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"Penny went for it"

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I first met Penny when she pitched a deal at us for our advertising account. She had shocking red hair, 27 and she looked stunning. I was 54, double her age. She was the kind of woman you would cross a room just to get a slap in the face.

Penny was part of a team of 3 who told us they could dynamically promote our image to our desired customer base and positively influence them...basically the same carp other companies had told us. As they left I cornered Penny. "You did not seem as enthusiastic as your team?"

"I was watching you, you did not look impressed."

"Why do you think that was?"

"We did not tell you what we intended to do."

"Does your company have plans for us?"

"No." She dropped her head. 

"Put something together, you can tell me your plans over dinner on Friday."


"Anywhere you like, I'll put it on my expenses."

On Friday Penny told me her plans, they were ruff but real plans. I gave her the contact on condition she and only she managed it. Then I asked if she would spend the night with me.

"I get the contact if I sleep with you?"

"No you have the  contract, no strings."

"Then no thanks."

"That's fine, disappointing but we both know where we stand."

"What happens now?"

"Our lawyers will write a contract, your company will sign it, you will run our account."

"I've not run an account before so they may not agree."

"Then they will not get the account and you will be offered a job."

"You would do that?"

"You're smart, we invest in smart people."

It took four weeks, longer than I expected. Mostly because they did not want Penny to head the account. In that time I had Penny investigated, single,  no obvious romantic attachment, no children, nothing to distract her from work. During that time I was a gentleman,  I never asked her to spend the night or touched her up.

The two companies signed the contract and drank champagne. Penny said she had business with me and stayed. 

"I'm sorry about your divorce."

"These things happen."

"Thank you for insisting that I manage the contract."

"You proved you knew something about our company and what we do."

"I have an entertainment budget now. I can offer you dinner."

"As you wish, how about 7?"

"I'll pick you up here."

Penny picked me up, but offered to let me drive, I told her it was her car and she should drive.

We had dinner. "I'm really grateful for this opportunity you have given me."

"You know what you can do to thank me."

"Yes, I know."

"So make a good job of the opportunity."

"Is that all?"

"Yes that is all. Increase our sales and we will renew the contract."

"You asked me to go to bed with you."

"That was never a condition of the contact, and never will be. Besides, I'm twice your age and you are an attractive woman who could have your pick of men."

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

"You are very attractive, half the men in the room looked when we walked in."

"...and I know why."


"They want to bed me."

"So do I."

"I know, but you are different."

"Penny, I'm no different."

"You are, you respected me when I said no, and you never let it affect how you treated me."

"I would hope every man would do that."

"You know that is not true."

"Sadly I do."

"We could have coffee at your place?"

"Are you just asking me for coffee?"

"You know I'm not."

"Penny, I'm not looking to repeat my marriage."

"I'm not asking you to marry me."

"Would you like to go to bed with me?"


We arrived at my apartment, my wife had got the house.  "Coffee or wine?"

"Wine please."

We sipped at the wine and I asked if she would like to take it to bed. She nodded. 

I took the wine from her and kissed the back of her neck unzipping her dress. She had no bra, but she did not need one, there was no sag. Her knickers were not come get me, but they were frilly. I never touched them. I did trace her body with my hands, kiss her lips and her nipples. She lay on the bed watching me undress. 

"You shave your…" she was looking for a word.

"Cock, balls, genitals." I offered. 

Penny considered the options and selected "Cock."

I answered the unasked questions. "It's warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, easy to wash and you don't get hair in your teeth."

I pulled her knickers off to reveal a full bush. "How is it warmer in the winter?"

"I have no idea, perhaps its because my cock is against my skin."

"...and cooler in the summer?"

"It just is."

I lay beside her and began to build her expectations. First tracing her body, then touching my lips to her lips, neck, breast  belly button, and finally blowing air across her bush. Her hand ran over my back and buttocks. She shivered as I blew at her bush. Then I went to work on her pussy, pulling her folds apart and tongueing her bean. Rolling my tongue over her bean and getting at least one hair in my mouth. She began kissing close to my cock then took a ball in her mouth. I continued my work as she took my cock deep into her. She came, I turned and kissed her and gently fingered her.

"I have condoms in my bag."

"We don't need your bag."

"I'm not doing it without a condom."

I produced a condom, opened the packet, squeezed it into her hand. She rolled it on as I continued to finger her. Then I slipped into her. Her eyes opened wider as I breached her pussy. 

