Written by Sam

22 Oct 2008

Been seeing this guy for the best part of 4-5months now, we clicked almost immediately and having been out of a relationship for almost a year previous to that I was lusting from the word go.

The process of getting to know each other I enjoyed, having male attention felt good and I wanted more even though I was shy to admit it.We met a while after we began talking.. at a bus stop....... (don't ask)... as I set eyes on him the lusting grew.

We met up on another occasion, went to the movies, had fun in each others company which made me want him even more... If only there was a way I could show him... At the end of the night he walked me home... we shared a kiss before saying goodnight and going our separate ways. The kiss was amazing, wanted him there and then.

Another occasion he came to visit me in my room at uni, just being in his company felt good... wanted to touch.... kiss .... and feel him inside me. As we layed down together he pulled me closer to him as I felt his breath on the back of my neck his dick rubbed against me.. a shiver ran down my spine as I felt he\'s touch. He got on top of me, my legs open as he kissed me ... this time longer and more intense... I felt myself getting moist as he rubbed his dick on me through my jeans.

He pulled off my jeans and began kissing on my neck as i moaned in his ear... I was horny and needed it now.

He undid his belt buckle and pulled his boxers down which revealed his manhood.. he was gifted... very gifted. He came back towards me kissing me all over my neck once again working his way down to my chest, sucking on my hard errect nipples making me want him even more, his hand ran down my body between my legs, he began rubbing my clit, I bit my lip in an attempt to stop my house mates from hearing me. He pushed two fingers up in me and began pushing in and out which made my body tremble as I moaned even more.

He worked his way down my chest to my pussy,.. he looked up at me before licking me to heaven and back. His tongue played with my clit like no other before.. my legs shook as I reached extacy at which point he held my legs to push in deeper with his tongue and sucked hard on my clit... I couldnt take no more.. I needed his dick in me.

He stood up holding his dick in front of me, I moved closer to it, used the tip of my tongue all over the tip of it working my way slowly down as he stroked my hair, I licked my lips then enclosed his dick in my mouth, sucking, moving my tongue in a circular motion as he hardened in my mouth,.. told me its da best he ever had as I pulled away slowly to reveal his dripping hard dick ready for my pussy.

He layed me back on the bed , legs open, pussy wet.. He came close and put his dick at the entrance of my pussy. He pushed as I opened my legs more, moving my hips into him. He pushed again, I could feel him entering my pussy. I held my breath and bit my lip as I felt a rush of pleasure inside me, He pushed again n with a moan he was in.

He started pushing in and out slowly as I moved my hips into him.. He was fucking me at last. He breathed heavily in my ear as I felt his hard dick moving in and out of me, we got faster causing me to bite on his neck and kiss him. His lips met mine as we continued to fuck.

My pussy was wet in seconds..His dick was covered in my juices as my pussy lips dragged back and forth on his dick, I couldnt take nomore, I felt myslef cumming, I gripped onto his back and wrapped my legs around him as my pussy tightened around his dick, I began screaming his name as I pushed in hard n deep, His breathing pattern changed as I felt his cum rush up inside my wet pussy. The sensation caused me to tremble with pleasure as I reached my full climax.

When will I see him again..... One wish