sex at the same time sucking my cock she will also fucking in every conceivable place and position.

I met just such a girl. I first saw her on a website she lived in Bangalore 33 and divorced and I thought what the hell I’ll send her a message and she replied. We emailed each other regularly for about six months quite innocently at first but slowly I noticed a small changes in the email content but it was when we started to talk to each other on Skype that things started to hot up so I took the plunge and told her exactly what I would like to do to her, she responded saying that If I came to India I could. We decided that I would fly to Bangalore and we would take the train to Mysore for a short holiday. She met me at the airport wearing a beautiful summer dress and we took a taxi to the station and the train to Mysore. As we sat down in our first class seats she let her dress ride up and opening her legs I could see a big mound of black hair.

We checked into the Lalith Mahal Palace Hotel and almost ran to our room. I asked her to strip off in front of me which she did exposing the most beautiful tits and a hairy bush even better than I could have imaged. She slowly undressed me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her bush, taking a shower together she sank to her knees and taking my cock in her mouth she pushed it back so much that I thought she was going to swallow the lot. Picking her up I carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed, parting her legs I saw the hairiest fanny with the blackest lips I had ever seen and when I parted them a beautiful pink interior. I soon got to work with my mouth and every now and again I could feel her body tension and her thighs would grasp the sides of my head and she would let out a slow moan. After about thirty minutes she said she wanted me to come inside her (we had agreed to both have a HIV test before we met and show each other the results so there was no need fro condoms). I first entered her doggy style so I could see my cock parting her black lips and entering her pink interior and that thick forest of black hair closing around my cock. We then turned over with me on top so I could feel those big firm tits, when I shot my load I just seemed to come for ever and each time I thrust myself deeper and deeper in side her.

When I withdrew she just lay there legs apart with my cum mixed with her juices running out of her and down her back to her anus. This turned me on so much that I started to go hard again so turning her over I spread my cum around her ass and inserted a finger, pulling it out she said “don’t stop” so I slid two in and she wriggled and moaned, by now I was rock hard so very slowly I inserted my cock and gently started to screw her ass, she took off rocking and bucking like a manic until shot my load again.

We travelled around India for six weeks screwing at every opportunity until she said she was pregnant. That was three years ago I now have a beautiful daughter, a son on the way and the most beautiful Desi wife in the world.

I have to go to Japan for business soon and I understand that some Japanese girls have great hairy fannies