As I worked my cock in her pussy she asked, "Are you always prepared with condoms."

"Always, and it seems you are." 

"I got them today."

"You should always be prepared." It seemed very sexy talking about condoms.

"In case you want me?"

"In case you want a man."

"You are teasing me."

"No, you should always be prepared for sex, you never know when you will be taken by an urge." She came and stopped talking. A couple of more strong thrusts and I filled the condom.

"You were teasing me about other men."

"Not at all, you never know. Penny, I told you I do not want a repeat of my marriage. I have women and I do not require you to be different."

"You want me to have other men?"

"That is your decision, but I will have other women."

"I see."

"Don't be hurt, I just don't want a repeat of my marriage."

"...and that means lots of women."

"Some women."

"I hope you enjoyed." She pulled her things together and went to the bathroom. When she came out she left. I wondered if it was wise to fuck someone I worked so closely with.

Over next few weeks she only called about work and was cold. I regretted fucking her but I did enjoy it. I wanked a few times in the shower thinking about her and her bush.

I was beginning to think it was best to give her another contact. Then Penny rang my personal number. "Can I come to your place tonight?"

"I have a guest, could you come to the office?"

"No, can I come tomorrow."

"Yes, what time?"

"Is six too early."

"Six is fine." She hung up and I wondered what she wanted and if it was going to be very uncomfortable. 

When she arrived I offered coffee, which she accepted. 

"Your guest was a woman who you went to bed with?"


"Have you known her long?"

"A couple of months." I never knew why I answered her questions. I guess I wanted her back in my bed. 

"...and there are others?"

"Yes there are, some long term,  some very short term."

"How short?"

"Long enough for intercourse."

"Do you pay them?"

"I have never paid for sex or used other inducements."

"So why do they do it?"

"The same reason I do, enjoyment,  the sex urge, experience."

"The long term, how long?"

"I've been seeing one lady for 7 years."

"Are they married?"

"Most , yes, or part of a couple."

Penny paused then asked "How long do you want me for?"

"For as long as you want, I do not throw ladies out...I want to be your lover."

"...but you want others."

"Yes, I do and I will not object to you taking lovers."

"So you still want me?"

"I do."

Penny took her shoes off and stood up. "Unzip me."

Her dress dropped, she was naked, when she turned her pussy was shaved. As she walked to the bedroom she added "You need to catch up." All she took with her was her clutch bag, she emptied condoms onto the bed.

I followed her into the bedroom pulling my shirt off. She pulled at my belt and zip. She sat on the bed and took my cock into her mouth. Penny was back with a bang. I lay her on the bed and explored her shaved pussy, smooth, like the rest of her, scented of peach. As my tongue replaced my hand, peaches changed to the heavy smell of wet pussy. Clean fresh sweet fuckable pussy. I heard foil being ripped and moved up her body taking a ribbed condom. As I pushed into her she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. She came and I filled the condom. I pulled out still erect, Penny gave me another condom and I was back in her,  then out and one more condom. By the time I filled the third condom we were both bushed even if she was not.

She stayed the night and demanded me four more times. I was pleased to give her what she wanted. I was not sure why she had turned up that evening and went to bed, but I was happy she did.

Over the next few months she spent more and more time at my place. I bought her a few dresses for some special occasions and some more appropriate jewellery. I had  a small collection of things ladies had left behind, the odd change of clothes so they did not have to attend work in the same outfit. Penny had accumulated 5 outfits at my apartment. 

We went on holiday, taking a week at a private beach. After a little shy apprehension she was happy swimming on the beach, and it never bothered her walking naked out of the sea, she learnt no one was bothered by the naked form.

It was about that time she told me she was on the pill. 

I told her "Condoms protect against more than pregnancy."

"I know, but if I moved in you would not need other women."

"Penny, I will always need other women."

"You can still use condoms with them."

"I play bareback with three women, two married, one single, and perhaps you."

"I would like not to use condoms."

"If you would like to move in you should know more about me."

"I know all I need to know."

"We both need to know you are comfortable meeting my other friends."


"You and me."

"How will we know that?"

"We can have dinner with Hanna."

"Hanna is one of your friends."

"She is married, and we do not use condoms."

"Does her husband know?"

"He knows, you can meet him later."

The three of us had lunch the following Saturday, and went back to my place. Penny asked, "Does your husband know you see Max?"

"Of course they are good friends."

"Did Max tell you why he wanted me to meet you?"

"He said something."

