Written by chazket

10 Oct 2008

The advert said secretary! But on meeting my new employer I just knew it would mean more than that. He was in his 50\'s. Obviously successful and I guessed happily married to one of those wives who do lunch and support coffee morning for local charities. By the way he looked at my legs,I also imagined that he wasn\'t getting any, sex that is. And then he offered me the job saying, \"Well Tina. See you first thing Monday morning then.\" On my way out of his office I punched the air saying excitedly, \"YES! Result!\" My bus journey home was better than the one out.

He was a nice boss. Kind, understanding, and if I made a mistake, he didn\'t shout. Just asked me to do it again in a nice way. I liked him, and he liked me. It was as I stood holding up my skirt inspecting a stocking that I had just snagged on the photocopier that he suddenly came in and saw me. But he didn\'t look away. He just stood there looking at my legs. Then he said, \"I\'d like to take those out. How about we go for a meal somewhere?\" I knew he wanted me, so I replied, \"Fine!\" Two nights later he picked me up in his Jag.

I was a lovely ride.Plenty of room in the foot well for me to display my stockinged legs. On purpose I wore a short dress so that he could get a good look at my legs. As he drove, he kept glancing across at them. being a bit of a tease I said, \"If you want to have a proper look, pull over a moment.\" He slowed the car. We stopped in a layby. Looking at me he said, \"Well?\" I pulled my dress right up to show off my lacy topped hols up stocking tops. Staring at them, he asked, \"Spend the night with me Tina. I want to get between your thighs.\" Giggling, I replied, \"Like what you see then?\"

The hotel room was nice. Better than I was used to. We stood there looking at one another. Suddenly he pushed my coat off of my shoulders. I just let it fall to the floor. Taking hold of my hands and holding them, he said, \"I like you Tina. I like you a lot.\" We kissed, gently at the first instance, and then passionately. While we were kissing I felt his hand make a play for the zip on the back of my dress. Slowly he slid it down. My dress fell off! \"Come on,\" he said,\"Bed!\" We fell onto it.

As we lay there he ran his hand up and down my legs. Parting them I allowed him to go between my warm thighs. Fingering my panties he said, \"You wet.\" Staring in his eyes I replied,

\"That\'s what you want isn\'t it?\" \"Ever since you first walked into my office and life.\" hesaid. \"Me too.\" I added.

We kissed again. hungrily we eat at each others mouths, our hand all over each other. He unfastened my bra. His mouth found my nipples. He sucked them to full erection. I loved it! He was making love to me, not just going to screw me. He was tender. I lay there letting him enjoy me and thinking,

\"The older man knows how to enjoy a woman.\" By the way, I\'m only 22.

Pulling down my panties he felt my mound. Stroking my pubic hair he commented, \"Superb. Just superb my dear. You have fantastic pubs. So soft!\" I wriggled out of my pants and asked, \"Fuck me?\" We got his cock out. He pushed it into me. Gasping, I took all of him. God he knew how to ride a woman. My body was alive. I was in heaven! I felt him start to thrust into he harder. Whispering I asked him to cum in me.

Seconds later he exploded in me and I came with him.

After cumming in me, he rolled off me. After I had got my breath, I undressed him. I looked at him as he lay there naked on the bed. His cock and balls were a good size. I started to play with them. I wasn\'t long befor he started to get big again.God his cock was massive. I thought surly I\'d never taken all that? Pulling his foreskin back, I kissed his bell end. Then I opened my lips and took him in my mouth.

He screwed me all night long. And I always thought older men could only do it once. He screwed me hard! He took me to heaven lots of times with his cock and fingers. He found my G spot several times and I came and came and came. God I almost passed out twice. He was a real lover man. And boy did he know how to handle a womam! He was fantastic in bed. He really knew how to bring me to the boil and then stop just before I went over the top only to bring me off to a heart bursting climax. The only thing he asked was that I keep my stocking on. My shoes at times.

In the morning we had a room service breakfast in bed. We screwed again and he pumped me full of his fluid again. After that I walked about the room in my stockings and high heels for him so that he could see my legs. I\'ve never felt so empowered in my life! He sat there on the edge of the bed that now looked like a war zone and smiled as I walked up and down displaying my spunk stained stocking and legs. WOW! Just WOW!

We drove home knowing that this wouldn\'t be the only time. How right we were. We now make love regularly and I often go away with him. He tells his wife that I\'m now his PA and that he has to have me with him at all times. He\'s now been screwing me for 3 years and I\'ve never felt more like a woman than I do now. God he\'s brought me on. He\'s also upped my wage and put me in a nice flat. He often stops over telling his wife that he\'s working late etc. If she knows he\'s with me, she never says to me. But I now that if they devorce I\'ll have him. He\'s a real gent in the day time and a fantastic lover in the night. I love him.