• Written by dave_like_slips 23 May 2006, 13:17
  • Erotic

From a very young age I've always loved seeing women dressed in silky, lacy slips. The lure became stronger the first time I fucked the gal who later became my wife. Still living at home with my parents, the only place we could get it on was the back seat of my car. In the confined space and carried away by passion as we were, we didn't bother with the complication of removing all our clothes. So I was especially thrilled when I reached under her skirt to discover, not only a shiny white nylon slip but also the suspender tabs supporting her black stockings. (This was the early 1980's and stockings were a bit of a rarity in those days.)

I remember spending a long time just kissing and holding her while my hand roamed over and under her lovely slip. It was the best feeling ever to have the back of my wrist tickled by the lacy hem while my palm caressed her stockings and suspenders. Eventually I travelled further up to discover the bare flesh of her upper thighs, with the sleek nylon slip tightly drawn over the back of my hand. Going higher I then found the sopping wet pussy panel of her white silky knickers and spent even longer playing with her fanny through the slippery nylon. I sneaked my fingers inside the waistband of her mini brief panties and slipped my index finger into her wet, needy cunt.

She was so turned on by then she begged me to fuck her. She had been grinding my cock through my jeans but now hungrily unbuttoned and unzipped me so she could get at my rock hard tool. I slid my jeans and pants down to my ankles so she could explore my cock. The first grip of her fingers on my shaft was heaven. She started to slowly stroke me but I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. So I removed her hand, reached both my hands up under her slip and swiftly pulled her panties down her stockinged legs and off. Her skirt was now high above her waist and I could see the lacy detail of her suspender belt through her fine slip.

The sight of the perfect symmetry of her suspenders and stocking tops, all topped off with the lace hem of her slip urged me to do something I'd never done before. I lowered my head to kiss her nylon clad inner thighs, slowly working my way up to the scent of her moist snatch. She spread her legs wider, causing her slip to rise even higher. However as my tongue probed her now gaping pink lips, the slip's hem remained, tickling my nose and face. My hands continued to roam over her stockings, suspenders, and slip. I ran one hand up over her lovely small tits, which were still encased in her blouse and light silky bra. Then I slid both hands under her naked bum, feeling her slip on the backs of my hands. I kneaded her soft flesh while pushing my tounge deeper and deeper into her. She gripped the back of my head and began to grind her pussy into my face. I licked and sucked her pronounced clit until she began moaning, trembling and bucking. Suddenly I felt her warm juice flood across my face. I sucked and swallowed her outpouring, with her panting and screaming in pleasure.

Eventually her spasms slowed and ceased yet I kept my tongue flicking over her sensitised clip. Every stroke brought a fresh gasp of joy from her until she just couldn't take it any more. She pulled my head away and I rose up to kiss her passionately, letting her taste her own salty goodness smeared around my mouth. That sent her wild and she roughly sucked my weary tongue into her mouth while simultaneously reaching down and gripping my still rock hard cock.

I fumbled for a rubber, unwrapped it and rolled it down my shaft. As she lay back I entered her tight but well lubricated pussy. She gasped again as I steadily pushed my full length inside her. Slowly at first, I began to fuck her with long, powerful strokes. She wrapped her legs around my back, urging me to go faster and faster. Again I ran my hands all over her stockinged legs, her skirt and slip and suspenders. I didn't like wearing the condom but knew it was the right thing to do. Perhaps, because of that and despite all the tactile stimulation I lasted a long time, a very long time. She orgasmed again with me still nowhere near satisfied so I continued to rhythmically plough into her, taking her to new heights. Her ecstatic screams were music to my ears.

Finally I felt my own climax rising and I banged away harder and harder. Feeling myself on the brink, I again ran both my hands underneath to roughly grasp her pert bum through her silky white slip. That did it for me, my cock swelled up even more as my orgasm began. With my cock pumping wave after wave of cum she again reached a screaming climax. I kept thrusting until every drop of cum had been drained from my balls. We collapsed together in a sweaty, panting heap until I finally withdrew my shrinking member from her well-pounded cunt.

When we had recovered she started to straighten her skirt and I was greeted with the wonderful sight of her adjusting her slip and stocking tops into the bargain. I picked her panties up off the floor of my car and dangling them from one finger, I offered them to her. She told me it was ok, I could keep them if I wanted. Wow, what a prize, soaked as they were with her juices! I didn't have the nerve to ask if I could keep her half slip too so quickly slipped the skimpy panties into my pocket.

So that was my initiation into slip sex. It's no wonder I was hooked from that moment on and even less of a surprise I later married this gal. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last but my addiction to slip sex remains, perhaps even stronger these days.

Hope you liked hearing about my first time. I will try and write soon about my later sexy adventures with women in slips.

If there's any ladies out there who share this fetish I'd love to hear from you.