"I want Penny to be sure she is comfortable around my other lovers before we buy a house together. I don't want a repeat of my marriage." I informed them both.

"Oh, Penny, you are a very lucky girl. Max is a wonderful man." Hanna stretched out her hand and squeezed Penny's hand. They both smiled. Perhaps Penny's smile was a little forced.

"I know, I'm very happy."

Hanna said "Shall we go to bed?"

Penny was confused. "Shall I leave or wait here."

Haha cleared it up. "Come with us dear, you want to be sure don't you?" Hanna reached out and took Penny's hand again. "You don't have to do anything."

Penny allowed herself to be led to the bedroom. Haha undressed and I helped Penny with her zip. She removed her dress, bra and knickers. As they sat on opposite sides of the bed I pulled my socks off and crawled up the bed between them.

Hanna did not wait, she began to run her hands over my body. "Max has a very nice body, his cock is average but what he does with it is far from average." Hanna handled my cock. Penny was transfixed. Hanna continued. "How many men have you had?" She did not get an answer, "How many men have you had dear."

"Three." It was a flat answer.

"Were they as good as Max? Do you want Max before or after me?" Penny never answered. "Don't worry about me, you can kiss Max."

Penny kissed me but not like a ravenous woman she could be.

"You can have Max first, Penny."

I ran my hands over her body and slowly Penny became more excited. Hanna lay on her side of the bed watching. 

I rolled Penny on to her back and entered her. "No condom?" she asked.

"No condoms anymore." I continued moving inside her. As I made love to Penny, she and Hanna spoke. I don't remember much of what they said, but Hanna was saying how beautiful Penny was and how exciting it was to be free from social norms. For my part I was enjoying her pussy with no barriers and her first 3sum.

Too soon it was over, but she was very satisfied as was I. "It is exciting, being seen, I never thought it would be."

"This is just the beginning of a whole new life Penny. Now it is my turn. You don't mind lending Max to me do you?"

Haha started to suck my cock. "You taste nice Penny." Hanna informed. Penny blushed. "It's all natural Penny." Hanna continued. HannaÀà sat on me giving a commentary. I came first but Hanna ensured she got her pleasure. 

Hanna took the centre position when she got off. "Do you feel comfortable being in bed with me? Was it really exciting sharing Max? Would you like to do more?"

Penny took Hanna's hint if it was. Penny grabbed Hanna's breast. "Carefully, gently, the way Max does it. Take your time." Hanna objected. I knew Hanna was bi and witnessed it before but I hadn't expected her to play with Penny.

Hanna responded by running her hands over Penny's breast, Penny kissed, not enthusiastically, but Hanna kissed back and Penny opened her mouth, then her legs as Hanna's hand reached for pussy. Soon Hanna was eating Penny's pussy. Penny looked over Hanna's legs at me, I reached over and kissed Penny. Penny had a hand on Hanna's buttock and the other pulled me to her. As she hugged and kissed me she came to Hanna's tongue. We disentangled and Hanna asked, "Would you like to do that for me?"

"I don't know how."

"Just do what you like men to do to you."

Penny went down on Hanna. Hanna had a hand on Penny, I had another. Hanna told Penny how well she was doing and gave advice. Haha came, "Did you like that Penny?" Penny nodded. "That is the first time."

"My first time."

"Next time you can do it before Max has me. I will taste better." I never challenged Hanna's statement. "I will let myself out and leave you love birds to it."

As Hanna left I pulled Penny to me, "I never expected you to play with Hanna."

"You seemed to enjoy it."

"I did." I kissed her and slipped into my newly corrupted Penny.

The following Saturday we met Hanna and Mike, her husband, at a hotel. The room had two queen size beds. We had a drink in the bar and went up. Hanna was very clear "If you wish to play with Mike you can, but if not you can just watch us play and we will watch you and Max."

We got to the room, Hanna was true to her word, the ladies played before Mike and I got at them. We watched as they locked in 69 and enjoyed. I was still expecting Penny to be reluctant, but she was not.

After a glass of wine which we enjoyed naked and chatting, Hanna asked "Do you wish to play with Mike. Penny looked at me, I nodded. Penny said yes. "Do you want him to enter you and cum inside you?"

Penny looked at me again. "You are on the pill." I reminded her.

Penny said "Yes, I want Mike to have all of me." I never told Penny Mike enjoyed anal, but I had agreed with Mike that there would be no anal. 

