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I was not sure how I was going to tell Simon I was moving out, and I was not sure how he would take it. I had moved in at the beginning of COVID and he had opened my eyes to the world of swinging. I was a coy woman who accepted my place as a loyal girlfriend, he had tort me how sex could be fun, simply put he showed me I could have a fucking good time. I owe him so much.

Simon was there when Ken first fucked me.

I made dinner and sat down with him. He knew something was different.

"Simon I am moving out at the weekend." There was no point dancing around it.

"Was it something I have done?"

"No, nothing you have done. You know I want babies, but you don't. Ken wants babies."

"Ken is a nice guy." Simon was taking it well.

"We can still meet here or anywhere. We can still fuck."

"I know, Ken is a nice guy. You will make a nice couple."

"Thank you Simon."

"Will you do something for me?"

"Anything Simon."

"Lets get everyone who has bareback rights over Thursday night and have a party. You will not want bareback when you start making babies." Simon kissed me.

"I can't wait that long. Fuck me now." I pulled my dress off, I don't know why I put it on. Lol.

Simon took me to bed. He lay me on my back.

"You are the sexiest woman I know, I hope you get pregnant quickly. I want to get back inside you." He slid his cock into me and banged away.

"That feels great, you can fuck my bump."

"I'll enjoy that."

"I know." He filled me ate me and fucked me. Then he had my bum. Then he ate me again. "I like that you naughty man."

"I need to get as much of you as I can."

"Take me Simon."

"Are you not fucked enough?"

"Not yet."

"Sounds like you need another dozen cocks."

"Yes please."

"I'll miss you when you go."

"I'll help you find a nice new pussy."

"You're too kind, but I can manage." He took hold of me and fucked me once more.

Written by Jane

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