Written by emma l

8 Jul 2008

It may surprise some women readers that even in these enlightened days, anal sex still bears a taboo for many people. As a middle aged woman in the midst of a passionate romance with an old flame from years ago whom I met again by chance, it was a revelation and a godsend to me. I should add that I seem to be unlike most women written about here. I am very slim, I have virtually no breasts but very, very sensitive and quite large nipples. I am small elsewhere too whereas my old flame is about average length his cock is very broad. That’s always been very satisfactory in one respect since the tightness of my vagina means I always pull his foreskin back off his helmet as he enters me. However, in other respects his length, though not unusual, is a problem.

We’re both married, of course, and our physical differences and the most ideal for of contraception for us, the UID, meant some considerable discomfort for my man,

basically his cock reached my coil.

As intelligent people (I’m a mature student, he a post-graduate researcher) we

discussed the options and although neither of us had experienced it before, we

decided to try anal sex.

We both like the excitement of sexy underwear and so I prepared for our first session with special care choosing a pair of very wide cut French knickers which reveal my bottom without being taken off. With some embarrassment in the chemists my lover had bought a supply of KY jelly and so we were both not a little nervous when we met at our usual rendezvous hotel.

Both of has to drive to our trysts so we couldn’t even have the benefit of alcohol to ease the tension that we both felt. At his suggestion we showered and then, wearing very little, spent some time caressing each other. He adores me giving him head so although I didn’t want him to come until later I slid down the bed and took his cock into my mouth. Holding my fingers tightly round the base, I licked and sucked his cock, doing what he likes especially, pushing my tongue inside his foreskin whilst masturbating him. Soon I could feel his eruption building so I pulled off and suggested he applied some jelly to my bottom. Lying on my front I felt him ease my panties to one side and slip some jelly between the cheeks of my bottom. Realising that this wasn’t where it needed to be, I raised my hips and spread my legs and told him to make sure there was plenty of jelly, especially at the entrance to my anus.

From my reading I’d learned that the most difficult thing to do at first is to relax my sphincter muscle, without which my lover would have difficulty in getting his cock inside my anus. I was also aware that because the anal passage is close to the uterus, I might have enough stimulation of my clitoral area through the skin for me to have a climax also. To be honest in the days before our meeting I’d been practising at home, pushing my fingers inside my anus so I was fairly sure I could relax and not feel too much discomfort.

As he gave a final application of jelly to his wonderful rigid cock, I wondered if my practice with my fingers would be sufficient for me to have this hard, quite long but very broad cock pouished into my botton. Very softly, my lover positioned himself behind me and I felt the head of his cock press gently against my anus. I arched my back downwards and relaxed my sphincter. My lover seemed unwilling to risk hurting me, so I pushed back slightly against his cock. The head began to push into my anus. I urged him to push it in properly and that I would tell him if it was too painful. Taking my hips in his hands he pressed forward with his cock as I made another effort to relax my muscle.

Suddenly the whole head of his cock was inside my anus without pain just a wonderful

new sexual sensation for me. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I told my man to push and, holding my breath against the possibility of discomfort, felt his cock slid inside me in one slippery, glorious moment . We must have used a third of the tube of jelly but it was all so wonderful as I felt his cock pushing deeper inside my body than it had ever been before. Now I felt I could play a part, and not just by urging him to fuck my bottom, but pushing back so his cock went as far inside as it could go, and feeling that exquisite sensation of his balls banging against my bottom cheeks.

Now my lover began fucking me properly, withdrawing his cock then pushing it back

inside me. At each stroke I could feel the veined shaft as it passed up into my anus. The head seemed to push my anus further apart at every stroke and he told me that each time his cock was buried inside me my anus gripped the base of his cock. The sensation of being fucked anally are unique. There’s no comparison with being fucked conventionally. Every time it’s just like the first, the gentle massaging of each other with jelly, the extreme intimacy of baring my bottom and having my anus penetrated by my lover’s beautiful cock, and for me especially, the feeling of having the whole length and width of my lover’s cock inside my body.

I knew it would be a quick fuck the first time and sure enough with little urging from me my lover’s cock first swelled then started pumping his hot semen deep inside me. He continued thrusting his cock in and out of my anus so that very soon I felt my own orgasm beginning to build, but unfortunately before I came he became flaccid and slipped out of my bottom.

We spent some time wrapped in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of sex,

made more exciting by our new discovery. Since then we’ve never gone back to

“normal” sex because I’ve found positions which enable me to reach a climax and

sometimes two, and we’ve both discovered the joy of having his cock deep inside me

without, of course any risk that I’ll become pregnant.

I’m sure anal sex isn’t for everyone but if you’ve wondered about it but not done it, I recommend you at least given it a try. For the woman there’s the added benefit that your lover’s semen trickles out into your panties for hours afterwards, long after you’ve gone back to the boredom of the marital home.