Hanna and I took one bed, Penny and Mike the other. We watched as they played, me behind Hanna running my hand over her body, my engorged cock pressed against her back. Mike started with light petting. Penny looked over at us, my hand was on Hanna's breast. "He will do nothing you don't want." Hanna told Penny. "You can say stop at any time."

Penny did not call stop, in fact she was very enthusiastic as Mike buried his head in her crotch. Mike lay on her and she looked over as Mike pushed into her. I pushed into Hanna. Penny began to call out "Its fantastic." Her voice was soft.

As I pumped Hanna she replied "Its sexy and naughty."

Mike informed Penny she was good and more but I did not hear it all.

Penny  and Mike were first to cum. Hanna and myself soon after. They were watching us. Hanna kissed me and walked over to their bed and sat. "Did you enjoy that Penny?" Hanna asked as she touched Penny's red hair.

"Being seen is exciting."

"Once you let go of ownership, jealousy and everything that is force fed us you can enjoy seeing, being seen…" Hanna dropped her voice " can simply enjoy fucking who ever you like. You have set yourself free." Hanna kissed Penny on her head.

I added "...but Penny you must use condoms with everyone except our group."

"The four of us?"

Mike took up the conversation "Us, Gem, Tom and Mary."

"Who are they?"

"Our friends, very special friends you will meet them."

"But you do not have to play with them."

"I can if I want to?"

"You can if you want to, with me or without me." I kissed her.

Hanna added, "We trust each other."

"Hanna fucks Max when I'm away, it's  just fun. I fuck when I'm away, but always with condoms." Mike said.

"It's just fun Penny, we love each other. Sex is a necessity , you can't ask someone you love to deneigh themselves sex." Hanna  said.

"It's not a necessity."

"Are you sure?"

"It is very enjoyable, and this is not what I expected."

"What did you expect dear?" Hanna asked.

"Something weird and distasteful."

"....and it's not?"

"No it's not, it's affectionate, almost loving. It's very sexually arrousing."

"It should be," Hanna answered, "If it is not, you should not do it."

Penny smiled and touched Hanna's hip.

"Now clean up Mike's cock." Penny looked around, "Suck it clean."

Penny started to suck. I pushed my revived cock into Penny's raised pussy, taking her doggy as she stucked.

Penny raised her head, looked around with an "oooo" and she went back to sucking as I continued to work my cock in her. She made some noises which only she understood. Penny came with loads of stifled sounds. I kept working till I split my load. Penny abandoned Mike and turned to kiss me. Mike finished himself with a few strokes.

"Are you seeing what is possible with 2 or 3 extra cocks?" Hanna asked Penny.

"It's fun." Penny replied, pulling her red hair back off her face.

"There is lots more fun to be had." Hanna informed Penny.

"Oh, what?"

"Sit on Max and kiss him." I knew what Hanna was up to.

Penny sat on me saying "We do cowgirl lots."

Mike positioned himself, we had shared many women this way but it was always better bareback. I told Penny "Mike is going to come and join me."

"Join you."

"You will have two cocks in your purse."

"Is there enough room?"

Henna offered "If there is room for a baby to come out there is room for two tiny cocks to go in."

"Less of the tiny." said Mike.

I felt Mike slide in beside me. "Are you in?" Asked Penny.

Mike began to move, "Yes, do you like it?"


Mike pumped, his cock sliding along mine as he pushed in and out. Penny was sandwiched between us. Hanna was silent, leaving the three of us to enjoy. It was Mike to cum first, he had the most movement. He pulled out and let Penny sit up who started to grind, as she did, cum ran down my cock and pulled around my balls. Penny and I came together. She continued to sit there, occasionally giving her hips a little swing moving my cock in her.

"Do you like your cocks rubbing against each other?" Hanna sat on Mike.

"I Like bringing you all kinds of pleasure." I told her.

"Mike likes cock." Hanna informed.

"Do you Mike!"

"I do, almost as much as pussy."

"Max, you should try it."

"We all have boundaries, Penny."

"And look what happened to my boundaries, you should try Max."

"Be a good girl Penny, don't tease Max."

Penny got off and got a glass of wine.

We spent two nights there.

Two weeks later we were in Leeds, a very special hotel room. There were 24 four poster beds all with thin curtains surrounding a hot tub and pull. At the end were leather sofas, a bar for soft drinks and a place for snacks. 

Hanna, Penny, Mike and myself arrived together, we had organised this weekend end.

We knew Carol, she was a butler. I often wondered if she wanted to mingle, but it would not be done to ask. "Everything is ready, lots of towels, drinks, snacks and continuously replaced."

"Thank you Carol." She left.

We showed Penny the place and ran over the rules. 

Anyone can play with who they wish.

No means no.

If the curtains are closed everyone can watch.

If the curtains are open it is an invitation to join in, but no still means no.

The sofas are not a play area.

We stripped and sat in the tub. "We have a couple of hours before others start to arrive." Penny started to handle my cock. We ended up on two of the beds.

People started to arrive, Penny stuck to me, but chatted. Mike and Hanna did not spend as much time circulating as normal. Penny and I spent a half hour on a bed with the curtains shut. Hanna said "can I come in?"

"Of course." Hanna climbed.

Penny and I had just finished, Hanna kissed us both. The party was in full swing, about 40 men and women, mostly naked, many hugging or having sex. "I'll look after Penny, go and have some fun."

I looked at Penny who told me to go. So I went off and found two ladies and then found beds. I made my way back to Penny who I found sucking a cock with the curtains closed. I watched waiting for her to take the cock in her pussy, she never.

Saturday Penny did play with Gem, Tom and Mary. Tom had her doggy, Mary and Gem was no more than a side event. 

Sunday we were sat in the tub when she started to get close to Jeff, I introduced them. Penny started playing with his cock and eventually asked if we could go to a bed. Once we got to the bed she closed the thin curtains and arranged us all with our heads to the corridor but as far away as the bed allowed. "I'm here, what are you going to do about it?"

I knew what we were going to do about it, neither of us were going to turn this lady down, it was Jeff who vocalised "I think we are going to fuck you."

"Are you both going to fuck me?"

I ran my hands over her body, "Eventually." Her stomach rose to meet my hand, "Good." she said, stretch her hand above her head and lay back. As Jeff and I touched her she began to sigh and moan with the occasional nice or lovely throw in. It was my finger on her clothes when she had her first orgasam. It was massive and she almost head butted Jeff. He got his head out the way and went down on her bean. Penny and I kissed as Jeff made her squirm. Penny was kissing and panting as Jeff worked away, then she called stop. 

She looked at me and asked "Can he have me?" I gave him a condom. She climbed on and rode him, her neat tits on display to all looking through the thin curtains. I knelt beside the cupping one as she wanked me and swung her hip. She gave me a kiss and pushed me away, giving her full concentration to Jeff. There was a call from outside "Go girl."

When she finished with him she turn to me and I lay her on the bed and whispered in her ear as I pushed into her "I love you." It was the first time I said that and probably not the right place. 

Her only response was "Fuck me." That was loud enough for everyone to hear. That was the first man I saw her select for herself and fuck.

We met Jeff many times after that, he came to a lot of our parties. More about our parties later. 

Later on Sunday after almost everyone had left Gen, Mary, Hanna, Penny, Tom, Mike and myself had a play together. There was only one other couple left when Tom and Mike started 69. The ladies started lady sports which is when I drifted off to the other couple for some safe sex.

Monday morning it was the seven of us left. We could not part without saying goodbye. I had Gem and Mary, Tom had Penny and Hanna. I was pleased Penny was really enjoying everyone. Finally we said goodbye, being half a country away does mean long breaks from one another. 

Mike drove home, the ladies in the back. Lots of whispering. Mike and I chatted. Then I asked the question, "Did you enjoy the weekend?"

"I did, Jeff was very nice."

"I saw you fucking him," Mike observed, "you had it all on display."

"Take no notice dear," Hanna interrupted, "men are just sex mad, but you did look confident, will you have him again?"

"Can I have him again Max?"

"You don't have to ask me, just use condoms."

The conversation drifted and Mike continued to drive. Penny said it would not be her last party.

I asked everyone in for a drink and poured champagne. "To Penny and her first party." Penny blushed, "Thank you Max."

Then I asked her, "Penny, will you move in with me."

"Yes Max." She said as she clutched me around the neck spilling champagne. She was kind of excited. 

Henna and Penny hugged, Mike slapped me on the back and congratulated me.

We found a house with a large walled garden. We invited 'normal' friends but never let them clash with parties. We had 4 big parties each year, one just before Christmas, another in September and March but the biggest was always ten day for the Summer Solstice. We have mattresses out in the garden, everyone helps with the catering.  It's hard to turn your head without seeing something happening at the summer party.

Things changed a bit when we started a family, but that is another story which I promise to tell soon.

Written by Max

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